Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Burpas - Fat Man 7'' (1981)

Here's another one submitted by Dudley of Antistereotypes. It does skip in a couple places but you can always get your own copy. It shows up eBay about once a year and goes for about $70 every time.

A - Fat Man
B - Dummies

...a couple'a things...

Okay, first off, I have been working 7 days a week - not because business is good, but because business is bad enough that my place of business is down to a skeleton crew and I was one of the few lucky enough to still be there - so my time on the computer isn't what it used to be and I have been very bad at getting to emails. If you've sent me an email and I haven't answered yet there's a pretty good chance that I will eventually. I'm really trying to answer all of 'em. I'm sorry...

Secondly, I have been getting a lot of complaints lately and I have removed a few posts because people who were in a band 30 years ago think they should be spending the money to put their music on cd and start charging 2011 prices for music that people stopped buying 13 years ago. I'm cool with that. The whole reason that I post this music is to make it available. If the band wants to make it available I'm 100% on their side. I am willing to promote any of the bands I have ever posted on this blog if they ever have anything to sell. We are all on the same side here. I promote ska music over any of the other trends of the day. Don't ostracize the small fan base you have left by acting high-and-mighty.

If your attorney spells the word you as u I'm going to have a a hard time taking him seriously. Why go through the trouble of legal action to begin with when you could just talk to me as a person first? It'll work out better for all of us if you did.

...forget it...this is an effete argument...

...Tone and Wave is on the verge of being shut down. I have recently taken over a friend's blog Napomm. I have done the last couple of posts and I'll continue doing more, he gave up on it so it's my blog now. I won't be posting much ska on Napomm unless T&W is shut down then I'll continue over there.

Thanks for wasting a moment of your life reading this...if you have another 5 minutes to waste watch THIS

Simkas - Gotta Go 7" (1980)

Ska band from Belgium...sadly this is their only release.

A - Gotta Go

B - Simka Beat


Derek Harriot / Dean Fraser and the Chariot Riders split 7" (1979)

Submitted by Bristolboy

A - Derek Harriot - Born to Love You

B - Dean Fraser and the Chariot Riders - Love You Again (instrumental)

7 is your lucky number

Here's a grab-bag of 7 singles - 5 7"s and 2 12"s that were submitted by Rikard. I won't list them but, trust want these.



Kyber Rifles - 100 Problems EP (1984)

Before there was Let's Go Bowling there was The Kyber Rifles. From 1981 to 1985 they were California's premiere ska band and this is their only release. It's a 7" record in a 7"x9" sleeve.
There is talk that they will be releasing these songs on cd someday. I will remove this post if I find out they are going through with it. They did record other songs (as you can see on their Myspace) so I know I'll be buying the cd. I recommend you do the same.

Maybe they recorded a studio version of their rendition of Gangsters which was great live:

A1 - 100 Problems
A2 - Rock Head
B1 - Generation Gap
B2 - I'll Never Forget

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Andy Pandemonium - I'm Just a Dummy (For Your Love) 7" (1980)

Andy Pandemonium was formed in the late summer of 1979 in the South Wales industrial town of Llanelli. The band members had played together previously in various combinations on the local scene, but the summer of 1979 saw keyboard player Paul “Nick” Nicholas write a series of distinctive songs that effectively combined the eccentricity of the less self-indulgent aspects of 1970s British rock with the urgency and energy of the post-punk new wave. Nick had previously featured in Llanelli-based folk rockers Carraig Aonair alongside drummer Pete Mason, and the pair had previously played with guitarist John “Sioni” Davies and bassist Gareth Phillips in numerous local ventures. Aware of the need for audience friendly presentation of the material, the band decided to recruit singer, sax-player, accordionist and all round dramatic performer Roj to complete the line up. (more)
(thanks to Bristolboy for the link!)

I have been after this record for a while and, as I had just received my tax return and, since the car decided to not have any major problems this year, I decided to indulge myself in a slightly expensive gift. The very day I was going to spend this paltry bit of money on this record Dudley from Antistereotypes sent me the songs.
Both are friggin' great so I hope you appreciate them at least half as much as I do and, if you're not already accustomed, you need to check out Antistereotypes

A - I'm Just a Dummy (For Your Love)

B - Living in Flats

...and, oh yeah, I spent the money I was going to spend on this on something else that's possibly more rare and interesting than this. You'll see in a few weeks.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crown Agent - Occupational Hazzard 7" (1981)

Somebody sent me an email a couple years back about this one and they hinted that this was U2 with a female singer. I don't know that this information is true but, coincidentally, it was produced by Laurie Mellor who once organized a Christian retreat in the early 80s that U2 not only attended, but spoke at...and a recording was made:

The January 1981 retreat was held at the Gaines Christian Center in Worcester, England, and organized by Laurie Mellor as a Ghettout Music event. Mellor started Ghettout Music in 1980 as a recording and management company for motivating Christian musicians to leave the Christian music sub-culture behind for the mainstream music world.

...On the 45-minute recording, Bono, then 20, and Edge, 19, speak about their faith, the battles they face as Christians in the music business and their sense of what lies ahead for U2. They read Scripture, talk about justifying the expense of producing their next single ("Fire") in the face of global poverty, tell a few jokes and invite feedback from the audience.

(excerpts from HERE)

Keep in mind that this article doesn't support that this is U2 - in fact I don't think it is, but there is a small possibility since this record provides no info. about the band at all.

Before investigating this record I had no idea that U2 was a Christian band.

This is a Christian record. I can't tell you what the first song is about (who is this Edgar that she's singing to?). The b-side is obviously an attack on Mormons.

What would Jesus do?

A - Occupational Hazzard
B - Negative Image

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mephiskapheles demos

I know very little about these (as far as who was in the band at the time, or what years they were from, etc.). Thanks to Laszlo for sending these to me many years ago and thanks to the person who originally transferred the tapes to mp3. I don't know who you are but I thank you!!

Skull-A-Ball demo
1 untitled
2 untitled
3 Willie's Work Song

Demo Tape
1 Doomsday
2 Dansemenot
3 Eskamo
4 Shame & Scandal

"Doomsday demo"

Vocalist Grand Invidious was in another band prior to Mephiskapheles called Burn Guitars which had 2 bass players and no guitarist.
They released this demo

1 Shoat
2 (#3)
3 Old Ways New
4 Sleeve

(I also included a few more odds and ends)


Tone and Wave podcast - Episode 5

This episode was just supposed to be a re-cap on the last 3 years of the blog. It was going to focus not on the things that were downloaded most, but things that were downloaded the least. Before I started putting sound clips there were a lot of things that got very little interest based either on my minimal description, or, I don't know...maybe the cover wasn't conducive enough to what you thought a ska cover should look like. Who knows?
I already have episode 6 in the works (it won't take as long as this one did) but I will probably do the re-cap in episode 7.

Speaking of covers..I figure that I had to do this one at some point so here it is. It's cheesy, yes, but it had to be done.

This episode is chock-full of the big names:
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Cure, Simply Red, Blondie, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger...

...and Steven Seagal


Oh yeah, that little clip at the beginning was John Lennon in 1971 during the rehearsal of How Do You Sleep from the Imagine album. He recommends playing it as a reggae song. In the end it didn't wind up that way. Damn shame that.

Science - Look Don't Touch 7" (1980)

Instrumental synth-ska on the b-side. Thanks Rikard!!

A - Look Don't Touch
B - Skalectrik


The Javelins - You're No Hustler 7" (1980)

A - You're No Hustler
B - Thoughts of a Frustrated Songwriter