Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spies Like Us

April submitted this Texas 3rd wave from the mid-nineties.

1 Milk
2 Rude Girl
3 Mice on the Run
4 What's a Boy to Do?
5 Handsome Guy
6 I Won't Forget About You
7 Little Girl From Outer Space
8 Hawaiian Spy
9 This Thing Called SKA
10 Skanktuary
11 Martinis and Bikinis
12 Who's Got the Time?
13 Spies Like Us

"Mice on the Run"

"Martinis and Bikinis"



Anonymous said...

Have you got something from the
old texas ska/punk band slaphappy,
who become later the supermarket all-stars?
Or one of the original Nuclear Rabbit demo tapes.

april5k said...

i sure am glad i sent you this stuff! i lost a bunch of it in a recent cross-country move!

Tone and Wave said...

No, I've never heard of Slaphappy. I'll be on the look-out though and also, I have nothing by Nuclear Rabbit but, strangely, you're not the first to request them so I've been looking for them. So far, no luck for the demos.

April: I've sent a message to your Myspace but it doesn't seem like it worked. Either way let me know.
I still don't have a Facebook but with all this new shit that Myspace is doing I just might give in and get one.