Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Kidding - Watch the Fires & Why Must We Fight 7"

1 All I Wanna Be
2 Shop Window Dummy
3 We Got Soul
4 Watch the Fires

A - Why Must We Fight?
B - Makin' Time


A ton of thanks to Craig and Bruce for these submissions!!


Anonymous said...

I used to see this band live in and around Adelaide when they first started out. I even played football with Chris (the lead singer). They were a great ska band. Their live shows were excellent - Chris would regularly throw in some Billy Bragg solo covers during breaks. The bands Madness covers were also very popular - not much skanking room left during these numbers. I thought it great that you had both of these releases covered. I bought them when they came out - I recall they also came with a couple of free gig tickets!! Ah, happy days!!!

ove said...

I just helped Bart Bee, the bass player from this terrific band, digitise this EP. Great guy. Great band. I have many happy memories from back in the day at Le Rox scamming up a storm!

ove said...

Er, I meant SKANKING up a storm. hehe.

Anonymous said...

They had another single in 1989 called Bite the Bullet, bw I Dont Understand. If I get time I will send you a copy.

SkaDrummer said...

I was the drummer from this band... they were great days! There were many great nights at Le Rox, Limbo's and Club Foote with many, many great people! We also had an 8 track Ep released by Unicorn Records as well as some unreleased songs that we recorded in the studio. I play in two ska bands in Melbourne now, The Ska Vendors and Nicky Bomba's Melbourne Ska Orchestra but will always have many good memories of Just Kidding