Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Skalatones [Sweden] - Complete Discography

 This band formed in Landskrona, Sweden in 1995 and they recorded two albums and lots of other songs that were released as EPs, singles, and compilation tracks. At one point they boasted that Charlie Anderson who played bass for The Selecter was once a part of the band. 

The band broke up in 2001.

I think this is everything they ever released. 


The Skalatones - Non-Album Tracks (A Tone and Wave Exclusive)

1 Ruder Than Roots

2 4 of Them Outta Jail

3 Do the Carnivala

4 Hannibal Se (Lecta)

5 Rude Skank Wank

6 House of Fun

7 Mr. Probation Officer (Remix)

8 Gold

9 Saturday

10 Going Nutty

11 On Parole (The Nutty AnDead Remix)

12 What I Really Had to Do

13 Stereotypes

14 So Alone

15 Y2Ska

16 Persuaders Dub

17 Rude Boy Ska

18 Tune In(terview) from Jamaica


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The Skalatones - By Public Demand... (1997)

1 Start Skanking

2 Sophisticated Robbery

3 One Drop

4 (What Ever Happened) Last Night

5 4 of Them Outta Jail

6 The Geezer

7 Skalatones Theme

8 Mr. Probation Officer

9 The Key

10 Step Aside

11 Arte Bella

The Skalatones - Tune In... (1999)

1 Radio Ska

2 Common Fools 

3 Slip of the Finger

4 Casino Fatale'

5 Lipstick on my Collar

6 Prejudice

7 5 O'Clock News

8 Ayayay

9 The Spirit

10 Ska Patrol

11 A Train is Coming

12 Persuaders

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Colonel Hathi [East Anglia, UK]

Colonel Hathi's Dawn Patrol - It's a Bargain! (1992)*

1 A Day in the Life of...

2 Fever

3 Sunshine

4 Una Bella

5 Hathi Beat '92

6 One Way Love




Colonel Hathi - 170 Not Out (1995)

1 Hathi Beat

2 Tomorrow

3 Here She Comes

4 All I Wanna Do

5 Another Story

6 Suzi

7 T.V. Girl

8 Israelites

9 Simba

10 Pineapple Pizza

11 All Grown Up

12 Una Bella

13 A Day in the Life...

14 Fever

15 One Way Love

16 Sunshine

17 Flow


Colonel Hathi - Turned Out Nice Again (1997)

1 Alfie

2 Simba

3 Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious

4 Falling, Crawling

5 Sally

6 T.V. Girl

7 Turned Out Nice Again!


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Monday, July 5, 2021

Loin Groin - Arise Sir Loin (2003) -and- Long Kick EP (1999)

I think these two releases were only sold at shows. Not positive, but our old friend Merrick stated in THIS POST that Arise Sir Loin was only given away at their final show. 

Neither of these releases are on Discogs and I do not have physical copies myself. I cannot find a cover for the EP.

Loin Groin - Arise Sir Loin (2003)

1 Chelsea Stockball

2 Melbourne Shall We Give You All The Best Years Of Our Lives

3 Time Tough

4 Bruce Lee

5 Ken Oath's Lessor

6 Aiyefel Seat Covers

7 Stockball Stick-a-Bush

8 Face the Day

9 Love Beats Me Up

10 Pub-Tab

11 Keyboard Frenzy


Loin Groin - Long Kick EP (1999)

1 When Monash Comes Forging On

2 Origins

3 The Professor

4 Keith D.F.C.

5 A Surprise




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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Monroes - Kabimba! (1992)

 This is a German band not to be confused with the Dutch band The Monroes who did "Sunday People"

This band is called Monroes without the "The" and they took a different approach to ska. They mix rock-n-roll and they utilize thumping doghouse bass that some might call rockabilly. No matter what you want to call it, it's a great sound. Too bad they only ever released this one album.

They were involved in a project that intended to keep vinyl alive at the dawn of CDs. It was called "Save the Vinyl" and the idea was to give out rare vinyl to attendees of live shows featuring live recordings of the bands playing. They got as far as two volumes before they called it quits. They were compilation 7"s and both of them featured two rare previously unheard tracks by Monroes. They also included the funk-metal band Cucumber Men, the rap group Scouts of Evolution, and the instrumental surf band The Looney Tunes

They were given out around Christmas time and the sub-title of the record series was called Single Bells.

I have included both of the Save The Vinyl/Single Bells records in this download. 

Monroes - Kabimba! (1992)


1 1,000 Good Reasons

2 War ina Babylon

3 Cleopatra

4 F.B.I.

5 Jamaica ain't no Paradise

6 Warning

7 Happy Monsters

8 Rhythm World

9 Theme from Rio

10 A Cowboy Meets and Indian

11 You Better Go Now


Single Bells Vol.1 (1992)


A1 - Monroes - Cut My Hair

A2 - Scouts of Evolution - Irie River Mix

B1 - Cucumber Men - Last X-Mas

B2 - Monroes - Caroline

Single Bells Vol.2 (1993)


A1 - The Looney Tunes - Stampede

A2 - Monroes - Marilyn

B1 - Monroes - Lula

B2 - The Looney Tunes - Swingin' Creeper



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Max Staples & the Paperclips - Not Working 7" (1981)


This was a band from Australia and this record is probably the only thing they ever put out.

