Sunday, May 15, 2022

va Cable Street Beat Presents - Have Fun, Fight Fascism (1999)


I'm too lazy right now to type out the whole tracklist so here it is:

I think just about all of these tracks can be found on other releases but I'm pretty sure the Rare 'N' Tasty song is only available on this comp. 



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Time Circle - Give all the Praise 7" (1982)

 I know nothing about this band. This is probably their only release. It's laid back ska/reggae.  

My copy doesn't sound very good. I was able to edit the A-side enough to make it listenable but it's still very crackly.  The B-side is just too far gone.


A - Give all the Praise

B - Give all the Praise (Dub Version)




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Garden Weasels


This is a punk band from Colorado who plays more ska than most punk bands from this era.

Their Discogs page shows another album but,trust me, that is not the same band. 

The Garden Weasels - Hey, Sue Us (1994)

1 Dance

2 I'll Try to be so Good... (The Pop Song)

3 Your Green Thumb

4 I'm so Bored

5 Uncoil Your Hose

6 Spade Me Baby

7 It Means Nothing 

8 Lay My Hoe Down

9 Weasels

10 Ground Hogs

11 Falling Down

12 Cool Love

13 Inside My Fence


 The Garden Weasels - Lawn Job (1997)

1 Buster...The Killer Clown

2 Rock Star City

3 Heart Like a Chainsaw

4 Mrs. Rhododendron

5 Weasels in My Pants

6 Innocent Man

7 Inclement Weather

8 Drought

9 Chasing You

10 Vertigo

11 Girl

12 Vacancy

13 Buster...The Euro Mix

(Tracks 14 through 24 alternate between blank tracks and short answering machine messages)

25 Santa Likes to Garden


 The Garden Weasels - Filler (1998)

1 I Don't Wanna Know

2 Speak to Me

3 Whatever You Say

4 Wrecked

5 Green with Envy

6 Killer '96

7 Bang

8 Skankin' Santa

9 (blank track)

10 (blank track)

11 I Don't Wanna Know - Know Mix

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Honest Johnny - Six Shooter (1999)


Third wave ska from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

1 My Gal Chugs

2 The Queen's Dedication

3 Mr. Donnetelli

4 Ballad Incognito

5 I F.A.B. 

6 Drunk Uncle Heavy Foot


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The 8750 Reggae Band - The 8750 Reggae Band (1992)

 This band was from Telluride, Colorado which has an elevation of 8,750 feet. They referred to themselves as the world's "highest reggae band".

1 Mission

2 Here to Move You

3 Truths and Rights Dub

4 Droppin' In

5 Love Your Neighbor

6 Dub Your Neighbor

7 Earthbound People

8 Boss Fire

9 Grass & Streams

10 Dub Territory

11 Build a Bigger Dub

12 Housing

13 Riff Raff Dub

14 Pull Together


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The Fentons - demo tape (1994)

 The Fentons were a short-lived ska band from Manchester. I don't know if they ever released anything aside from this, but this demo tape has three ska tunes and one other song called Mother & Me which is not exactly ska but it became their most popular song after it appeared on the Do the Dog compilation called Mad Dogs and English Gentlemen.

There were five members in the band:





and "Larry"

1 Shoot Shoot, Bang Bang

2 Absent Friend

3 Riot on Orange Street

4 Mother & Me


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Half Loaded - You do the Math (1999)


Texas third wave ska. More ska than punk.

1 Mercedes Boy

2 Alicia Kar

3 Anotha Drunk

4 The Chase

5 Night Owls

6 Agador Sparticus

7 Forgetaboutit

8 64 oz

9 Small Pieces

10 Deal with the Devil

11 Gilligan

12 Bop 51

13 Fuckin' Sweet

14 (untitled)

15 Mario Bros.



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 Christian Caron was a French pop-rock/chanson artist who released these two ska singles in 1980.

Caron - 'Allo P'tit Coeur 7'' (1980)

A - 'Allo P'tit Coeur

B - Ska S.O.S.

