Monday, November 15, 2010

Kongo Shock - Triple Dick Flip (1995)

...requested a month ago

Arizona 3rd wave band Kongo Shock had 2 cds. This is their first. If you like Mephiskapheles you should like this.

1 Ska vs. Spy
2 New Man
3 Mokska Medicine
4 Get Ready
5 Telescope Dream
6 Thinline
7 Over Dead and Gone
8 Eyes
43 Bonus Track (instrumental)


Their second was "Ride the Bus" (not so Mephiskapheles on this one. A bit slower. Less distorted guitars.)

1 Bus
2 Working Hands
3 Looking Glass
4 Screw U
5 Next Window
6 Montego
7 Gettin'Down
8 Let Down
9 Crazy Glue
10 Dead by 24

"Gettin' Down"

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