Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Agents - The Agents (1996)

 This is the same band that released the albums "For all the Massive", "<401>" and "Steady Forward". This is their first release. 

1 I Don't Know

2 Mission 49

3 Dance You Up

4 98

5 Plexy's Song

6 Skank it Up

7 Girl

8 420 (live)


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Stuck in a Groove - Beats in Your Mouth (1999)

 For fans of Sublime. There were a lot of copy-cat Sublime bands around this time but this Arizona band had more of their own sound compared to a lot of other bands from this era. So many of those bands sounded like they only listen to Sublime. This band sounds like they actually listen to reggae music and take their inspiration from other sources.

1 People are You Ready?

2 Reggae Fire

3 Slow Ragga-Muffin

4 Yuma

5 Por la Raza

6 Mystic Biscuit

7 Fishtank

8 Stuck in a Groove

9 What it Takes

10 Waves

11 Don't Ya Know

12 People are You Ready? (remix)

13 I Feel Like Funkin' it Up


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The RugCutters - A Dog of Mine Drinkin' 7" (1996)

Florida ska band from the 90s. I think this is their only release but they did have a 5 song demo tape that they made available for download online so I have included it with this download as well as a studio version of "Smoke in My Horn" taken from the 1996 compilation Closer Than You: Florida Ska. Both songs on the single and "Smoke in My Horn" were on the demo tape.

 The title of the 7" is a combination of three of their songs:  "A Dog", "Girl of Mine" and "Hard Night of Drinkin'" but "Hard Night of Drinkin'" did not appear on the record so that probably confused a few people. 

A Dog of Mine Drinkin' 7" (1996)

A - A Dog (also called "A Dog Song")

B - Girl of Mine

* - Smoke in My Horn

The RugCutters - Demo Tape (1996)

1 A Dog Song

2 Girl of MIne

3 Hard Night of Drinkin'

4 Smoke in My Horn

5 Where's Glen


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Swim Herschel Swim - I Wish I Had a Ray Gun (1991)

 I have previously posted Swim Herschel Swim's CD which included some songs from this tape but not all of them. 

I do not have a copy of this tape so these files have been respectfully stolen from THIS SOUNDCLOUD CHANNEL which posted great sounding versions of all songs on the tape. 

I'm posting this for two reasons. First, people are still requesting this from me so I'm guessing it isn't coming up in their Google searches. And second, the track listing on Discogs is incorrect.

Jon Armstrong - the keyboard player for Swim Herschel Swim - does a blog where he posted remastered versions of nine of these ten tracks for free download and the way he numbered the tracks matches the track list on Discogs

The way they are listed here is how they are listed on the tape. 

1 Baby Babaar

2 Clueless

3 Ring O'Fire

4 Fuz

5 Kick Me (No Words)

6 Chickenfingalickin'

7 Mahi Mahi

8 Chevy Bossa Nova

9 R-Bug (Racism Bad, Unity Good)

10 Suzy-Q




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Cheap Suits - Lookin' for a Deal (2000)

This is the CD that I was lamenting in THIS POST. I believed it had been stolen by mail thieves. It's not too far fetched to think that. We do have some bold daytime mail thieves in my neighborhood. I bought my kids some Paw Patrol masks and they were stolen right out of the mail box. Imagine if they had been caught in the act in that moment. Risking federal detention for some cheap little Paw Patrol masks

But as it turns out I was cleaning off my desk and I found a padded envelope under some of my work papers. It was sealed and this CD was inside. Neither myself, my wife, nor my kids remember putting it there.

This could be one of those manifestation /Law of Attraction things. I don't usually believe in that sort of thing but a few months ago I did the Neville Goddard Ladder Experiment and what actually happened blew me away. 

 I have an open mind. You'll need an open mind to enjoy this CD. It's mostly punk but there are a few ska moments. It's not bad but their later releases were a lot better. 

1 We Aim High

2 #1 Fan

3 Lay it on the Line

4 No Ami

5 Perfect Girl

6 In Love with the Lead Singer

7 Julia



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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Rude Boy System - Rarities

 1 Saint Louis Ska

2 Before You Go

3 Fine Feeling

4 Skatalites

5 I Don't Wanna Know

6 Judgement Day

7 A Gun 1999

8 Free Ganja

9 It's My Heart

10 Blackout

11 What's Going On

12 Ska No 1

13 Passing Emotion


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Monday, January 16, 2023

Jerry Lives Twice - Living it Up (1999)

 Rare California third-wave ska punk.

