Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Gents

Some pretty damn decent mod music that was submitted by Bruce.
I always saw this in the ska section and they do use the black and white checkers so I thought it was ska. But it's not. It's mod.
And it's some damn good music.

New Direction 7" (1985)
A - New Direction
B - You Are the Sun

Shout 7" (1985)
A - Shout
B - The Faker

Stay With Me 7" (1985)
A - Stay With Me
B - In the Heat of the Sun
...includes songs from the Stay With Me 12"
A2 - Stay With Me (extended version)
B1 - Tomorrow Never Comes
B2 - Don't Turn Away


"In the Heat of the Sun"

"The Faker"

More on the Gents HERE


Pete said...

"The Faker" has always been a favourite of mine. The Gents, however, also did stuff like "Dennaby [?] Dog Shit Blues" which was pretty naff to say the least!

Tone and Wave : 2Tone Records said...

I do have some more Gents that I'll be posting here shortly and you'll be pleased to know that neither Denaby nor Dogshit Blues will be included.

paddyska said...

i quite liked Denaby Dogshit blues....

bristolboy said...

just given the "dogshit blues" a listen I'm with paddyska It's quite good, for a jokey blues track (I can see why fans of ska may not like it ........... but if you can listen to the "blues brothers" without being slightly annoyed then this will work for you too) - will send mp3

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What a great band this is, I love their first record, one can heard their true nature, their true reason for them to became a band.

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