Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steppin Lazer - Plain Wrap (1983)

Thanks to Mike for informing me of this band!!

This is a California band that was part of the mod/ska ON Klub scene in the 80s.
(apparently they have a 7"??)

A1 - Follow the Leader
A2 - All I do is Ska
B1 - Tired of Your Love
B2 - Seein' What I ain't Got
B3 - The Game


Are you fucking kidding me??

Either somebody's ashamed of their past and doesn't want it exposed, or they honestly think there's a potential for them to make money on later releasing their music that is very far outside the money demographic.


I have been working 2 jobs and going to classes.
The few minutes that I am home and awake (I sleep anywhere between 2 and 4 hours a night - seriously, then I drive about 40 miles in either direction)I have no interest in touching a computer when I get home. I have lots of interesting rarities to share still but damn...that takes some time.
I will be quitting one of the jobs next week and I'll be done with school in the next couple months. By the end of summer I'll be back to full speed with the blog. (as long as I'm not shut down by people with youthful minds [I said "people with youthful minds" instead of childish bastards so as to be less offensive]*)

I haven't even looked at my email but maybe twice in the last - days? weeks? months?
I've always been bad at answering emails but now I'm in a different world. Bear with me.

And, for no reason, here's a picture of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in the 80s

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Various Artists - The Original Mixed Up Kid 7'' (1980)

A - The Original Mixed Up Kid
B - Unofficial Secrets

Tone and Wave podcast - Episode 7

Eighties and nineties bands on this one. Some of the nineties band recorded in the '00s so we're transcending the waves here.

Podomatic is being difficult so I did it a different way this time.

Ventilators - Bring Me Your Cup (2004)
Freres Jackman and the International Elevators - Leave Our Kriz-e Alone (1992)
Freres Jackman and the International Elevators - Limbo Police (1992)
The Bruce Lee Band - Forward and Back (2005)
Guitars and Drums - Nightclubland (1983)
Steppin' Lazer - Follow the Leader (1983)
Steppin' Lazer - All I do is Ska (1983)
Ventilators - Alone in the Alley (1993)
Ventilators - Sitting and Drinking (1997)
Fun Boy Three - Farmyard Connection (1983)
Dave's Big Deluxe - Say Goodbye to Me (1997)
Klang - Beat It (1981)
Klang - Nagasaki Sun (1981)
Dead Milkmen - Quality of Death (2011)
Dead Milkmen - A Message to You Rudy (1996)


Reality - Gonna Live My Life 7'' (1982)

Reggae band form Holland. Here's them doing a Neil Diamond cover on the b-side.
I know they had at least 2 more singles and I think they had an album that compiled the singles. If I'm not mistaken - and I probably am - the LP was called "Singer Man"

A - Gonna Live My Life

B - Singer Man

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blechreiz - Out Tonight (1988)

1 Out Tonight
2 Grauschleier
3 Tequila
4 Crazy Elevator
5 Trumpet Story
6 Ska-Fish (CIA)
7 Consequence
8 Man in the Street
9 News From UK
10 James Bond
11 Sun & Shadow
12 American Blend
13 Trojan
14 Aggroman
15 Visions of Violence
16 The Return of the 70'