Friday, February 13, 2009

Shot Black & White - Understand (UPDATED)


Great vanilla reggae and 2tone sounds from 1988.

I put off posting this one because track #9 "Man Look Around" is in terrible condition and not worth posting. -Don't get me wrong, it is a good song but the copy I have is damaged. Someday I will buy another copy of this record. I have made up for this by substituting the song "Rebuild" that was not originally on this album.
Please forgive me.

1 I Believe
2 Day In / Day Out
3 Underprivileged Race
4 Far Off
5 Put Down the Arms
6 Understand
7 End of Days
8 Freedom
9 Man Look Around (MISSING)
10 Win Instantly
* Rebuild


Somebody was kind enough to add the song "Man Look Around" which can be downloaded HERE.
Thank you very much Stephen!

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