Monday, May 31, 2010

Laurel Aitken - Standing on the Corner 7" (1975)

...contributed by Andreu

Laurel Aitken had to have been inspired by Sam Cooke on this one.

"Standing on the Corner"

A - Standing on the Corner
B - Tell Me That You Love Me


b-Sides - Red to Black (1981) [REPOST]

I thought I could trust zShare after their meltdown a while back but it seems they violated my trust again and this rarity was lost. I rarely read comments that aren't on the front page so I never realized how many people were requesting this.

Here it is. If you don't have it yet you have to download it. It really is one of the great ones.

1 She's a Raver
2 Red to Black
3 Run and Hide
4 No Can Do
5 State of Emergency
6 Bedtime for Ronald
7 Regular Guy
8 B-Side Shuffle
9 Emotions
10 Late a Night


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons

It's not very hard to find things by Australia's Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons on these here interwebs (...or, whatever the kids are calling it these days). You can find most of their works HERE, and HERE, and HERE, or HERE, or even HERE
but Bruce has submitted these four gems that haven't yet been offered.

So Young 7" (1979)
A - So Young
B - Rough and Ready

Security 7" (1980)
A - Security
B - Beating Around the Bush

Shape I'm In 7" (1980)

A - Shape I'm In
B - Shape I'm In (dub)

Soon You'll be Gone 7" (1980)
A - Soon You'll be Gone
B - Show Ya Fun

"Soon You'll be Gone"


Jo Jo Zep does do a lot of ska/reggae music but a lot of his stuff is more classic rock and roll. Regardless of the genre he put out a lot of great music that is being overlooked. I appreciate it - I hope you do too.

(thanks to Ronan for a couple of these links and thanks to Laszlo who introduced me to Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reluctant Stereotypes - Confused Action 7" (1980)

...submitted by Rikard

The A-side is on the album but the B-side is only on the single even though it's as good if not better than some of the songs that were on the album.

A - Confused Action
B - School Life

"School Life"


Tiny Hat Orchestra - Noon at Nine (1992)

1 Little Rocks
2 Garden of Trouble
3 Noon at Nine
4 Sing, Sing, Sing!
5 Skaface
6 Sparky's Dream
7 It's Love
8 Long Shadows
9 Caravan
10 Shoe
11 Minnie the Moocher
12 Fade
13 Fine Thing
14 Blank
15 Insomnia Cafe
16 A Taste of Honey
17 Perfidia
18 Phoenix Tango


Chapter XIII - Crocodile Ska 7'' (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

A - Crocodile Ska
B - Euroska

"Crocodile Ska"


Dag Vag - Trycke e för mycke 7'' (1980)

...submitted by Rikard

I don't know much about this Swedish band but they seem to have quite an extensive catalog. Their Wiki article says they refer to themselves as "transcontinental rock reggae". They formed in 1977 and are still playing.

1 - Trycke e för Mycke
2 - Hellre en Raket
3 - Musik

"Trycke e för Mycke"


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Supertonic Sound Club live on BBC Radio 2

This Saturday the 29th on Mark Lamarr's "God's Jukebox".

"We played 5 tracks in total with our London based vocalists, Saranagati and Dave Barker joining us and extending our line up to a powerful 11 piece."

For those of you outside the UK you can hear the show in its entirety streaming all week HERE

Supertonic Sound Club's Myspace

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deltones - Make Me Smile 7"

Unicorn Records re-released Nana Choc Choc in Paris on cassette but changed the name to "Oddball Boy" and it included two songs that weren't on the original album. One is the song "Running Around" that was released on Skankin' 'Round the World vol. 3 and "Patricia Hamilton" which is the only song of theirs to never be released on cd.
Thanks to Craig here it is:

1 - Make Me Smile
2 - Patricia Hamilton
3 - Running Around

"Patricia Hamilton"


Kingpins - On the Run 7" (1995)

This is the Kingpins first release.
None of these songs are on any of the Kingpins 3 full-lengths.
Now, I am a Lorraine fan but even though she doesn't sing on any of these songs they are all 3 winners and a necessary piece of your Kingpins / Lo and the Magnetics collection.

