Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Ska-Dows - Ska'd For Life


1 Ska'd For Life
2 Twice
3 Grooving Power
4 Mr. Walker
5 I Wish You Were Here
6 We Gotta Get Out of This Place
7 Yes Yes Yes
8 Monster Reggae
9 Bang Bang Lulu
10 Man of Mystery
11 Rhapsody in Buh
12 Apache
13 Shocking
14 The Tune That Time Forgot
15 Apache (live)
16 Telstar
17 Yes Yes Yes (single version)
18 Rhapsody in Buh (single version)
19 Yes Yes Yes (live)
20 Twice (single version)



dublinsax said...

I think this is a great album, sadly over looked. Some great songs especially Wish You Were Mine and Man Of Mystery. It was re-issued in 1989 I think on Skank Records. I saw their reformed line up play live that year too but they were well past their best at that stage

Luisillo said...

You are the one men!!!...thanks fos this album!!!!