Friday, November 26, 2010

Shake and Shout (1984)

Here's a promotional compilation that was inspired by an Australian fanzine called Shake and Shout.
It's a good mix of ska and blue-eyed soul. All of the ska songs on here have been previously posted on Tone and Wave with the exception of the Cockroaches. I do have two of the Cockroaches three albums but I haven't posted them because...well, they're crap.
Members of the cockroaches later formed the childrens' band/show The Wiggles who, a couple years back, did a ridiculous rendition of Monkey Man with Kylie Minogue. People found it amusing without realizing that the Wiggles had roots in ska. (Okay, not really ska, but a sort of calpso-ish "island" music sound).

After all that you have to wonder why I'm posting this at all...
mostly because it's rare, and also because the non-ska stuff is what makes the record.
The Dynamic Hypnotics (who released an EP in 1983 called Strange Land)are presented here with two live songs that aren't on the EP, the Powerpoppy The Singles, and a great raw laidback version of the Drifters' Under the Boardwalk.

Dynamic Hepnotics "The Hip Shake"

Johnny Kannis "Under the Boardwalk"

1 Allniters - Solomon Gundi
2 Stupidity - Bend Don't Break
3 Non Stop Dancers - Only One
4 Naughty Rhythms - Look Like Me
5 Cockroaches - Come Out Tonight
6 Johnny Kannis - Under the Boardwalk
7 Dynamic Hepnotics - The Hip Shake
8 Dynamic Hepnotics - The Hurt is On
9 Mustard Club - Love Is
10 Cockroaches - I'm Ready for Love
11 Living Daylights - It's a Daydream
12 The Singles - The Day


bristolboy said...

Nice compilation of the Aussie Mod scene from that era

Earlier Cockroaches (refugee/EMI custom record label) stuff is pretty good + other stuff by the 2 "Don Hosie" bands (stupidity / mustard club) are excellent - I'll send a list of things I have for you perusal

bobl said...

Great album, I've got this on vinyl and it comes out on rare occasions.
Great to see.

Anonymous said...

I've got this one as well - The liner sheet have a whole lot of cut and paste articles from the Sydney music press about the mod and ska scenes of the day which make for an interesting read.