Sunday, July 10, 2011

Klang - The Pop Theory (1981)

This is Klang's first album. The second - and final - album is called Dots and Dashes (I don't have it yet)and there were a few singles, one of which can be found HERE. The b-side on that one is not on either album.

1 Go!
2 Mucho Macho Song
3 Nagasaki Sun
4 Angry Young Men
5 Beat It
6 Too Pooped to Pop
7 Virgins and I
8 I Wish You'd Call Me a Red
9 Wailing in the Moonlight
10 Family Life
11 Win a Little, Lose a Little
12 Music for the East

"Beat It"

"Wailing in the Moonlight"

"I Wish You'd Call Me a Red"

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - 1990 demo

1 Pedorazu
2 Skaravan
3 Sukambo
4 Just a Little Bit of Your Soul
5 Holiday
6 Christmaska

Planet 10 - Love's a Dream 12'' (1985)

This band was from Hollywood, California. They played reggae and power-pop and new wave type stuff.
This record is not hard to find at all. It's all over the internet.
Aside from this I think they recorded a full length in 1990. Not sure about that though.

A - Love's a Dream
B - Shelter

ska and reggae singles

I've mentioned before that I don't post traditional ska because there are a lot of blogs that are doing a great job of it, but I do like the oldies and I have quite a bit of 'em.
Here are some you probably know and love already but maybe there's a song or two you haven't heard yet.

Black Slate
A - Boom Boom
B - Sticks Man

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires
A - Elizabethan Reggae
B - Sticks Man

A - Time Passage
B - Reggae Time

Dave and Ansell Collins
A - Double Barrel
B - Double Barrel version 2

Donna Hightower
A - Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes
B - Get T'Stepping

Jerry Jackson
A - Tell Her Johnny Said Goodbye
B - Always

Ken Boothe
A - Crying Over You
B - Now You Can See Me Again

A - Reggae Music
B - Breezin'

Winston Francis
A - Blue Moon
B - Now That I'm a Man

Toy - demo cassette (198?)

I think these guys were from Chicago. I don't remember. I don't even know what year this was recorded.

Just one ska song and a couple more that sounds like they were Police fans.

1 Tonight, Tonight
2 Barbed Wire
3 Invalid
4 Leave Me Alone

"Barbed Wire"


Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Eye Open

.Nerds (1995)
Nerds had 3 different covers. This download includes all three.
This is the first cd cover. It came shrink-wrapped with a box of Nerds candy:

The cassette cover looked like a box of Nerds candy:

The second cd cover. There's a reason for this cover. The story is included in the download:

1 Janitors Against Apartheid - Down
2 Janitors Against Apartheid - No 2nd Chance
3 Janitors Against Apartheid - Here to Stay
4 Janitors Against Apartheid - I Am
5 Janitors Against Apartheid - Oh...OK!
6 Janitors Against Apartheid - Moon Patrol
7 Janitors Against Apartheid - Choose Your Identity
8 One Eye Open - I Like Mexican Girls
9 One Eye Open - Sumfin 4 Da Quincey
10 One Eye Open - Chess Becomes Chinese Checkers
11 One Eye Open - Doity Ol' Sock
12 One Eye Open - Sour Dough Head
13 One Eye Open - Where Food's a Circus
14 One Eye Open - Blue Gene Blues
15 "hidden track" space adventure

(...and I should have used this on my Janitors Against Apartheid post)

One Eye Open released a full length called Hellaut, a split LP with the band Schlong, and a 7" called Boobs: The Incomplete Set which are all available for free download on Very Small Records' own blog HERE

The Boobs 7" is a collection of t.v. show theme songs and commercials that was originally on cassette. There wasn't enough room for all of them on the 7" - hence "incomplete set".

Here is their "Roblits" demo with some other odds and ends:
1 Chess Becomes Chinese Checkers
2 Sour Dough Hed
3 Efram is a Very Good Boy
4 I Like Mexican Girls
5 Paul Sharar

Drunski '96 (Not Beyond)
Dirty Fucking Scumbag
Poo Poo Kiss
Public Enemy #1 (Motley Crue cover)
Time Out for Fun (Devo cover)
Ska Parade Metal Theme

Punk End Theory demo
1 Interplanetary Sun
2 Al B. Fungless
3 Anu Neighbor
4 Bean Pie (Snake Eyes Mix)
5 Life in a Tree
6 Interplanetary Music (part 1)
7 This is Drunkski
8 Butt Vader
9 The Laughing Song (Residents cover)

Live on the Ska Parade
1 I Like Mexican Girls
2 New Zoo Revue
3 Special Learn
4 Baseball Baseball
5 The Ska Parade
6 Chess Becomes Chinese Checkers
8 Saved by the Bell
9 The Young Ones
10 Paul Sharar