Monday, May 29, 2023

va Shame N' Skandal

 This is a series of compilations put out by an independent record label from the Philippines. The first two focus on Filipino ska bands. The third features ska and punk from the Philippines. And the fourth has ska from all over the world. 


Shame N' Skandal - volume 1 (2003)

1 Skabeche - Super Human

2 Skabeche - Sensimilla

3 Spaceflower - Manang

4 Spaceflower - Busilak

5  Marcos Cronies - Ita

6 Marcos Cronies - Skaciety

7 Marcos Cronies - K. Hilaw

8 The Scars - Gross Bodies

9 The Scars - Confused

10 The Scars - Save My Life

11 Jeepney Joyride - Unconditional Love

12 Jeepney Joyride - Indayog Ng Puso

13 Jeepney Joyride - Rain on Me



Shame N' Skandal - volume 2 (2004) 

Shame N' Skandal - volume 3 (2005)

Shame N' Skandal - volume 4 (2007)


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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Monkey Business - Mistakes 7" (1991)

A - Mistakes 

B - Keep on Walking

* - Opportunities

I posted this single in the early days of Tone and Wave but this is a new rip that sounds way better than the old one and I included another song that wasn't in the old post. 


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Steady Earnest - Steady Earnest (1993)

 This is Steady Earnest's demo tape but every song on this tape appeared on their self-titled album. The exact same recordings. So, if you have their first album you don't need to download this tape unless you want it for the artwork.

1 Out of Line

2Way Too Long

3 Utter East

4 Singular I

5 Mercy

6 That's All Right


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The Grown Ups - I Spy Something Blue 7" (1997)

A - I Spy Something Blue

B - Sawdust Caesars


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Odessus - How Can I Trust You? 12" (1979)

 Rare British ska/reggae. 

A - How Can I Trust You?

B - Unity


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The Rapskallions - Send the Light (1999)

1 New Song

2 Channel 4

3 Moove Over

4 War Party

5 Funk Around

6 You Make Me Feel

7 Gotta be God

 8 Funk Junk

9 Send the Light


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Monday, April 10, 2023

Soon Come - A Grain of Sand (1991)

 1 Leaders

2 Fishermen

3 Jah no Male

4 Jimmy

5 Man Made Money

6 Che Che Kule'

7 I've Got to Go

8 Together We're Strong

9 Tell You

10 The Last Time

11 Toilet Outro


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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Rare 'N' Tasty

Rare 'N' Tasty - Just My Kind 7" (1993)

(This was previously posted on Tone and Wave but this is a re-ripped higher quality version)

1 Disappointed

2 A Lovely Day

3 Walkin Away

4 What U Gonna Do?


 Rare 'N' Tasty - Still Alive and in Stereo (1996)

1 More Than Instrumental

2 Rainin'

3 Brighten Up My Day

4 OrangeJuice

5 Deep Inside

6 Still Alive

7 The More

8 Kick It

9 A Better Time

10 Ignorant Thing

11 Happy to be Free

12 I Don't Feel Sorry

13 Just a Dream

14 Traubensaft



 Rare 'N' Tasty - Es Kommt Anders (1997)

1 Es Kommt Anders (Radio Edit)

2 Yeah Yeah

3 Ignorant Thing

4 Es Kommt Dub (Anders Edit)

 Rare 'N' Tasty - Jamma Ma (2007)

1 Jamma Ma... (Jammerska)

2 Sags Mir (Bloss Kein SMS)

Rare 'N' Tasty - non-album tracks

1 What's Happening Now? (1993)

2 Sophisticated (1993)

3 From Russia with Ska (1999)


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As you may or may not know members of Rare 'N' Tasty started another band called Skip It who put out an album in 2010 called LisTEN.

