Monday, November 15, 2010

The Diversions - Here It Is (1984)

I just can't get a good image of this cover so I tried to see if I could find it online somewhere. In doing so I come to find that it was already posted at The Lost and Found Music Blog so, even though I nicked the cover from there I promise that the rip is my own.

These guys were from D.C. and this is their only recording. They were mostly a surf / powerpop band but they occasionally incorporated the ska sound.

1 Hearts Like That
2 Painting Myself into a Corner
3 Solar Eclipse
4 Rudie
5 Money
6 Milo's
7 Surfin' Pharaohs
8 I Still Got Friends
9 Dance
10 The Saint
11 Hangin' Around
12 Skydive

"Painting Myself into a Corner"


bristolboy said...

Like this - thanks for the post!!

Matt C said...

I got this album in a used record store here in DC where they are from and found a copy of one of there contracts inside! Great album, I posted in on my blog here: