Monday, April 5, 2010

The Larks - Billy Graham's Going to Heaven 12" (1986)

...submitted by Craig

Early third wave sounds from this London band. They have a Myspace

1 Billy Graham's Going to Heaven
2 Maggie Maggie Maggie
3 Pain in the Neck
4 The Boat
5 Whatever You Say
6 All or Nothing Girl



paddyska said...

I've been trying to find All or Nothing Girl for years, seen a video on some Chart Show yeeeears ago....

bristolboy said...

you should be able to hear it soon, as it is in a pile that I am about to rip & send in.

bristolboy said...

actually - not sure if it's worth it as both sides of the 7" are tracks 5 & 6 + seem to be the same versions

Anonymous said...

1. Billy Graham's Going To Heaven (A side, produced by Vic Maile)

2. Maggie Maggie Maggie Out Out Out (B side, produced by The Larks)

3. Pain In The Neck (A side 12" version, produced by Mark Angelo)

4. The Boat (demo, produced by The Larks)

5. Whatever You Say (B side, produced by The Larks)

6. All Or Nothing Girl (A side, produced by Vic Maile)

This compilation was released on vinyl in Australia by Mighty Boy in 1986

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - many a great night out seeing them (and The Faith Brothers).

Any chance of any more?

Anonymous said...

I've had this record since its release in Australia back in the 80s. In fact I just cranked it up today. Such a fun few tracks.