1 - On the Run
2 - Spy vs. Spy
3 - Leave My Girlfriend Alone

"Spy vs Spy"


Ian Mitchell Band - Lonely Nights 7" (1980)

One thing I like more than getting to hear a song that I have been after for years is getting to hear a great song that I never knew about. Bruce sent me this yesterday and, although I have lots of other things that I should be posting before I decided that this one needs to go up immediately.

The A-side is crap in my opinion but the B-side is amazing. An instant favorite. Not ska in its purest form but it reminds me of something that Mark Foggo would have done.

A - Lonely Nights
B - Jail Bait

"Jail Bait"


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Monks - Don't Want no Reds 7'' (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

A - Don't Want No Reds
B - Suspended Animation

"Don't Want No Reds"


The Rim Shots - I Was Wrong 7''

...submitted by Rikard

A - I Was Wrong
B - Stuck in a Boat

"I Was Wrong"


Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Nonsense - Around Tuit 12" (1984)

...submitted by Carlos

A1 - Changes Must be Made
A2 - Next Time
A3 - Hawaii Five-O
B1 - Changes Must be Made (extended version)
B2 - Hawaii Five-O (extended version)

"Changes Must be Made"


3-D Production - Riot 7" (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

A - Riot
B - Re-Arrange (version)



Izzy Royal - Coronation Street 7" (1983)

For those of you who don't know I am a yank who was born and raised in California and I really should have no idea what Coronation Street is. As far as I know it has never been televised here. I have heard that East Enders was (maybe still is) available on the east coast on some channel. I don't know.

My wife, however, is British. She was born and raised in East Anglia and never had any interest in the soaps. She has been here now for about 7 years and has only recently become sentimental for her home about a year or so ago. She talks to her family and they watch these shows. Thanks to the awesome power of the internet she is able to watch them now too so that they have something to talk about.

I find it all to be ridiculous - not because it's a soap opera, but because it's tv. I don't really like tv. It's a waste of time to me. But she is now watching it on a nearly daily basis and I have grown very accustomed to these theme songs.

It's not great. Hell, it's not even good, but it is catchy.

A - Coronation Street
B - Coronation Dub

"Coronation Street"


Ivy and the Teachers - Once Burnt Twice Learnt 7" (1980) [RE-UP]

Re-ripped at 192 kbps.
Do not thank me for this - thank Bruce. He's the one who took the time to do this.

A - Once Burnt Twice Learnt
B - Angry Faces

This download also includes their 1981 single "My Life b/w No More Plans" which isn't ska but it is pretty good power-pop. (It too has been re-ripped!)

"Once Burnt Twice Learnt"


(the original post has been deleted...the Divshare sample is the old version)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Leftovers

The Lemonade Song 7" (1984)
A - The Lemonade Song
B1 - Double Bay
B2 - Yay Al

Suzanne, Beware of the Devil 7"
A - Suzanne, Beware of the Devil
B - So Long, Farewell

"Double Bay"


...submitted by Craig

Sky High - Ghettoes of Your Own Kind 7'' (1980)

...submitted by Rikard

All 4 tracks are keyboard driven punky reggae with background horns.

A1 - Ghettoes of Your Own Kind
A2 - Passing By
B1 - Moving to the Music
B2 - Red Light

"Moving to the Music"


China Street - Rock Against Racism 7" (1978)

The white reggae band from Manchester circa 1978.
These are the same guys who did the "You're a Ruin" 7" found HERE. This is a little more on the punk-reggae side than that single was. Both are good though. You should have both.
This was also submitted by Bruce.

