Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Should All Ska Music Be Free? Two Sides Of The Same Coin

If you haven't already read the interview that I did for Joe Scholes site "Words and Music" the full article is HERE and includes an opposing view from Matze Broeckel from Pork Pie Records.

There were things I could've said better and other things that I didn't say that I should have and, of course, a bunch of rambling crap that I shouldn't have said (if you've ever received an email from me you're familiar with this sort of thing.)

If you do read it please leave a comment with your perspectives. If you agree with me there may be a point or two that I never considered and I will adopt as my own the next time I encounter this conversation in my own propinquities.
If you don't agree with me I am probably more interested in hearing your spin on the whole thing.

(this video is kinda related)

"Home sleeping's killing hotels"


Anonymous said...

yO! maN! GREAT WORDS! keep doin`your thing!!

Tone and Wave said...

Why, thank you very much!