Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Pack #2: The Scene / Legal Gender split 7" (1987)

...submitted by Bruce

The Scene - Bruise in Me
Legal Gender - Overcast



Kames Jelly said...

i love this 7". Bruise In Me is such a great song, even better than their song on the NY Beat comp.

bristolboy said...

I agree it's a great track still not as good as their earlier "high numbers/shout" 45 on checkmate though (personally speaking of course)& yes "shout" is the Isley brothers track made so famous by "Lulu" & "the blues brothers" film

Elvis said...

Loved this 45, big hugs! Bought this 45 back in the 80's. After a night of broadcasting both sides of it on the local college radio station, I went and had quite a bit of food and drink. I left it and two others in the backseat of my car only to find the next day my error. I only pulled the car halfway into the garage and the records had melted into piles of mush inside the sleeves and jackets. Never found another copy ever.


Thanks so much!