1 Someday

2 Super Jock

3 She Sucks

4 Better Days

5 New Girlfriend

6 I'm OK, You're OK

7 I Jave No Friends

8 Bus Trip to L.A.

9 Hide and Go Seek

10 Up All Night




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Get it while the gettin's good!


I will be clearing out everything in the re-ups post. If you don't have what you want from there time is limited. In the next week or two I will be deleting everything to free up some space. Get it while you can.

Clive Langer & The Boxes

 Clive Langer & The Boxes - Splash! (1980)

13-track LP

Clive Langer & The Boxes - I Want the Whole World (1979)

5-Track 12" EP

Plus I included a b-side called "Even Though"

and a song called "Inside Houses" that was the otherwise unreleased song on their 1988 compilation


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This was originally posted in August 2009. I'm not going to repeat everything I wrote so here's a link to the original post


Free Cheese For All

 Free Cheese For All was a band from Germany that put out a fun ska/punk EP in 1992. 

Strangely, they followed it up with an EP of heavy guitars and hip-hop. No ska on their second release. As far as I know the band broke up after that. 

Here's their good CD - the ska one, and I have included 2 songs from compilations as well as that "what the hell were they thinking?" second CD.

Free Cheese For All - Cheese 'N' Beat (1992)

1 Free Cheese For All!

2 Wild One

3 My Kampf

4 Car Damage

5 The Ride of the Crazy Mosquito

6 Radio Free Cheese... (End Dance Party Version)

7 ...for All!


Free Cheese For All - Heavy Roots E.P. (1993)

1 Introducing the Tribal Elemental

2 Burning Inside

3 Free Chiiiizz

4 Free Chiiiizz (Asba Jazz Mix)

5 Burning Inside (Dance Metal Mix)

6 No Name No


* Blue Beat Confrontation

* Luis Goes to the Guig

...both from the first Skampler compilation




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Allniters - Still in Love (1988)

 There was a time when this song was the "long lost" Allniters song that nobody had. It was released on a compilation of Australian bands called "Export Music Australia Presents Crocodile CD" and the compilation was nearly impossible to find. Especially outside of Australia. Thankfully we live in the future and the internet, and specifically Discogs, turns what was once 'nearly impossible' into a minor pain-in-the-ass. 

The song is also readily available on YouTube but the sound quality isn't great. So this download is taken directly from the Crocodile CD. 


Here's the version on YouTube that was uploaded by the band.


If you're interested in the whole compilation you can find it HERE.


DOWNLOAD this song from MEGA


DOWNLOAD this song from Zippyshare 



Monocromo - Monocromo (1999)

 Italian 3rd wave ska-punk. Most songs are sung in Italian. Very rare. 

1 I Love You

2 Stelle Musicali

3 Ska in Your Mind

4 Non Mitrà

5 Balla Ciao

6 Sogni

7 Torero Olè

8 Come Noi

9 Punk'm People


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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Smoke Like a Fish demos

 Smoke Like a Fish - demo 1 (1992)

1 One in a Million

2 Siren

3 Someday

 Smoke Like a Fish - demo 2 (1992)

1 The Price

2 One in a Million

3 Death of an Angel

4 Decadance

5 No Questions

6 Rasputin

 Smoke Like a Fish - The Punktured Shark EP (1998)

1 Romance

2 Servant for the Master

3 Freezin' in the Desert Sun

4 Siren

5 One in a Million

6 Re-Dick-U-Lie

I have both tapes but the second demo is on a second-gen tape with no cover. Thankfully the YouTube channel Rumusic posted it and it sounds a million times better than mine so I used that one for this download. 

The EP is from a CD-R release (offucial release made by the band) which has degraded so it sounds like shit. I have been looking for a better copy for years. If anybody out there has one I'm interested in buying. 

In my opinion the version of One in a Million on these tapes is way better than the re-recorded version.




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Slippery People - The Party is Over 7" (1990)


A - The Party is Over

B - Golden Roof Rap


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Cheap Suits

 Third wave Canadian ska-punk. They were obviously inspired by many of the third wave bands especially Less Than Jake. Just listen to those lyrics on the song Gainesville.

