Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some of you already know that I play music. I'm not currently in a band but I was in several bands over the last two decades. Not because I don't want to be in one but because good musicians are hard to find. I have been lucky enough to know a small handful of adept musicians over the years.

Throughout most of that time over the course of 3 different bands I had a drummer who called himself Hepkat Jose the Burrito King. This was before there was a band called Hepcat so he didn't intentionally associate himself with them, although he is the one who urged me to go see them for the first time. We played everything from anarcho-punk to traditional ska, rockabilly, and a lot of stuff that sounded like we were trying to rip off the Dead Milkmen (we weren't - it just came out that way). We recorded a few songs onto a tape which was destroyed by our sax player after he found religion and decided that he didn't want to be associated with us heathens.

Hepkat Jose got involved in the whole "meeting a woman and having kids and getting a real job" trend and moved to Iowa.
The good ol' days are gone but I'm comforted to know that he is pathetically clinging to the past just like I am. He has started doing an internet radio show where he plays the punk and ska that we used to listen to back in the days.

My songwriting went into many different directions when I wasn't playing with other people and it seemed I wouldn't find another drummer who knew music well enough to keep up with what I wanted to play. Then I met Lisa. The first time we played together everything fell onto place perfectly. Then she moved. She's only a 40 minute drive away so there's a chance we might get around to recording a song or two in the next couple of years.

She has other talents outside of music:

(she says that the nail is too long - it should be 2 inches not three.)

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