I first heard about them in an old fanzine where they pretty much said that it sucked. I have a copy of that 'zine and I was going to post the review with this post but I can't find it. So, pretty much, I suck too.

I bought this record with the expectation that I will hate it. I don't.

I'm not sure that I like it, but I certainly don't hate it. 

Here's one of the worst records ever heard by some guy who reviewed records in 1981. 

A - Not Working

B - You Make Me Cry


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Ska Cha Cha - Secret Reagan Man (1985) -and- Galaxy of Prizes - In a Garden of Eden (1986)

 Mark Nine, also known as MK9, was a prolific musician from California who released a single in 1981 and an album in 1994 but he did several collaborations and was in a few bands. 

He started the ska band Ska Cha Cha who did the song Los(t) Angeles that was on the Planet Ska compilation but aside from that, this was their only release. A three song demo tape that the song Los(t) Angeles came from.

The following year he started another band called Galaxy of Prizes who also did a version of Los(t) Angeles but, even though this band also played ska, the new version of Los(t) Angeles was less ska than the previous recording.

I believe that the only recording Galaxy of Prizes ever released was this one demo tape.

 I have posted the Ska Cha Cha tape in the past but both tapes in this download are all new recordings from new tapes that I acquired in the last few months. Although these versions aren't perfect, they are better than any other version ever offered online to this point.


Ska Cha Cha - Secret Reagan Man (1985)


1 Los(t) Angeles

2 Cry of Revolution

3 Secret Reagan Man


Galaxy of Prizes - In a Garden of Eden (1986)


1 In A Gadda Da Vida

2 Ska Lip Soul

3 Lost Angeles

4 All Along the Watchtower

5 Times Up, Pencils Down



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The Royal Kustoms - The Royal Kustoms EP (2005)


3rd wave style band from San Antonio, Texas. It's a little bit punk but mostly ska. They have at least one other release that I do not have.

1 She's Not for Me

2 One Way Town

3 Where I Belong

4 Lost Inside Your Room

5When You're Gone

6 untitled

7 Freak Magnet


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The Aquabats early show from 1994


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sir Lord Erotic - No No Lola Video!!

 I have been doing this blog for thirteen years and I honestly believe that the post I recently did for Sir Lord Erotic is the most popular post in the history of Tone and Wave.

Sir Lord Erotic has taken the time to upload the only music video the band ever made because they are entertainers and, after all these years, they are still providing you some quality entertainment. 

Watch it, share it, bask in the glory:

Also, if you have the time, here's a live performance by The Amazonas who were mentioned in that post. Not ska but great music and an impressive performance.

The Anklebiters - demo tape (1996?)

 This demo tape is probably the only thing this band released. They were from Madison, Wisconsin and they describe their sound as "raging instrumental ska". 

I'm not 100% certain that it was released in 1996. 

1 Opus #4

2 Blue Skai

3 Rosebud

4 Egyptian Healer


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Zen Baseballbat - Kneel Down to the Mothers of the Slums (1994)


 This is a ska band from Widnes, UK. They released two albums in the early 2000s.

This is an early release by the band before they dedicated themselves to ska. Three tracks on this EP were later re-recorded for the first album but these version were only leaning slightly toward ska and don't sound much like the sound that the band is known for.

The song Fuel-Injected Love Bug is only available on this CD and was not re-recorded as a ska song. 

If you have their other CDs or you know the band and their sound then you might appreciate this EP. If you have never heard them before then you probably don't want to download this one. It's really not ska. 

1 Brown Cows of Elocution

2 Whiplash

3 Fuel-Injected Love Bug

4 Captain Midnight




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Crawdaddy - The 19th Annual Badger Convention (1994)



Third wave ska, pure ska - no punk, from Bakersfield, California. According to Discogs they have one other release, a demo tape that was released after this album. I have never seen nor heard this tape. 


1 Skasquatch

2 Crack

3 Dirty Work Version (The DeWayne Song)

4 Go Joel

5 Go Drew

6 Not Yet

7 Special Extra Secret Hidden Track

8 Boba Fett

9 Skary Josh

10 Badger

11 Crawdads for Breakfast


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Friday, June 11, 2021

The Beans - No Boys for You 7" (1980)

British punk/reggae. There were two different covers  for this. One red and one green. Same picture though. 

This band had two other songs on a compilation called The Art of Solving Problems.

A - No Boys for You

B1 - Pressure

B2 - Ravel it Up


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Sunday, June 6, 2021

va Welcome to Beatville (2000)

1 The Robustos - No Strangers Here

2 Freetown - Skaffic Jam

3 The Gangsters - Girl on the Run

4 Steady Earnest - Scrumpy

5 Yard Beat - Wild Honey

6 Bim Skala Bim - Three Legged Dub

7 Dave & Ansel Collins - That Girl

8 Tommy McCook & The Super Sonic - West Street Special

9 Eastern Standard Time - On the Trail

10 Rocket 350 - Bad Baby

11 The Robustos - Purse String Blues

12 The Graduates - March of the Drink

13 Steady Earnest - Higher Power

14 Rocket 350 - Baby Stop

15 Bim Skala Bim - Murky Water

16 Freetown - The Funnyman

17 The Graduates - Somewhere in Between

18 The Gangsters - Lead Your Own Life (Extended Version)




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