1 How I Feel

2 Free of Yourself

3 You

4 It's Too Late

5 Skanroll Intro

6 Skanroll

7 Lonely Island

8 I Wanna Love

9 Your Love

10 Turn Away

11 No!

12 Thrill Me

13 Dreams Come True


DOWNLOAD Skip It - LisTEN from Pixeldrain



Kalles Kaviar - Marokko 172.90 Ska X 7. (1996)

1 Ghost Train

2 Jimmy & Julie

3 Watermelon Man

4 Was it Me?

5 Last Mission

6 One Fine Day

7 Madness


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 British ska/reggae. I think they only ever released these two 7" singles but I'd like to be proven wrong. 

Assyne - Call it a Day 7" (1982)

A - Call it a Day

AA - Ask Me No Question


Assyne - Leaving 7" (1983)

A - Leaving

B - Good Living


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Sunbeams - Rude Boy (1998)

 Rare British ska from a local band who self-released their only album/demo on CD-R that they recorded at home. Talk about lost potential.


1 Still Around

2 It's Your Fault

3 Left Alone

4 Pacifist

5 Another Day

6 I Know You're Wrong

7 Seeing Red

8 Girl

9 The Unknown

10 Sunshine

11 Ska'd for Life

12 Rude Boy

13 untitled  


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va Bad Town, Big City


 Bad Town, Big City - An All Australian Operation Ivy Tribute (Year unknown but probably 2010).

This bootleg has an official listing on Discogs

1 The Porkers - Freeze Up

2 Toe to Toe - Jaded

3 Gilgamesh - Unity

4 Gilgamesh - Here We Go Again (live)

5 Area 7 - Healthy Body, Sick Mind

6 Area 7 - Sound System (live)


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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Skaface [Canada]

Skaface - Skaface (demo tape 1990)

1 Sounds Like a Love Song... But it's All About Sex

2 Skarred by Ska

3 Skaface

4 Nazi Skinhead

Skaface - Mamooska (1991)

1 Your Future

2 In Crowd

3 Pick-Up Man

4 Monkey Do

5 Jumpstart

6 Sometimes

7 Rude Boy Problem

8 Wasted City

9 Fear and Loathing

10 Life of Eddy

11 Don't Care

12 2 Tone Attitude

13 I Hate Disco

14 You Don't Understand

15 Mind and Body


Skaface - Sunday in the Dark EP (1993)

1 No Idea

2 No Man's Land

3 Ambiguous Show


Skaface - Ask Cafe (1995)

1 No Idea

2 Homeland

3 This Bottle

4 Twisted Planet

5 The Barrier

6 I Saw You

7 No Man's Land

8 Creeping Bile

9 Marie O' Connor

10 Grace

11 Bed of Nails

12 Somebody Wants You

13 Ta i Bfad o Tu

14 Skarred by Ska

15 Skaface


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Ye Wiles

 Ye Wiles - Think Again Mr. Swindler (2000)

1 15 Years

2 Go Away

3 Raw Hyide

4 Clone

5 Place I Will Call Home

6 Kreature Komforts

7 Still Rain



 Ye Wiles - Fine Words Butter No Parsnips (2001)

1 In Appreciation of Zoltan Kodaly

2 Leisurewear

3 Screenplay

4 Cry Wolf

5 Sly Exit

6 Shuffle No. 1 in D Minor

7 Fine Words



 Ye Wiles - Smoothing Away the Horrors of Indigestion (2003)

1 The Standard Voyeur

2 Shuffle #2

3 Cry Wolf

4 The Canvas that Hums

5  The Face in the Cloud of Smiles

6 In Appreciation of Zoltan Kodaly

7 Rush, Our Faces Follow

8 If You Don't Catch the Last Train Home it Won't Happen

9 Screenplay

10 Microwave Meals and Ideas

11 Leisurewear

12 Shuffle #3

13 Grope for an Anchor

Lunacy. If the name "Madness" wasn't already taken it would be a fitting name for these folks. Crazy British ska with some violin here and there. Erratic but intelligent. Experimental ska that's not wanton or frivolous.

I previously posted one of their releases HERE but it wasn't well received. I have included that gem in with this download. It needs another chance.


