Thursday, April 29, 2010

Six Feet Deep - It Came From Six Feet Deep (1997)

A third wave band with 2Tone sounds.
This is what the third Let's Go Bowling album should have sounded like.

1 No Way Out
2 Tango de los Ojos
3 Closet
4 Papa Shango
5 Run Scooby Run
6 Smokin' Barrel
7 Flores Para los Muertos
8 Kamchatska
9 T.G.R.
10 Possession
11 Hourglass
12 Skankin in the Boneyard
13 Switchable

"Smokin' Barrel"



A ridiculous amount of thanks to Mikeska!!


chad said...

these guys used to be called The Imperials, who did a demo as well as having a track on the old Moon ska comp that was focused on california. California Skaquake i think?

several of the songs on here are the same exact songs the band would play when they were called The Imperials, i don't really know what prompted the band name change.

Jared Foster said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I have been looking for these songs since I first heard them in 1995.

I had no idea they were called "The Imperials" before Six Feet Deep. The song on the the California Ska Quake is "Rack 'Em Up".

I love the 2Tone sound and these guys were great!

tentaclejoe said...

Non of these songs were ever played by the Imperials -- we did do Rack "em Up live and 2 other Imperial tracks but all these songs on this CD were written during the SFD days. You might be thinking of the first demo we released that had 2 Imperials songs.

We were supposed to do an Imperials reunion that fell apart and realized we had more fun covering Oingo Boingo than doing the Imperials material so we changed the direction of the band, renamed it, swapped a few members here and there and the rest is forgettable history =)

Thanks for remembering us.