Sunday, December 31, 2023

Tone and Wave - 2007 - 2023


The Riffs - demo tape (1989)


1 Murderation

2 Spen's Tackle

3 Spud Song

4 Golden Brown

5 Road has Burnt My Mouth

6 Monday Morning

7 Spanish Lady

8 Girl is Mine

9 Spen's Tackle (version 2)

10 Monday Morning (version 2)

11 Spud Song (version 2)


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Rikard's End of the Year Blowout - Part 1

All of the music shared in this post was shared by Rikard from his own private collection:


Floyd Lloyd and the Potato Five - Live (1986)

1 Shuttle Disaster

2 Jesse Jackson

3 Tear it Up

4 Babylon

5 Spin on Your Head

6 Mr. Yoyo

7 You're for Real

8 Rocksteady Party

9 Trapped

va G - Rock Around the Clock (1994)




Prince Nutty - Demo CD-R (1999)

1 She

2 All the Kids

3 Harry Boy

4 Grow Up 

Prince Nutty - The Nine-to-Fiver Man (2000)

1 Brian Belly

2 The Nine-to-Fiver Man

3 Bad Days

4 I Only Take Care of My Best

5 Get Away

6 Man on the Top

The Pacman Crew - Skademo (1997)

1 Playboy Mansion

2 Major Haircut

3 It's Not You

4 Outlaw Favourite

5 Ska from Hell

USCB Allstars - The Great Lasse Demo (1996)

1 Great Kasse

2 A Pie for an Eye

3 New Age Healing

4 This One's for Jah

5 Plug it On


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Rikard's End of the Year Blowout - Part 2

 All of the music shared in this post was shared by Rikard from his own private collection:


Capone and the Bullets - demo tape (1992)

1 As Time Goes By

2 Babylon's Burning

3 Cruel to be Kind

4 Fistful of Ska



Fitzgeralds - Ninja Boy (1996)

1  Ninja Boy

2 Sunshine or Rain

3 Ai Ai Ai

4 Go Jamaica

5 Holy Smoke


 Ichmet Bricket - The First of... (1999)

1 Late Night (Torpedo Shot)

2 Golden Eyes

3 Eastern Standard Time


 Ichmet Bricket - Ska Superiors (2000)

1 Torpedo Shot

2 Perfidia

3 Can't You See

4 Tougher Than You

5 Seven Pieces



Stiff Breeze - Mr. Stiff (1997)

1 Down

2 Occupied

3 Waky Waky

4 Misfit

5 Never for You

6 N. W. G.

7 Shortcut

8 Jesus Loves You

9 Start the Day with a Beer

10 Go Against the Tide

11 Three Piece Suit

12 Fooling Around

13 Take a Hike

14 Home

Stiff Breeze- Wonderman (demo tape 1996)

1 Wonderman

2 Overrated

3 A Girl Like You

4 Tell Your Mom

* Waxon


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Ska articles

Rikard has provided us with more ska articles from old publications with articles about Bad Manners, Fishbone, Fun Boy Three, Camper Van Beethoven, General Public, Maroon Town, Potato Five, The Farm, and The Untouchables, The Deltones, and The Boothill Foot Tappers.

 Lots of good readin' and lots of rare images. 


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Formed in 1991 and includes former members of Strawelte, It Dockumer Lokaeltsje, and LUL. Singing in the Frisian language and playing a mix of poppy punk and punky ska, which they self-titled skabaal. They changed from Frisian to English in 1995, and moves from skabaal to ska with less punk, but more pop influences.  They officially broke up in 1997 but then got back together in 2001 and recorded a demo tape.

In 2020 they released a full-length album called Ratta Sossa.  

I never posted them before because I never had a copy of their first album or their Ansje-Liek single from 1994. Aside from those two recordings missing from this download it is otherwise complete and it even includes their 1992 demo tape which is not on Discogs or anywhere else online. Thanks to Rikard for providing the sounds and scans from that tape!


