Monday, November 8, 2010

Everybody's getting into the act...

If you want to hear some great ska music from the seventies and eighties - well then, you have come to the wrong place.

I am still sick but I managed to eek out my first episode of the Tone and Wave podcast.
I sound like I'm dying and the good songs are few and far between but it's still worth listening to for the freak show fascination of it all.
Every single song is by a super star of the seventies or eighties - you know these musicians - but you probably don't know these songs.

I am working on episode two already which will be in the same tradition as the first. More super stars. More surprises. More horrible crap.

Listen or download on Podomatic HERE

...a teenage Natalie Merchant yelling "Ska Ska!" in middle of a 10,000 Maniac's song

- you heard it here first.

If you've never left comments before now's the time. I can possibly do between 6 - 10 shows but if nobody seems interested I'll lose interest myself.


freddy vidal said...

I think this is the first podcast I've come to listen more than 2 times in one day ... I've been really fascinated with so many surprises with this first episode ...
Congratulations Mr. Tone & Wave ¡¡¡

hunterxaz said...

I'm interested! I also had a request, would you be able to reupload the Dave's Big Deluxe stuff?

There was quite a few great chunks that you had but the ZShare links are expired. :(

Marco On The Bass said...

Lovely! Nice job! I think you are on to something here..

dublinsax said...

Like with Freddy, it's probably the first podcast I've listened to more than twice in one day....interesting selection and good to hear some info on each track/artist too. looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. You don'thave to talk if you don't want to, the mix alone shows how wonderful you are. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS!

Tone and Wave said...

Thanks to everybody who commented!

The second episode will be more like the first - with big names, but the episodes after that will be a lot of obscure bands that are not as well known, but there will be some big names sprinkled in.

The sad thing about that is that the big names are the least deserving of attention. The best songs will be by the bands that nobody has ever heard of.

I would just go with a strictly music format but the reason I do the announcing is because I only have one complaint left before the whole blog is shut down and if I actually post the artists that I'm playing in the podcast they will be found quicker by the powers that be and that will be the end for me.

I'm relying on my belief that the people who work in the music industry have no real interest in music and will never actually listen to a podcast.

...anyway...I'm just finishing episode 2 and it should already be posted by the time you read this...