Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Jog & the Tracksuits - Red Box / Worrying Man 7" (link updated December 10, 2010)


The only information I found about this band was on THIS site. From what I understand I Jog & the Tracksuits only ever released 2 singles in their entire career. They were not a ska band but the B side of this single has the early 80s 'reggae' influence.
Not necessarily a must for ska fans, but an interesting tune that should appeal to fans of rare 80s music.

side A Red Box
side B Worrying Man

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dave's Big Deluxe - Sounds from the Credenza


Straight forward up-tempo 2Tone sounds from this Tucson Arizona band from 1995.
Download includes full cd scans.
Also get their 5 song live E.P. "Live at the University High Prom" HERE.

1 Murder Ska
2 Old Pueblo Ska
3 Be That Kind
4 ...Other Delights
5 Credenza Style Hi-Fi
6 To Build a Fire
7 Artebella
8 Say Goodbye to Me
9 Tagger
10 Fat
11 Say Goodbye...(Puss Boy Cry Baby Edit.)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Deltones [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

Nana Choc Choc in Paris 
1 Scream Jean
2 Don't Fall in Love
3 Show Off
4 Saturday
5 It's Benn a Long Time...Helen
6 Big Trouble
7 Make Me Smile
8 Everytime
9 Oddball Boy
10 Stay Where You Are
11 Lemon Squeezy

Stay Where You Are 7"
A - Stay Where You Are
B - Lemon Squeezy

Make Me Smile 7"
1 Make Me Smile
2 Patricia Hamilton
3 Running Around


The Boilers - Rockin' Steady


The Boilers were from New York. They played a mix of 2Tone and reggae with just a touch of dub. This is their 1988 album.

1 Outta Control
2 Ice in Her Eyes
3 Coeur a Voil
4 Red Snapper
5 Twisted Step
6 Under Pressure
7 Trouble Me
8 Straight Road Curving
9 Ganjibus Gorilla
10 So Much I Would Leave You
11 In This Time
12 Boiled Potato


Monday, January 21, 2008

The Rudies E.P. (The Fabulous Rudies)


This is the Fabulous Rudies first E.P. when they were just calle The Rudies.

1 Keep On Movin'
2 Rearrange
3 Forget It (live)
4 Keep On Movin (instrumental)


Friday, January 18, 2008

The Specs - Social Life


The Specs were a late 80s early 90s band in Southern California that never became as big as they should have. They were composed of knowledgeable professional musicians with backgrounds in reggae and jazz. Their first release was the cassette-only "Changes to the Few"* which would've fit perfectly into the original 2Tone era. This is their second, more mature, album. There are some faster songs, but most of the album is devoted to a more soulful reggae sound. One of the highlight on this album is a cover of Sly and the Family Stone's "Family Affair".

This download includes almost full scans of the cd inlay cards with the exception of the back cover which I accidentally spilled beer all over just before scanning. (I had this cd in pristine condition for over 13 years up until tonight - let that be a lesson to you - take care of your rare music!) This will not be included in the download, but you can save this image if you're into that sort of thing:

1 Social Life
2 Come Listen
3 (it's a sad situation)
4 Before Our Eyes
5 (ska? - a Swedish stew?)
6 Start it Right Now
7 Family Affair
8 Never Gave a Thing
9 Time of Need
10 Devil's Game
11 Friends No Longer
12 Opium Vibes
13 (marijuana)
14 Hold On Tight
15 Love Game
16 Opium Vibes Dub
17 CD Exit


(*yes, I will be posting 'Changes to the Few' here shortly, but it is a bad copy of an overplayed cassette. If anyone has a good copy, please let me know. Thanks.)

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Planet Smashers - 1994 demo


This is The Planet Smashers first recording. According to the band the title of this demo is "Meet the Planet Smashers". It contains 8 songs - 5 of which were re-recorded for their first album. The songs Phantom, Lonely Guy, and Wheel of Fortune were never released and are available only on this demo. It was transferred from a low quality original cassette so it's not the best quality.

1 Coolest Guy in the Whole World
2 My Love (Vampire)
3 Phantom
4 Frozen
5 Pee in the Elevator
6 Lonely Guy
7 Wheel of Fortune
8 Gotta Get Away


Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Hoovers - Smut and Class E.P.


This 1981 E.P. is the follow up to the Hoovers 1980 album 'Skin and Blisters' and, unfortunately, their final recording. Though the lead singers British accent is real, the band was actually from San Francisco, California. The 2Tone sound never really caught on in the states and The Hoovers disappeared into obscurity.

1 Sofa Girl
2 Backroom Boys
3 O Deedus Nobalis
4 The Red and the Blue


Punch The Clown - is Caught Red Handed


Punch The Clown were from Davis California and they played their own kind of 2Tone inspired ska througout the 90s. This is their first of three albums full of an eclectic mix of 2Tone, calypso, rocksteady, big band, etc., with plenty of horns and keys and lots of humor.

1 Intro
2 My Headaches
3 Don't Fight Now
4 Stress
5 Heather
6 Trousers Full of Lovin'
7 Party at My House
8 Our Vines Have Tender Grapes
9 Sweaty Betty
10 U.S.A. Jam
11 C.I.A. Chick
12 Go Ahead
13 Wise Guy
14 Sea Monkey Stomp (live)
15 I Give Up (live)
16 Pervert (live)
17 Punch the Clown (live)


Friday, January 11, 2008

Fighting Gravity - Shishskabob [LINK UPDATED Sept. 23, 2009]


Fighting Gravity formed in the late 80s in Richmond Virginia under the name Boy O Boy. They had one self-titled full-length release as Boy O Boy in 1990, and released their second album Shishskabob in 1992 under their new name Fighting Gravity.

1 Land of Ska
2 Hotel Inside My Mind
3 Parallel Parking
4 Barber of Skaville
5 All I Need is a Holiday
6 Socks and a Smile
7 Purple Ska
8 Big as the Sun
9 Go Ugly Early
10 Darling
11 Take Off Your Clothes
12 Moan and Groan