Klinkhamer - Maakt Kabaal! (1991)

1 Aai Aai

2 It Doarp

3 Skabaal


 Klinkhamer - Skylge Tape (1992)

(These songs were recorded before their first single but were released a year later)

1 Nij Nummerke

2 Skabaal

3 It Doarp

4 Winter '79

5 Aai Aai



 Klinkhamer - Zinkt (1995)

1 Whip Whap

2 Don't Wanna Lose You

3 Idol Billy

4 Fuckin in the Streets

5 Hielke

6 I Don't Wanna Be

7 Yn 'e Trein

8 Ferdwaald

9 Noet Je Poepen (live)

10 Aai Aai (live) 

11 Lifters Yn 'e Mist (live)

12 Monkey Man (live)

13 Winter '79 (live)

14 Der Walter (live)

15 Jongens Fan 'e Kameleon (live)

16 King of Ska (live)

17 Das Tremp (live)

Klinkhamer - Danish Girl 7"  (1995)

A - Danish Girl

B - Out of Sight

Klinkhamer -  Defeat (1995)

1 Defeat

2 Single Guys Bar

3 Mainstreet

4 Danish Girl

5 Out of Sight


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Friday, December 29, 2023

Les Congelateurs - -459.688*F (1996)

 This band was from Switzerland and if you look at their Discogs page you can see that they had several songs on compilations (just about all of which have been posted on Tone and Wave over the years) but band spearhead Admiral James T. has recorded under the name Les Congelateurs as well as the name Admiral James T


On Skampler 3 he did the song Space Sa-Five and on Skampler 4 he did the song The Priest

All of the songs from this CD and all of the songs from the compilations can be found on his Bandcamp channel with lots of otherwise "unreleased" stuff. 

1 Muddy Muck

2 La Sorciere en Arriere

3 Three O'Clock A.M.

4 Denn Auch Sie Wissen Keine Antwort Darauf

5 Mind War


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The Sprawl - Ska Mitzvah, Heat Miser, Sea Weed (1992)


This was one of those white-funk / reggae bands from the early 90s. They were from Texas and they released 4 albums - "King of Parking", "Deflorist", "The Man with the Yellow Hat", and "America is Dying of Wetnurse". All 4 albums can be found HERE

1 Ska Mitzvah

2 Heat Miser

3 No Coloreds in Funland 'cause Whitey's on the Moonwalk

4 Blue Green Slime

5 Heat Mixer

6 Sea Weed



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va Lil' Punx Presents - Punk vs. Ska (1999)



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The band Dimples Malone was new to me so I looked them up and found that they released a couple of CDRs and then put out a CD with all of those recordings. You can hear all of their recordings HERE.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Ska articles

 Rikard has shared with us some old clippings from various publications such as NME, Melody Maker, Sounds, Record Mirror, Smash Hits, etc. 

These are things that are probably not available anywhere else online and they feature articles and rare photos of Bad Manners, The Bodysnatchers, Toots Hibbert, The Specials, The Beat, and they mention so many others like The Selecter, Madness, the movie Dance Craze, Elvis Costello, UB40, Hazel O'Connor, and The Skids.


 (Buster Bloodvessel ensuring he has enough calories to get him through a Norwegian winter.)

(Terry Hall and Jerry Dammers getting out of court after being found guilty of inciting a riot.)


Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Pitching Woo - Gettin' Some (1998)


 This was a ska band from Pennsylvania. This might be the only thing they ever released. *

1 Savoy '98

2 A Sharp Thing

3 Doom

4 Poverty

5 Blossom

6 Gother than You

7 Pitchin' Woo

8 Panties

9 Never Gonna

10 Co(e)dependency


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I have this tape and I did the images and the scans but I can't find them so I respectively stole this image from Discogs. I don't care anymore.

Boss Skank - Boss Skank 12" (1989)


Ska/reggae band from California in the 80s. This is probably their only release. 

1 Soft Side

2 A Toast, a Prayer, and a Rhyme

3 On the Corner

4 I Warned You



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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Blue Meanies [UK] - Banquet (demo tape 1991)


 There is the well known third wave American ska band called "Blue Meanies". This is not the same band. This was a British female-fronted ska band that was involved in the late 80s - early 90s anarcho-ska scene.

Their only official releases were one 3-track 7" record, a live cassette with Citizen Fish, and this demo tape. I have never obtained any of their recordings myself but I found this demo tape on THIS YouTube channel where they give credit to Dick Lucas for ripping and sharing this tape.

