Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Waltons - Brown Rice 12" (1985)

A - Brown Rice (Long Grain Mix)
B1 - Brown Rice (7" version)
B2 - Pain-Killing Time

The Waltons was an incredibly talented band from Isle of Wight. I don't know if they every released anything but this and the 7" version but they did make lots of rehearsal and studio demos and live recordings which you can download from the band's own site HERE.


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Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines - The Essential Kevorkian (1993 demo cassette)

This is being posted by request. This is not my own rip or picture. This was sent to me years ago and I don't remember who sent it so thank you submitter - whoever you are!

1 Bonkers
2 Hey
3 Little Home
4 She's Not Worth It
5 Suicide Machines
6 Whatsername

I cannot re-post this one because the band has made it available for sale in much better quality than I am able to offer it. All tracks appear on the compilation "On the Eve of Destruction" which you can buy HERE.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Beat Soup

Beat Soup - Start From Scratch (1997)
1 Who Knows?
2 Drain Dream
3 Something to Be
4 Long Time
5 Nature Boy
6 Coup de Ska
7 Die a Little
8 Peace
9 Down
10 Time Ain't Money
11 Message to Zion
12 Conspiracy of Purpose
13 Little Monsters

Beat Soup - Miriam Your Toast is Burning (2001)
1 Bad Head
2 My Pleasure
3 The King is Dead
4 Taxi
5 Being There
6 Miriam Your Toast is Burning
7 Wayo
8 The Fifty Seven
9 Every Day
10 Off the Handle
11 Smoke
12 Licking Stick

(Plus I threw in some acoustic demos and three unreleased songs)


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Name that Tune - Round three

Do you know what song this is? Does the band sound familiar? Even if you don't know for sure but you have a reasonable guess please leave a comment.
It's from the early 90s, maybe from New York.

Here's another song that nobody can figure out.

Erector Set [Repost]

A - Inside Out
B - No Room for Comfort

1 Imitation of Life
2 G I Jump
3 Potential Danger
4 Chinese Girl
5 Missing Peace


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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Candy Ranch - Section 58 7" (1989)

This is an extremely rare record.

From the video:

"Section 58 was a piece of legislation regarding live music licensing and the song was written in defense of local music venue The Touchdown which was at risk of losing its license because of complaints about noise.

Kevin McGuire and Stevie Ryan - vocals
Gavin Bell - broomshank bass
Terry Ashley - percussive chairs
Dave Willingham - keys
Neil Forcer - guitar
special guests Mick Donnelly - tenor sax
and Trevor Ashley - alto kettle

Video made by Dave Emerson and Hartlepool 6th Form College students:
Kimberley Scholes
Amanda V Brown
Lynne Rodgers
Claire Rollo"

On the record sleeve it lists guitar player as "Nonkes" and sax player as "Flicks Monolouge".

My copy is signed by the band members and someone wrote: "Stevie R has now gone away."
I guess that explains why he wasn't in any of their other recordings.

I don't know how many releases they had after this but they did do a lot of studio recordings. This may be the only ska song though.

A - Section 58
AA - Screaming Nutter

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The Hi-Hats - Ska Got Soul (1996)

LOTS of requests for this one. Here you go people...enjoy:

1 Are You Ready?
2 Too Hip
3 Tarzan
4 Real Deal
5 She's My
6 Ska Got Soul
7 Separate Ways
8 No Way Out
9 HizUzi
10 Why Can't We Learn?
11 Just Askin'
12 Summertime

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hi-Hats - Hard Hitting (demo tape 1992)

The Hi-Hats were from Somerville / Boston, Massachusetts. They released one album in 1996 called Ska Got Soul. I do have the album and I'll post it if anybody wants it. Aside from that, this is their only release.

1 Apathy & Entropy
2 Weight of the World
3 Too Hip
4 Voice
5 She's My


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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Pilfers - Rude by Association (1996)

I never did find a copy of this tape but I had a friend dub me a cassette copy back in the days.

Apparently this is the only image of it anywhere online.

The Pilfers was started by Coolie Ranx who is known for his involvement with The Toasters (from Wikipedia):

"Ranx was born in London on 9 March 1965 and was raised in New York City. His mother is from Jamaica and his father is from Nigeria. He was discovered in 1990 when the lead singer and guitarist of The Toasters, Rob "Bucket" Hingley, heard Ranx's dancehall reggae EP. Joining the Toasters in the early 1990s, he toured and recorded two albums with the band, including Dub 56, which features two songs he wrote.
After leaving the Toasters, Ranx co-founded a band called Pilfers. In Pilfers, he shared vocal duties with Vinny Nobile. Pilfers played a combination of third wave ska music, punk rock, and reggae that they called "raggacore". After self-releasing their first album, the band signed to Mojo Records, who released the band's second album, Chawalaleng. He made frequent guest appearances on the albums of other third wave ska bands, such as Spring Heeled Jack USA, Metro Stylee and Mojo labelmates Reel Big Fish."

The Pilfers released three albums: "The Pilfers" (1998), "Chawalaleng" (1999), and "From Far" (2015).

1 Jolly Jolly Jolly
2 Shit's Up in the Air
3 Hypnotized
4 Roller Coaster
5 Saga


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