Thursday, July 29, 2010

Native - a Strange Land (1981)

Tone and Wave has posted various things over the years but the main focus has been on bands from all over the world from the early 80s that were inspired by the Jamaican sound. That's why you come here and listen to this music.
Something I never really considered is the actual music scene of Jamaica at that same time. We're well versed in the Jamaican influence in the UK and of the ska and reggae bands still putting out the good stuff directly from Jamaica but was that all that was really going on?
One of the biggest bands in Jamaica in the early 80s was Native. They did have a minor ska/reggae tinge but ultimately they were a rock band. They were offering the club-goers in Jamaica an alternative to the sound that Jamaica is known for. White subcultures the world over were skankin to the two tone sound or were smokin' ganja whilst the latest dub reggae was oozing out of their ghetto blasters but in Jamaica the subculture was rebelling against that "old people music" and they were rockin'.

1 Make no Mistake
2 Easier Said
3 Piece of the Pie
4 Rollin' Calf
5 In a Strange Land
6 Painkiller
7 Collecting Information
8 Chain Reaction
9 Super Dread

"Piece of the Pie"


(this is not the full cover - naturally my scanner couldn't scan the whole cover so I took it to a local print shop and even though the picture is much clearer than my scanner would've produced - even more of it is cut off
I'll try to fix this later.)

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