Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Skankin' 'Round the World vol.2


1 The Skeletones - You Make Me Wanna Laugh
2 Napoleon Solo - I Don't Believe You
3 Skaos - Straight to Your Heart
4 The Braces - Gypsy in My Soul
5 The New Breed - Wanted
6 The Deltones - Scream Jean
7 Baby Snakes - Whiskey Bar
8 Just Kidding - Watch the Fires
9 Les Frelons - Expresso
10 The Busters - They Rule the World
11 The Rude Boys - Ska Fever (A Live Injection)
12 Casino Royale - Casino Royale



paddyska said...

I loved all the Unicorn ska releases

paddyska said...

I don't suppose any one has anything else from the Baby Snakes?

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for their stuff for years.
They have a demo from 1985, the 6-song 'Impudent Reptiles' from Unicorn, and a 7-inch: 'Broken Toy b/w Two of a Kind' from 1987.

-Tone and Wave

dublinsax said...

I have the Baby Snakes album which as promised I'll send you soon!

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up this one too please ? Thanx