Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tone and Wave podcast

I know that the world isn't exactly in need of another podcast.

I have considered doing one for quite a while but I was given conflicting advice by just about everyone I told. The consensus was that in order to hold peoples' attention I would have to play the Specials and Bad Manners etc.
I think that might be true and that's why I never got around to doing it yet. I have decided to go against that advice and stick to what I do best and do a podcast that focuses on ska and reggae songs recorded by musicians who aren't traditionally ska or reggae artists and, of course, lots of obscure one-offs.

Keep in mind though that just because those songs are obscure and rare it doesn't always mean that they're good.

I hope to have the first episode done by the end of the week. I will post it for download here and on Podomatic.

I have cut my teeth yesterday doing a guest spot on my friend's internet radio show Hepkat Jose's Ska and Punk Hour HERE

There were some technical difficulties and I wasn't able to hear it at all in its initial broadcast so it's good my segment was pre-recorded.

I played a third wave song, a song from the band Saga, a 70s ska song and two punk songs.
I have never posted that Saga 7" yet so it might be worth checking out just for that song - and that's just what I played. Hepkat Jose mixes in some traditional and 3rd wave ska in with the punk.

Listen to internet radio with HepkatJose the burrito king on Blog Talk Radio

If you can, give me some feedback so I know what direction to put my own podcast in.

Should I mix in some popular favorites to make it easier to listen to, or just play the oddities straight forward?

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