A - Rock Against Racism
B - Dubbage

"Rock Against Racism"


Newmatics - But My Love 7" (1981)

...submitted by Rikard

A - But My Love
B - Love Dub


The A.T.s (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

Leaving Lonely 7"
A - Leaving Lonely
B - Too Young Girl

Come 'Ere 7"
A - Come 'Ere
B - One More for the Road


Spy Vs Spy - Six Fresh Lemons (1982)

Before they had to change their name to V Spy V Spy because of a lawsuit by Mad Magazine Australia's Spy Vs. Spy released this 7" and an EP entitled "Four Fresh Lemons" in limited numbers. They later released all six songs together under the name "Six Fresh Lemons".
Regardless of how they're packaged they were all pretty good songs and over the last few years I have seen the single and either of the EPs come up for sale several times each and they were all under the banner of "ska".
Sorry to disappoint you but none of them are ska songs but there are a couple of tracks with a slightly noticeable ska influence.
Call it pub rock, mod, post punk, powerpop, or ska. The category doesn't matter. It's just good music.

If you like this and aren't already aware V Spy V Spy has made all of their music available for free download HERE.

Do What You Say 7"
A - Do What You Say
B - Table Tea Mix

Four Fresh Lemons EP
1 Marlowe
2 Sofa
3 That (Dead) Girl
4 Brightside


"Do What You Say"


Thanks to Craig for inspiring this post!!

Rockers Express - Phoenix City 7'' (1980)

...submitted by Rikard

You probably already know the song "Rockers Express" from the compilation 100% British Ska.

A - Rockers Express
B - Chinese Brush


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Army

A - Shuffle Shuffle
B - Trendy

A - Kick it Down
B - Mr. Average

"Mr. Average"


...again, a big ol' pile of thanks to Bruce for submitting these!!

4" Be 2"

A - One of the Lads
B - Ummbaba

A - All of the Lads
B1 - Jimmy Jones
B2 - Bitch

Music in the experimental vein with noticeable ska and dub influences. 4" Be 2" was lead by Jimmy Lydon the brother of Johnny Rotten. These records were marketed as being produced by John Lydon even though he really had nothing to do with them.

My "I know you can Google, but so can I" link HERE.

There is a third that I am still looking for:
"Frustration / Can't Explain" 7" 1980

"All of the Lads"


Thanks to Bruce for these!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Coolnotes - Sugar Sugar 7" (1980)

...submitted by Rikard

A - Sugar Sugar
B - No...No,No,No,No

"Sugar Sugar"

"No,...No, No, No, No, No"


Janet Kay - Silly Games 7" (1979)

A - Silly Games
B - Dangerous

"Silly Games"


Itchy Feet - Cliff Young Shuffle

...submitted by Craig

You might remember these guys from the song "Orange Chupa Chups" from the first Ska Skank Down Under

A - Cliff Young Shuffle
B - Lonely Dreamer

Here they are on Star Search performing World War III



More Gents

...submitted by Bruce

A - Revenge
B - Girl

A - Schooldays
B - True Stories

A - The Faker
B - The Pink Panther

A - The Gent
B1 - Over Me
B2 - Revenge


"True Stories"


(If you missed the first Gents post it's HERE)

Kapten Ruter and the Nautilus

...submitted by Rikard who says that this was never officially released. The label shut down before they could put it out.

(from Sweden 1983)

A - Samma Gamla Jakt
B - Pavlos Hund

"Samma Gamla Jakt"


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Allniters - singles #2

Bruce has added these to help us patch up our holes in our Allniters collection.

She Made a Monkey Out of Me 7" (1981)
A1 - She Made a Monkey Out of Me
A2 - Allniters are Allriters
B - She Drives Me Round the Bend

You Shouldn't Stay Out Late 7" (1982)
A - You Shouldn't Stay Out Late
B - What Gives You the Right?

Jingle Bells 7" (1982)
A - Jingle Bells
B - Juliet

Montego Bay 7" (1983)
A - Montego Bay
B - Get it Together

Love and Affection 7" (1983)
A - Love and Affection
B - Juliette


Saturday, May 1, 2010

30 Bob Suits - Six Foot Under 7" (1980) [FILES RE-UPPED]

A - Six Foot Under
B - Material Life

"Six Foot Under"


...thanks Bruce!!