Monday, October 18, 2010

Vieja Skina

There are a lot of bands out there in the world who say they're "traditional" but, realistically, they are trying too hard to emulate traditional bands with their modern sentimentality and it doesn't really work the way they think it does. It is a rare occasion when a band fully understands what traditional ska is and uses that as a basis to play their own music knowing that they are not traditional themselves...but that they are a modern band with true traditional inspiration.
Even here in California a couple decades ago people were using the word "traditional" when it really didn't apply. I lost respect for the term.

There are some good "traditional" bands out there but they're being overshadowed by gimmick bands. Bands with the money of pop stars behind them.

Here is one of those rare occasions:

"Impro Ska"

"El Acrobata"*

Their Myspace

...and for those of you who go with the trends:

Their Facebook


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