Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bruce's singles collection

Here are some more singles that Bruce has been contributing:

Cairo - I Like Bluebeat / Version
Cairo - Movie Stars / Cuthbert's Birthday Treat
Clean Looking Boys - Sent to Coventry / I Like Your Feel
Division 4 - On the Beat EP with the songs She's Just Not Anybody / Stop Dreaming / I Can't Give You Everything (not ska, but good mod)
Diesel - Barbes Pigalle / Coquez Cola
China Street - You're a Ruin / I Wanna be Your MP (this is not ska but they did have a 2nd 7" "Rock Against Racism / Dubbage" that was)
Ejecutivos Agresivos - Mari Pili / Stereo
Los Cardiacos - Noches de Toison / Extranos en tu Sombra
Los Cardiaco - Salid de Noche / Chicas de Burda


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