Thursday, November 4, 2010

Liberator Live in 1996

...submitted by Rikard.

Most songs are from the Freedom Fighters EP or This is Liberator LP but they did play one song from Tell Me, Tell Me which was probably not released yet at the time of this recording.

1 Government Spies
2 New Girls
3 Lorraine
4 Component of Tears
5 Ruder Than You
6 Dummy
7 Imaginary Mary
8 A Lifetime of Todays
9 Mob Sez Murder
10 Handyman
11 Liberator


I have lots of good stuff coming up. I had the last couple days off work and I intended to do a lot of posts but then I was stricken down with the flu. I didn't get around to doing a podcast yet because I totally lost my voice. I have never totally lost my voice before. Are the gods trying to tell me something?
Just like that lightning a couple years ago that killed my computer - I didn't stop then and I ain't stopping now. I should have the podcast up this weekend. I promise it will be full of horrible novelty crap but there will be a couple of surprisingly good songs in the mix.


hunterxaz said...

Just stumbled upon your blog looking for some Dave's Big Deluxe stuff.

Do you still have it? Would you repost or something? I would love to have it!

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