Caron - Claire et Anne 7'' (1980)

A - Claire et Anne

B - La Bougheotte


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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Pavlov's Dogs - Denouement (1998)

 Nineties ska from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are some distorted guitars here and there but this is ska - not ska punk. 

1 Heck of a Day

2 Rear View

3 Don't be Like Me

4 Out of Luck

5 KK

6 Raincoat

7 Too Far

8 (untitled)

9 Shakma


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Tux Dentist

 This was a band from California who released one single of experimental new wave before getting a female vocalist and changing their sound to ska. The first record has no ska but I included it because I have it and you might want to at least hear it. This post is all about that second record.

Tux Dentist - Tux Dentist EP (1981)

 My, My Baby

2 Gone Too Far

3 Space Invaders

4 Dippy Plays the Drums

Tux Dentist - TV Movie 7" (1983)

A - TV Movie

B - Inside My Closet



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Prince Polaroid und der Freie Westen - Zlof 7" (1981)


This is an interesting ska/dub record all in German. It tells the tale of the man on the cover. His name is Dieter Zlof and he was an auto mechanic who kidnapped the son of a wealthy food manufacturer who provided pudding to the Nazi party. Actual pudding.    

Dieter Zlof kidnapped the university student Richard Oetker and put him in a coffin making Richard handcuff himself then he moved him to a metal shed that was rigged to electrocute him if he touched the metal. 


By the time this song was written in 1981 Dieter Zlof had been arrested and Richard had been rescued although he did sustain permanent injuries that lasted his whole life. But, before being caught, Dieter Zlof was able to get Richard's father the billionaire Rudolph August Oetker to pay a ransom of 21 million Deutsch Marks. The amount of 21 million lead investigators to believe there were three kidnappers because the amount is divisible by three but Zlof acted alone. 

This is where this song from 1981 ends but the story goes on. Zlof was eventually freed from prison but he never did surrender the money. While in prison he met a man who said he knew how to launder money. Zlof told him where to find it - buried in a field. The man was eventually caught with three million DM and he told the police where the money was but Zlof had already beat them there and took what money was salvageable. A lot of it had been destroyed over the years by water and bugs but he was still able to make off with more than half of it. In the end he was only able to launder six thousand  and he was caught in 1997 in England trying to launder a single bill. He was charged with money laundering and was given 2 years in prison in the UK. Scotland Yard recovered 12.4 million.

 This band only ever released this one record but they need to regroup to do a follow up song.

1 Zlof

2 Male Turist Combo

3 Turist Combo Dub

4 Heia Beia

5 Spanish Dancing



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va Ska - The Instrumentals (1997)

 1 Otis Reem - La Unda

2 The Allstonians - Mariachi Go Ska

3 Insatiable - Garlic Ice Cube

4 The Rhyth-O-Matics - Riders in the Sky

5 Ruder Than You - Swatara

6 Skavoovie and the Epitones - Cat Juice

7 Undercover S.K.A. - Skalp It

8 Skarotum - 4th Wave

9 Spring Heeled Jack - Peg Leg Bates

10 The Allstonians - Jerry Lewis

11 The Scofflaws - Watermelon Man

12 Insatiable - P.A.F. 

13 The Jumpstarts - Passage to Nigeria

14 Loin Groin - Jammin' (Master Blaster)

15 Skavoovie and the Epitones - Parakeet


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The Beatroots - demo tape (1982)

  This band only ever released one single in their life as a band but they did record a demo tape before that single. The song Unnecessary War is the only one from the demo tape that made it onto the record but the demo version is more of an up-tempo ska song than the reggae version on the single.

1 Must All Live Better

2 It ain't Easy

3 Unnecessary War

4 Brother Man

5 Walk Don't Run

6 High on a Tight Rope

I previously posted the single but I have included it in this download for those who missed it the first time. 

A - Unnecessary War

B - I Wanna Dance with You



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Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Busters - Live in Poland (1992)

 I believe that this was an official cassette-only release by the band. The shell of the cassette was professionally printed. The sound quality and the editing is a bit lacking in professionalism but that's not too abnormal for this era.