I found a copy of this band's demo CD on Discogs and I bought it for $50. I was hoping to have it before I did this post but it has been lost in the mail. I hope whoever stole it enjoys it but I doubt it. They probably listened to it once and said "what is this crap?!" and threw it away. A piece of ska-punk history gone forever.


Cheap Suits  - Canadian Idles (2003)

1 We Aim High

2 It's Time

3 Ska Saves

4 Fatty's Lament

5 Lead Singer

6 Moving Day

7 Burning Bridges

8 Another Song About Girls

9 Julia

10 Did You Know?

11 Song About Us

12 Just What the World Needs

13 R.G.S.

14 Maybe Tonight

15 My Ever Lasting

16 Conversation



Cheap Suits - One Giant Leap (2005)

1 One Small Step

2 Judge & Jury

3 Perfect Girl

4 Gainesville

5 Every Night

6 Sing the Blues

7 Ska Saves

8 Two Tone Town

9 Lay it on the Line

10 Break You Down


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Big Noise - I Love My Job (1984)

 This was Buford O'Sullivan's band before he was in The New Bohemians which later became The Scofflaws. This is their only ska song. It was on a 4-track 12" from 1984 which, allegedly, only had 10 copies made so it's nearly impossible to find. Thankfully the band released all of their recordings on a compilation called Falling Underground



DOWNLOAD this one song from MEGA

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va Florida's Punk Ska Element (1999)

 1 New Found Glory - 3rd and Long

2 The Blinking Underdogs - Salvation

3 Gigalo Big and the Barflies - Dejanos Tocar

4 Cold Snacks - Middle Child

5 Caught Inside - Solstace

6 Skif Dank - Lost and Dumbfounded

7 Blindsyde - Blindsyded

8 Don't Know Jack - $1.45

9 The Hard Richards - She Bought You

10 Bum Ruckus - Dyin' to Know

11 Neptune 66 - Punk Rock Girl

12 New Found Glory - Passing Time

13 The Blinking Underdogs - Blame

14 Gigalo Big and the Barflies - Sun Goddess

15 Cold Snacks - Bunk Summer

16 Caught Inside - John Bobbit

17 Skif Dank - Still Looking Up

18 Blindsyde - What it Takes

19 Don't Know Jack - Grab Me Another Drink

20 The Hard Richards - E.B.S.

21 Bum Ruckus - Shelly Delong




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Any Old Charlie - Any Old Charlie (1998)

 Somebody commented that I don't post real ska. They're a little bit right. I have posted real ska for 15 years. I'm running low on pure in-your-face ska. But real ska fans collect the ska anyway so they already have it. What they may not have are the ska-ish things. There are so many things on eBay and Discogs labeled "ska" and I'm a sucker so I buy them all. I am disappointed half the time. But, just because the music isn't pure ska by a full time ska band doesn't mean there aren't some gems to be found. 

 I have never been a fan of white funk or "skronk". I just don't like it. But I have so much of it and I should be posting it because they do play an occasional ska song. Not only that, but I have the music. Why not share it? I know there are people out there that do like things that I don't necessarily like so I post it for them. Especially if it's rare. Sometimes I post things that I think most people agree isn't very good but I post it so people can hear it and maybe keep them from blowing their money on it. 

 Not only that, but I never post something that is ska-ish as a stand-alone post. I always try to do more than one post so you get the ska you're wanting and you can ignore the other stuff.


This CD is a perfect example. It's very rare. I haven't seen it anywhere online. I am not a fan because there are 6 songs and 5 of them are white-boy-funk. Not my cup of tea. But there is one decent ska song. 

 Maybe somebody out there will enjoy this. If you only want pure ska then skip this one. 

· Any Old Charlie - Oh Charlie (1998)




DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare  

The Clones - The Clones 7" (1999)

 Ska with a touch of punk from Alberta, BC. They also have a demo tape that I have never been able to find. I don't actually have a copy of this record myself. I respectfully stole all sounds and images from the YouTube channel 780 Punk Flyers

1 Come On!

2 One Day

3 The Operator

4 The Opener


DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare

The Regiment - Gotta Get a Move On 7" (1981)


The Regiment was a British ska/reggae/jazz band. I don't think they released much aside from 2 singles. The first one "Step Out/Burning World" is more jazz than reggae. I don't have it and I don't want it. It's too expensive for being an adult contemporary reggae/jazz record. This one, on the other hand is super cheap. There are lots of copies out there for sale and they cost pennies. That's because this record was mass produced because both songs were used in the French movie "La Boum".

