Sunday, April 27, 2014

RBs - Uruguay 7" (1982)

A - Uruguay (YouTube video)
B - Time


Erector Set

A - Inside Out
B - No Room for Comfort

A1 - Imitation of Life
A2 - GI Jump
A3 - Potential Danger
B1 - Chinese Girl
B2 - Missing Peace

"Chinese Girl"


IN2XS - Love Will Come 7" (1982)

A - Love Will Come
B - Butter Wouldn't Melt


Naughty Rhythms

Don't Touch Me 7" (1986)
A - Don't Touch Me
B - The Things I Like

Go to the Rodeo 7" (1984)
A - Go to the Rodeo
B - Have Some Fun

A Naughty Compilation (1996)
1 Dance Craze
2 Go to the Rodeo
3 Naughty Rhythms
4 Tequila
5 Look Like Me
6 Still in Love With You
7 Without Your Love
8 I Know You Know I Know

"Naughty Rhythms"


Foto Model - To Nisi Ti 7" (1981)

A - To Nisi Ti
B - Kiki



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skanxters - Knights On the Run (1994) [LINK UPDATED March 28, 2015]

Erin Bardwell's old band. They did release one cd (10 songs) called "Call It a Crime" in 1998. It was limited to 500 copies. I do not have a copy myself but there are some of the tracks posted on Youtube by vocalist Carl Humphreys - Names and Fools is my favorite of them.

Knights on the Run (1994)
12" vinyl release limited to 926 copies 
A1 - King Arfur
A2 - Fat & Ugly
B1 - Stupid Place to Be
B2 - Shantyville

"Fat & Ugly"

Spark in the Dark (1993)
cassette only release limited to 250 copies
A1 - Day Like Today
A2 - King Arthur
B1 - Who's Afraid of the Dark
B2 - People May Think

"Who's Afraid of the Dark"



The cassette was posted on Tone and Wave in 2009 and, although I have acquired a copy of my own, the one available here is the same one from back then that was submitted by Rikard because his copy sounds much better than anything I was able to do. Thanks Rikard!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Fabulous Bowler Boys - Word ~ Sound ~ Power (1994)

This is a cassette only release that was sold at shows and online for $6.00 before there was such thing as "third wave". These guys were from Texas and I think, not positive, but I think they had other recordings. If so I've never found any evidence. What I do know is that their drummer, Bill Matney, was also in the hardcore band Refuse to Fall but he does not appear on this recording.

On this recording:

Eric Tucker - vocals
Steve Fish - bass, vocals
Bryan Christner - guitar
Alan Turley - sax
Patrick Benfield - keyboard
Ryan McDaniel - guitar
John Chipman - drums

1 Man on the Scene
2 The Upsetter
3 Jimmy Hate
4 Waiting Game
5 From Cairo With Love
6 Sally Brown

When they listened to their 2 Tone records they were paying attention. The Beat is obviously an influence in their overall sound, especially in this one:
"The Upsetter"