 The three-track 7" had two songs that were on this tape but there was one song called "Head on Mars" that wasn't on this tape but I have included it as track number 10 in this download.  

1 Mythical Table

2 Poll Tax Collector

3 Get Out of the Rut

4 Summertime

5 No Solution

6 Frank

7 Lout

8 Leave

9 Waiting Man

* Head on Mars



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va Skanktified (1998)



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Nine "Ska" Records

 As the sun sets on this blog (12 days to go) my record player stopped working. I have had this happen before and I was always able to fix it but not this time. I still have some decent records that I wish I was able to post but it ain't gonna happen by the end of the year. Of course I will get a new record player in a month or so but not before the blog ends. 

Only after I pay down my credit cards after buying my kids a bunch of crap for Christmas - stupid shit like this . Watch the video. It's stupid, but that's what they want. My kids are weird. I'm beginning to think they were brought up wrong. 

When I get a new record player I think I'll go back to getting an Ion. I've heard people say "I wouldn't let an Ion touch my record!" but all of the recordings I made in the first ten years of this blog were done on an Ion with a $30 elliptical needle. I think the recordings came out just fine. Ten years for one Ion and in the last 6 years I went through 4 Audio Technicas which are supposed to be way better. 

Fuck pop-culture brand worship. Audio Technicas suck. I don't like them. Ion isn't great but they are certainly adequate. 

Despite all that noise here is a collection of records that were sold online as "ska" records. I buy anything that says "ska" and sometimes I do strike gold buy most of the time I strike aluminum. 

 I will agree that all of these records have at least some ska or reggae influence except for the one in the center "Giant" but I saw it listed as either ska or reggae and I know a band from that era with the same name appeared on a Walkman recording. It may or may not be the same band but there is a similarity. 




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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Mr. Smarty Pants - Smartworld (1999)

 1 Sometimes I'm Stupid

2 Nintendo Girl

3 I Don't Want to be a Goat

4 Kung Fu! I Dig You

5 Tuesday

6 G.I. Joe

7 Whitetrash

8 T. S. C.

9 Mr. Turtle

10 Duffel Bag

11 Lime Green Nail Polish

 12 Stand by Me

13 Secret & 'Stuff'



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I previously posted their demo tape.


I have this original CD but it was posted on YouTube with more tracks than I have on this CD. 


Thursday, December 14, 2023

Dynamo Ska


Dynamo Ska was a German ska band with male/female vocals. They officially released two CDs but they recorded much more than that. Here is everything I have by them and the majority of these files were found on Soulseek so the tags are often incorrect but they are as I found them. I don't know who I downloaded all of these files from or even if those folks are the original uploaders but I thank them just the same as well as the original uploaders. Vielen danke!

Dynamo Ska - demo tape (1999)

1 Lebenodernicht

2 Dynamo Ska Theme

3 No Way

Dynamo Ska - demo tape (2000)

1 Baby Undress

2 The Sun is Bright

3 Modern Pirates

4 The Streets of BS!


Dynamo Ska - demo tape (2001)

1 The Streets Belong to Us

2 Baby Undress

3 If the Kids (Sham 69 cover)

Dynamo Ska - The Streets Belong to Us (2002)

1 The Streets Belong to Us

2 Baby Undress

3 If the Kids are United (Sham 69cover)

Dynamo Ska - Proberaum (2005)

1 You're Too Young

2 Sun is Bright

3 Separate Ways

4 Rude Boy

5 Perfect

6 Getaway

7 Dogs of Istanbul



Dynamo Ska - One Way (live - female lead vocals - 2006)



Dynamo Ska - Live in Knust (2007)

1 Outbreak

2 Separate Ways

3 Radderenne! (Rat Race - Specials cover)


Dynamo Ska - Live in Lehre (2007)

1 No Way

2 Perfect

3 Perfidia

4 Rudeboy

5 Together Again

6 Too Young

Dynamo Ska - Studio Recordings (2007)

1 Dogs of Istanbul

2 No Way

3 Separate Ways

4 Sun is Bright

Dynamo Ska - In the Mood for Ska (2014)

1 In the Mood for Ska

2 Rudeboy Cool

3 Get Away

4 Oh My Brothers

5 Outbreak

6 Too Young

7 Perfidia



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