1 Rude Vibrations

2 Under Cover

3 Sharp Dressed Girl

4 Revolution Rock

5 Scooter Maniacs

6 Boogie with the Bartender

7 Chainsaw Reggae

8 Nite Klub

9 Don't Worry, Be Happy

10 More Fun

11 Candy

12 Mickey Mouse in Moscow

13 Summertime

14 Buona Sera

15 Dead or Alive


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Martinique - La Vie en Rose 7" (1983)

 Martinique was a German pop/disco singer who released a handful of recordings from 1979 to 1986 but the one that stands out to me is this one from 1983. The A-side is typical disco/pop but the B-side is an instrumental ska song. Since she's a vocalist and this song is instrumental it makes me wonder who really did this song. 

A - La Vie en Rose

B - Cajun Reggae


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Amphetameanies - Complete Non-Album tracks

1 Mo' Ska

2 Tales of the Arizona Highway Patrol

3 30 Lines

4 He Must be Hung

5 Why Did Charlie do it?

6 Back in the Day

7 I'm Your Flag

8 The Funeral Pyre

9 The Sun and the Rain

10 Ghost Bus (live)

11 This Boy (live)

12 Sunday Driver (live)

13 60 Hours in Albuquerque (live) 


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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Refrigerators - Keep Refrigerated (1992)

German 2 Tone style / Unicorn style ska. All songs are in English.

I have more of their releases that I will post but there is this other one you can hear on YouTube. I have the "Ska Until I Die" album but the sound quality of the YouTube version actually sounds better than the copy I have.

1 Nadjana

2 Unforgetable Love

3 London

4 My Problem

5 Polka

6 I'll Never Regret It

7 Sorry

8 T.O.A.

9 Just when You're Rich Man (Rip Me)

10 Strychnine

11 Strooglin' for Life 16-25

12 Keep on Skeatin'


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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Skalawags - By Accident (1995)

 1 Springwood

2 Slurpees & Cigarettes

3 Skank City

4 George McFly

5 Lesbian Love Triangle

6 Hall Monitors

7 Raver Girl

8 We're Not Gonna Take It

9 Aryans on Parade

10 Squeal Like a Pig

11 The Unconcerned Polka

12 Sinuses

13 Beautiful People

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KTK - Susannah ...and Simply the Best Tunes (2001)

 1 Susannah

2 Rita's Tango

3 Care for Me (2001 Mix)

4 The Sun Shines Just for Me

5 Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

6 Rudy, a Message to You (Live in 1989)



*Black Stars Here We Come

*Schmitti featuring KTK - Sonne und Du 


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Skapone - Tracy is a... (1993)

 1 Jump Up and Shout

2 Once Again

3 Tracy

4 Tomorrow




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Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Write Offs

 British ska punk band from the 90s. They didn't release much and their Big Dawg EP is pretty damn hard to get your hands on.

Here is everything I have by them. This includes all songs from the two records they released as well as some compilation and unreleased tracks.


1 Fanzine Girl

2 Cold

3 A Song for Me

4 Words

5 Catch the Pigeon

6 Legalize

7 McFuck

8 Big Issue

9 New Day/Old Day

10 Teacher Cop (Dog on a Rope cover)

11 Just a Minute

12 Alien

13 Stupid Things


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Good Time Music Band - Rock mit Bock 7" (1982)

 The first track Malocher is a cover of Fischer Z's song The Worker. I'm sure everybody will recognize the song Boser Junge.


1 Malocher

2 Journey to a Torni

3 Schleim

4 Boser Junge




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The Wedgewoods - The Wedgewoods (2002)

 Female-fronted 3rd was ska from Canada.

1 On the Junk

2 Richer, Ross & Me

3 Wasting My Time

4 Jo Lee

5 Wreck Me

6 Speechless

7 Predictable

8 Head Back Underground

9 Shrinking Down

10 Jesus was a Pirate

11 Tear Down

*You've Got Your Troubles

* Sara (live)



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