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Skantraceptives - Demo (1999)

1 Ska Circus

2 Heather or Betty

3 Draftable Age

4 Division Revision

5 Done 


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Sunday, March 19, 2023

It's peanut butter jelly time (but how long will it last?)


All of the old re-up posts are gone and the new requests are available.

Zippyshare will no longer be in service effective the end of March 2023 so if you are unable to use MEGA but you can use Zippyshare you might want to download everything you can before the end of the month. 

If anybody knows of a file sharing site similar to Zippyshare let me know. I have a couple in mind but the aggressive advertising makes them hard to use. Is there an easy-to-use free file sharing site that you know of?

The Jubilees - Reggae Carnival (1972)

 This was a British band way ahead of the times. Five years before there was any hint of a ska revival The Jubilees released this reggae album.

1 Peace in the Far East

2 A Tear Fell

3 Moon Hop

4 Chain Gang

5 Farewell to My Baby

6 Cathy Come Home

7 South Sea Stomp

8 Rambling Rose

9 Something to Remind Me of You

10 Moon River

11 Tell Me Baby

12 I Need Your Loving

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The Radiation Kings - Early Years (1999)

 This is a Tone and Wave exclusive download of this full album plus 7 rare studio tracks that were not on the album.

1 Murder

2 Come Down

3 Spending Time

4 Gin & Tonic

5 Number 6

6 Carry

7 Messenger

8 NYC Blues

9 Can't Find a Way

10 Dub Me a Way

11 Dem Try

12 Hotter Fire

13 This I Know

14 Thank You

15 Sudora*

16 Skinhead Train

17 Dreaming and Hoping

18 Spending Time

19 Hell When I'm Gone (Ain't It?)

20 Hot Patootie /Bless My Soul

21 N.Y.C. Dub



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*For some reason Sudora is titled Subra on a compilation release. It's the same song.

va Live From Mars (1998)




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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Last Orders - Who Do You Turn To? (1993)

  One of the great lost ska albums. Last Orders were from Norfolk U.K. (Great Yarmouth region) and were a driving force in the mod/scooter movement in the early 90s. 

 This album has been lost to the sands of time but it needs to be heard. If you have a YouTube channel or any other social media site please share this album with everybody. Put it put there. Let them get the attention that they deserve.   

1 Rain Keeps Falling

2 Telstar

3 All the Way to Heaven

4Bed of Roses

5 Sally Brown

6 In My Nature

7 Eat You for Breakfast

8 On Holiday

9 Concrete Jungle

10 It's Alright

11 Last Orders

12 Postman Pat

13 Put in Writing

14 Nite Club


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X equals negative B plus or minus the square root of B square minus 4 AC all over 2A


The title of this post was inspired by the Skankin' Pickle song "You Shouldn't Judge a Man". The quadratic formula is usually sung to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel".

This is your last chance to download what you need from Re Ups / Re Posts. Next weekend I'm obliterating all links to make room for new re-ups. I know I said I was going to do so in the past but I have three good reasons for not having done it yet:

1. no time

2. I'm lazy

3. I'm sad to see those links go for such great music and I want as many people in the world a chance to get it before I cut the cord

For all of you who requested re-ups in the last few weeks I want you to know that I have seen your requests and I intend to honor all of them that have been made so far. It takes time because I don't have all of my past posts saved to MP3 and I have to re-rip some things. Check the re-ups page next weekend. 

If you have any re-upload requests that I haven't fulfilled in the past, now is the time. What do you want re-posted? Get your requests in. 


Does anybody know what this song is and/or what band does it?

(If you have the correct answer I'll send you a rare ska CD of your choice!)

va Ska Trad vol. 1 (2000)



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Los Dingos - 737 Destino Estambul (2002)


  Female fronted third-wave rocksteady from Spain. Most songs are sung in English. 

1 Being a Hero

2 Un Camino

3 Sweet Home Reggae

4 Atlantis

5 One Feeling


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