It was a teenage coming-of-age movie that was very popular. In some countries it was number one above E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

There were a couple of ska songs in the movie composed by Vladimir Cosma and sung by British singer Richard Sanderson who wasn't really involved in the ska/punk scene. He lived in France and did mostly pop ballads. 

This download includes both songs from The Regiment and two ska songs from the La Boum soundtrack and I also included a song from G.T. Moore and the Reggae Guitars because Tony Hannaford from The Regiment used to be in that band. The song is from 1974 but it comes very close to the later 2 Tone sound. Not exactly, but close. They were ahead of their time.


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Monday, January 2, 2023

In Fear Of Roses - Living in a Movie World (1987)

 This is a strange one. This band was from Ohio and they were dark, brooding, and borderline gothic. They recorded this song in 1987 and released it on their album Beat The Drum in 1988. It's a straight up ska song. And it's a great song. It doesn't fit in with their other music. I wonder what their fans thought of it.

This download is for just this one song. I didn't get a good rip of the album but maybe I'll try it again someday and post it on the other blog. The one I've been neglecting for months. 

I stole the image of the cover from Discogs. I'm pure evil. 




DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare


The In-Vaders - Live! Brewtown Ska (1995)


Two-disc set. 


DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare

Circles - Ever and Ever (1984)

 This is an Austrian band I know nothing about. The B side is, well, I guess it's okay. Skip the A side. 

A - Ever and Ever

B - My Friend


DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare

One monkey don't stop no show.

 As you might have guessed the contention between myself and the 'gentleman' from Skaville City has been going on for quite some time. I have mentioned on this blog before that there was a time I was harassed by somebody because I didn't send them the music that they demanded quickly enough. This was because I was in the hospital with my wife who was giving birth to my youngest child. I thought that any normal human being would understand that I wasn't able to rip a record and send it to them because I was in the hospital because my wife was giving birth.

His response was "So? I make time for you, you need to make time for me!"

I have never heard such chutzpah in my life.

My youngest is about to turn four years old here shortly. That's how long I have been tolerating this guy and I have kept my mouth shut. For four years. He somehow found me on Reddit and delivered his bombardment of insults and slander. I know there were a few people on r/ska that knew who I was so he probably found out through them. I liked being anonymous on r/ska. I got told on a regular basis that I know nothing about ska by teenagers who obsess over Streetlight Manifesto. It was fun.

So, for those of you who who say I'm whining and trying to get attention, let me ask you, how long would you tolerate this?:

All of these comments (there were over 60 of them) came in over the course of more than three hours last night. It would have been about 4:00 to 7:00 in the morning British time. According to the analytics all but three of them came from the same source. 

I didn't post the libelous comments, and there were lots of them, for legal reasons but I have every intention of suing whoever made those comments and anybody else aiding them. This will not be hard to prove who did it because I still have all of our old communications. There are two giveaways that link beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were authored by the same person. The first is the over-use of the term "sleazeball". I am pretty sure I have never in my life heard anybody use this term in serious conversations. Only one person. 

As I have said in my comments I will try to keep the blog going for just one more year but, to be honest, I don't think I'll make it that far. I legitimately bored of the whole thing. 

After I made the post that I was done I had some regrets about things that I really wished I had posted before I do call it quits. I'm not going out like that. I'm not letting one person chase me out of my own blog. I don't only have music to share but a treasure trove of vintage ska 'zines that were donated to us by Rikard. I have started digitizing them but it is a hell of a task. It's taking longer than I imagined. Even if this blog still stands I might post them at Internet Archives. If I do decide to shut the blog down for my own sanity or if the 'gentleman' finds a way of getting me shut down then look for me at the Internet Archives.


There are lots of people who collect rare ska music and they keep it to themselves. Hoarding it. Making sure you never get to hear it. Somehow those are the good guys. 

