Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gordon - Oh My God, It's Full of Stars (1996)

3rd wave band with some 2 Tone style songs from Göteborg Sweden. They broke up in '97 after opening for Mr. Review on their European tour. This is their only full-length but they do have 2 EPs (I don't have 'em)"The Baretta EP" (1995)and "Relaxed and Comfortable" (1997).
I have included their cover of Madness' "Michael Cain" which was not on this album.

1 Stardust
2 Regordonize the Planet
3 Baby's Line of Fire
4 Make a Difference
5 Astronaut
6 Mad Place (revisited)
7 Teaserama
8 Revelation Rock
9 None of These Days
10 Bishop
11 Wimp
12 Ster-eerie-o
13 Not Like You
14 Lifetime
15 Wasted
16 Can't Get Rid of Me
*Michael Caine