Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hoovers


I finally got around to re-posting both the EP and full length by the Hoovers. I re-transferred the Smut and Class EP from vinyl and this sounds much better than the version I had posted earlier. I also included lyrics in this download. I was going to type out all of the lyrics for Skin and Blisters but, goddamnit, I just don't have that much free time. If you really really can't make out the lyrics I may get around to getting them together if you harass me enough.

As you may or may not know The Hoovers have since gotten back together and even have a new album called "Toy".
Check out their Myspace to hear their new material, or their OFFICIAL SITE to order it.

HERE'S a recent interview with Paul Whiting on Marco on the Bass.

This download includes "Skin and Blisters" and "Smut and Class".


I've been getting a lot of requests to re-post my former offerings. If I haven't gotten around to your request yet please don't think I'm ignoring you. I will get to everybody eventually. Thank you for being patient.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skankin' Pickle - double feature


This is Skankin' Pickle's first release from 1991. It was called "Skankin' Pickle Fever". It was released just before "Skafunkrastapunk". These exact recordings later appeared on the full length album of the same name so if you own the album "Skankin' Pickle Fever" you already have these exact same songs (but why not hear them again with record-crackling goodness?)
Also in this download is the 1995 "Erik Yee" EP.
The first song is a great unreleased Skankin'Pickle tune (title track). The second song is a live version of "Onyonghasayo" (from "Sing Along with Skankin' Pickle") with alternate English lyrics. The third song is a live cover of "Sally Brown" sung by drummer Chuck Phelps.

Skankin' Pickle Fever

1 I Missed the Bus
2 David Duke is Running for President
3 Ice Cube, Korea Wants a Word with You
4 Pass You By

Erik Yee EP

1 My Name is Erik Yee, My Favorite Band is Green Day
2 Losin' Again
3 Sally Brown


Friday, November 14, 2008



Amazulu was an all female (except for the drummer) dance/pop/reggae/ska band from London. They released a number of singles between 1983 and 1986 before releasing this one and only full-length. Though they were moderately successful at the time they seem to be a forgotten band. They even had a bit of success in the US with their cover of the Bobby Bloom hit Montego Bay (though the Allniters were well known for their cover 3 years earlier) and they performed on Top of the Pops and The Young Ones.
Here's their Wikipedia article.

Here are a few members of the group pretending to perform "Too Good to be Forgotten" on Top of the Pops in 1986:

Their record label Mango was a branch of Island Records who has since dropped the Mango subsidiary. They also put out Aswad, Jimmy Cliff, and Burning Spear as well as other British Reggae and Hip Hop acts. Much of what was on the Mango label has never been re-released on cd.

I have included 2 songs that were not originally on the album.

1 Too Good to be Forgotten
2 Excitable (Soca Mix)
3 After Tonight
4 All Over the World
5 Things the Lonely Do
6 Montego Bay
7 Don't You Just Know It
8 Cairo
9 Moonlight Romance
10 Upright, Forward
*Mony Mony
*Wonderful World, Beautiful People


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mobster - Perfect Man 7"


I have absolutely no information about this record except what the cover says. It's from an English band from 1981.

The first track is very vanilla reggae. A mellow song with decent vocals. The B-side is instrumental...slightly up-tempo with synth steel drums. It'll grow on you.

I've been putting off posting this because I haven't been able to transfer it very well. The vinyl I have is full of scratches and it skips quite a bit. This is kind of a patchwork that my wife has toiled over for way too long especially considering that she hates this record.
I actually like this record and I think she did a great job with it. What do you think?

A - Perfect Man
B - Trinidad


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bim Skala Bim - Bim Skala Bim


This is Bim Skala Bim's first album from 1986. It is currently out of print and was quite difficult for me to find.
If anybody from the band or BiB Records wants me to remove this post please let me know and I will do so immediately. No threats of lawyers required.

1 The Key
2 Better Get Out
3 Balance
4 Chief Inspector
5 Jah Laundromat
6 Solitary Confinement
7 Silence
8 Fear No Evil
9 Cool Nights
10 Not a Test


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Liquidators - Black and White Pictures


The only release from this Santa Cruz, California band from 1990. Originally on Unicorn Records. Members of this band went on to form California's Northern Soul band Durango 95.

I found this interesting interview with a member of Durango 95 HERE.

01 Swing Easy
02 Black and White Pictures
03 Do I Worry?
04 Where Are You Going?
05 Do the Best That You Can
06 Long Time Again
07 Soul Steppin'
08 Do What You Wish
09 Swing Time Ska
10 Riches to Rags