Me? I post my stuff for anybody who wants it without asking for anything in return. I'm the stupid asshole evil bad guy sleazeball who doesn't know anything about ska. I don't get it.


For those of you who made comments of appreciation I thank you. That will keep me going despite that it really doesn't make any sense to do so. 

I have decided a while back to do another Facebook page. I know nobody really uses Facebook anymore so I never really did anything with the page but now I think I'll take pictures and videos of my collection and let you guys have a say in what I post next. It's not private. Not yet anyway. I don't have a Twitter or Instagram or any other social media unless you consider Discogs. MY FACEBOOK page will be the best way to communicate with me. I don't have friends or family on this page. There's no politics or humor or anything else. Just music.


The end is nigh. 



Monday, December 26, 2022

The Clowns - Jumbo 7" (1980)

 This record is being posted by request. The person who requested it is an asshole. I'm not posting it for them, but for the rest of you. I considered not posting it at all because the person who requested it is undeserving. 

 A - Jumbo

B - Wooly Bully  




DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare






There is a YouTube channel called Skaville City that posts a lot of rare ska songs.  It's a good channel and I have actually gained a lot of knowledge from that channel. There have been several songs posted on that channel that I didn't know about. I am a subscriber.

But the truth is that channel posts very little original content. The bulk of that channel is things that were taken from other sources. Mostly from other YouTube channels but also from blogs and other online sources.  The arrogant creator of that channel rarely gives credit for the sources for the things that they post. They want you to believe it's all their own doing. 

A significant number of things posted on that channel are from Tone and Wave. I think fans of this blog have already seen that. I like that the music is being shared and I don't need any sort of credit for spending my own money on these recordings, spending hours ripping and editing these recordings, or scanning the images and spending time editing these scans. I don't ask for credit for any of these things. It's the bands that deserve the credit. 

But for somebody else to come along - sometimes within an hour of a post that I spent many hours on - posting it on their channel and wanting credit for it, it sucks.


Here's some context. The guy who does the Skaville City channel asked if I had anything in his wantlist. I mentioned that I had this record but I had not ripped it yet. On December 6th I told him I'll rip it and post it on the blog in a week or so. Because I have a job and a family and because it is the holiday season and this blog is not the most important thing in my life I didn't quite get around to ripping the record. 

So I get these messages. Look at the date and times. This is strange behavior:

I don't quite get all of the references but I have made the joke many times in the past that "I've never been wrong about anything in my life!". That's obviously a joke. Why somebody doesn't recognize that as a joke says more about them than about me. 

Anyway, this is not the first time I have had interactions with this weirdo in the past. In fact I get lots of messages like this. This is why I stopped comments on the blog. This is why I stopped Facebook.

I am not a ska expert and I never claimed to be one. I'm just some guy who collects and shares ska music. I've been told plenty of times that I need to correct something wrong that I posted on the blog. The shit I post comes from what I can find on the internet. If it's been on the internet for 22 years and I post it on the blog why the hell would I correct it because one single nobody says that the thing I posted is wrong? They could be right but I don't know and I don't care. I just like the music. That's it. I don't give a shit about the band members and what other thing they did. Most of the time I have interacted with ska musicians they say "Hey, you like that ska I did in the 80s? We'll here's the acoustic guitar singer songwriter horseshit I'm working on now! You should love it!" I don't love it and I don't care.

So here you go Skaville City. I spent the money on this record. I did the rips, the editing, and the scans. So go ahead and post it on your YouTube channel. 

I told you before, you idiot, that if you ever start fucking with me again I will publicly post your comments and I will shut Tone and Wave down giving you full credit for the end of this blog. 

This is the end. This is the last Tone and Wave post. 

12/27/2022 is the 15th anniversary of this blog. I have lots more rarities that I haven't posted yet. Skaville City has made a conscious decision to end this blog. The only way I will continue is if I get a public apology from the asshole who runs Skaville City. 

It's been fun. Thank you all for keeping ska music alive!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Explorers - Fight (1999)

 1 Fight

2 Jack theBaldhead

3 Foggy Winter

4 Catch the Train

5 Bovver Boys

6 Ambiance SNCF

7 Smash the Garden Party

8 Like a Shot

9 Explorers Dub

10 Ja Was Esch




DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare