Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rank Outsiders - That is it 7" (1980)

A - That Is It
B - Crazy Things


The Blackpools Skampilation volume 1 (1993) cassette

1 King Willy - Watermelon Man
2 King Willy - Storm Warning
3 King Willy - Feelin' High
4 The Israelites - Sally Brown
5 The Israelites - Eternally
6 The Israelites - Roots
7 Orange Street - Rudeboy 3rd Generation
8 Orange Street - Undercover
9 Orange Street - SKA SKA SKA
10 Ye Olde English - Big 5
11 Ye Olde English - I'm Free
12 Ye Olde English - Doobies at Sunrise


Dallas 7" (1980)

A - The Bobby Patrick Band - Dallas
B - The Jamaican Survivers - Attack of the Maffia


Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Rag [Utrecht, NL] - Master of Disaster 7" (1989)

A - Master of Disaster
B - Overtures


Harry James - Little Brown Jug

This is not the sort of thing I would normally post on Tone and Wave but I'm posting it for two reasons: first, I have had multiple requests for it and, secondly, it is possibly the only known copy of Harry James performing Little Brown Jug in the studio. As far as I know it was never pressed for release and this aluminum-acetate is the only known copy. It was recorded at Cook Recorders in Los Angeles that usually recorded black gospel music but I know nothing about when it was recorded. I was told it predates Glenn Miller's version but that can't be true. Miller's version was recorded in 1939 and the 7" 45 format wasn't used until 1949. If anybody has any more information please share.

Actually, if anybody knows of any version of Little Brown Jug by Harry James please let me know.

A - Little Brown Jug
B - Little Brown Jug with recording mistakes*


*I'm guessing "side B" is the first recording and the side with the writing that I call "side A" is the second take. Either that, or they recorded side A and got drunk/high and recorded side B and it was even worse so they scrapped it and never released it.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jay Dittamo - I Should Have Left You 7" (1980)

A - I Should Have Left You

B - Playing Games


va Alive! Rock City (1980)

Compilation of live recordings from some lesser known California bands including the only recordings that I know of the ska band Two Tones and a reggae song by Ace & the Eights who did release a single which was not ska. I do have it and I wanted to post it when I posted this LP but I can't find it right now. I'll update the link at some point.

1 Lifers - Missing Person
2 Two Tones - Reggae Woman

3 Two Tones - Random Riff
4 Elements of Style - Oh Bob
5 Elements of Style - Sacred Objects
6 JJ10 - Factory Limits
7 Impostors - Trouble
8 Impostors - Leave Me Alone
9 Ultrasheen - Super Bad
10 Ultrasheen - Danceannette
11 Dickheads - (S)he Love You
12 Ace & the Eights - Dead End
13 Ace & the Eights - Touch of Style


Abducted - Just Like You (1997)

Third wave ska from Southern California including a really good cover of Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al".

1 Just Like You
2 Work
3 Circus
4 Back in Time
5 Gravity
6 Heavy Metal Girl
7 Time
8 Girls Suck
9 You Can Call Me Al
10 *Secret Track*


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Regulators [U.K.] - demo tape (year unknown)

This band was from London and I don't know if they released anything else aside from this cassette. I don't know what year this was released but I'm guessing early 90s.
There are 6 songs - three of which are covers, and three are originals.

1 Longshot Kickee Bucket
2 Tyrone
3 Who is That Speaker?
4 5446 (Was My Number)
5 Spanish Ska
6 Monkey Man

"Whos is that Speaker?"


R.F. and the Radar Angels - Double Shot 7" (1981)

R.F. and the Radar Angels was a mod-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. This is their first release. The classic rock-n-roll styled b-side was included on their only album "Picture of Linda" but, for some reason, their only ska-inspired song, a cover of the Dick Holler & the Holidays song "Double Shot of My Baby's Love" that was made famous by The Swinging Medallions was not included on the album.

A - Double Shot (of My Baby's Love)

B - Chi Chi

This DOWNLOAD includes the very rare single and the cd version of "Picture of Linda".

Tenants - You Shit Me to Tears (1999)

Australian band The Tenants' debut release. There are 4 tracks on this CD but only the title track is ska. This song appeared on the (year 2000) compilation Triple J Hottest 100 Volume 7

1 You Shit Me to Tears
2 Joanne Wants a Pony
3 39 Steps
4 I See Red



Zatopek was a jazz-punk band from Berlin, Germany who named themselves after a Czechoslovak long-distance runner. 

They are not a ska band! If you like The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo you might like them. The only reason that I'm posting this record is because it is always sold online as a ska record.

1 Italo
2 Maxi on Bahamas
3 Strangers in the Night
4 Ach Wie Gut (das Ich Nich Beichten Geh')
5 Dispo Funk
6 Mord + Totschlag
7 Blinde Tollwut
8 Buschmann
9 James
10 Abschiedskuss


Detonators - Dance! EP (1982)

British new wave/punk band that had a ska song on this EP.
A1 - Don't Talk
A2 - Opening a Modern Art
B1 - Restless Kid
B2 - Passé

"Don't Talk"


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Plastik Bags - On the Rox 7" (1979)

Extremely rare Belgian single.

A - On the Rox

B - De Monki


va Stonehenge 7" compilation (1987)

A1 - Culture Shock - Stonehenge
A2 - Rhythmites - We Don't Want
B1 - Military Surplus - Time of the Dispossessed
B2 - Hippy Slags - Sunlight on the Truncheons

 "Rhythmites - We Don't Want"

"Military Surplus - Time of the Dispossessed"


Cats Under the Stars - Louie Louie 7" (1982)

This record is probably a one-off. I know nothing about the band and I have not found any information online about any other releases. As you can see by the record sleeve, they were from Minneapolis, Minnesota and the title track is a ska-inspired cover of the Richard Berry classic. Nowhere near as ska as the Toots and the Maytals version, in fact, not very ska at all. But it is sold on eBay every now and then as a ska record.

It's not very good but it is very rare.

A - Louie Louie

B - Blue Ghosts


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hot Chocolate Band - Give Peace a Chance 7" (1969)

Hot Chocolate Band later changed their name to Hot Chocolate and they had a hit that you might recognize.
They had a Jamaican singer Errol Brown who had an extensive list of records that he released on his own. His/Hot Chocolate Band's  first release was this cover of John Lennon's song that Errol changed the lyrics to. Lennon approved and this single was released on the Beatles' label Apple Records.

A - Give Peace a Chance

B - Living Without Tommorow


Errol Brown died in May of 2015.


 As some of you may know Tone and Wave is based out of San Bernardino California. I, Jason Duncan, am a social worker with San Bernardino County's Department of Social Services. The victims in yesterday's attack were my co-workers. In fact, the person responsible was also my co-worker. I try not to use this blog for my own personal agenda but just this once I think it's okay.

Like you, I have my personal views on gun control, religious extremism and every thing else. In the end we all have different views on many things.

Do you remember the old Dave Mason song "We Just Disagree"?
"There ain't no good guy...there ain't no bad guy...there's only you and me and we just disagree..."

I'd like to believe that this is how it is. But, what pushes somebody who disagrees with you to murder innocent people?

Religion is the backdrop but is it really about religion? Could it be that it's really about how we as people treat everybody else around us? That whole "You're either with us or you're against us" mentality?

Treat everybody with respect. Be nice to everybody.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wise Guise - I Guess Some One Up There Don't Like Me 7" (1985)

This Dutch band didn't have very many releases. The A-side here is an attempt at rap that didn't go over too well. They released it at least two different times. The other time had a B-side called "Seize the Time" which also may have been ska-inspired. I don't know, I never heard it.

A -  I Guess Some One Up There Don't Like Me
B - Hustle the Muscle


Nancy Nova - Made in Japan 7" (1982) [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

Innocently racist ska-inspired new wave from this British new wave/disco artist. She had several singles released in the early 80s but this is the one that stands out for the Tone and Wave audience.

A - Made in Japan
B - Jealousy


Diamond Dogs [Netherlands] - Today 7" (1981)

This is not a very good post.

 First of all, this is not a ska song and, to call it "ska-inspired" is a stretch. There is that vague upstroke but that's it.
Second, this is my rip of my own record that is warped. The sound quality sucks. The only reason that I'm posting it is that it is a good song and I intend to replace my copy some day. When I do I will post a better version if anybody gives a damn.

A - Today
B - El Salvador Kids


unknown ska song

I got an email from somebody asking me what this song is and, to be honest, I don't know. Does anybody recognize this song?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Edge Bros. - Video 7" (1982)

I know absolutely nothing about this record. I'm certain they are an American band but that's it.

A - Video
B - Video (instrumental)


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blind Alley - Matthew and Son 7" (1981) [UPDATED INFO]

These guys were from Turin, Italy and this is their only release. They did record some other songs between 1980-1982 that were released on CD in 2013 HERE.

A - Matthew and Son
B - On the Streets Again


As Anonymous commented this band is not the Blind Alley from Italy, but a band by the same name from Belgium. I found very little about them before I made this post but I did find something about a Belgian band. I had a 50-50 chance of getting this right and I blew it. As I've said every other time I got something wrong - which is quite often: "This is the first time I've ever been wrong about anything and it feels weird".

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

(...and thank you Anonymous for the clarification!)    

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tonic - Oh! Ma Nana 7" (1980)


 Belgian disco/new wave band that released at least three more singles that I know of. Depending on what your idea of what 'ska' is this might not be their only ska-inspired release but it is as ska as they get. For being a Belgian band I think they're singing in French.

A - Oh! Ma Nana
B - L' Autre Facette


Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Tickets [Geneva, Switzerland]

 The Tickets was a new wave band from Switzerland. Sometimes they sounded like they were trying to sound like Elvis Costello and a bit less than half of their stuff had a ska-reggae influence.

The Tickets (1980)

1 Electricity
2 Oh Baby
3 Can't Feel
4 Just Don't Know
5 Take All the Love
6 What Are You Doing?
7 Nothing But the Rain
8 Little Girl
9 Too Many BS's
10 Your Love

"Can't Feel"

DOWNLOAD The Tickets - The Tickets

Nobody's Children (1981)
1 Can't Keep It In
2 1981
3 Nobody's Children
4 Which Day is Today?
5 Turn It Up
6 Crazy Lover
7 Whatcha Gonna Do?
8 Ray
9 No Way Out
10 Love in My Life


"Which Day is Today?"

DOWNLOAD The Tickets - Nobody's Children

Friday, October 30, 2015

Jim Parker - The Vegas Vampire (1967)

Jim Parker was The Vegas Vampire, a vampire of late night Shock Theater and Vegas Vampire shows at KHBV/KVVU, Channel 5, in Henderson, Nevada, and broadcast to the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area from the late 1960s through the 1970s. The Vegas Vampire's show featured grade-“B” horror films, monster films, and science fiction films. The show was as ridiculous as you would expect. 

This song was featured on Elvira Presents Vinyl Macabre-Oldies But Ghoulies (Vol. 1) released in 1983.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rick Nolov - And I Love Her 7" (1983)

A - And I Love Her (Beatles cover)
B - Come Back Suzanne

Both songs are ska.

I have included both singles in THIS POST as well.


Modsters - Happy Hour 12" (1987)

This is a band from (I'm guessing) Southern California's Inland Empire. This is, most likely, the only thing they ever released as a band. This record has some ska-inspired new wave/mod/power pop with a couple of straight forward ska songs. I'm slightly convinced that their song "Put Your Hands Down There" was the inspiration for Reel Big Fish's "She Has a Girlfriend Now". Don't quote me on that.
Unless it's true.

1 Everyone
2 Happy Hour
3 Daddy's Little...
4 Sam I Am
5 Put Your Hands Down There
6 I've Been Hurt
(A great, accurate rendition of the Bill Deal and the Rhondells hit:)



I was wrong (and that's a good thing.) The Modsters did have at least one other record which I knew nothing about. Thanks to Bruce who provided this incredible find:

Modsters - Looking Through You 7" (1984)
A1 - Why aren't You Dreaming?
A2 - Someday
B1 - Daddy's Little Girl
B2 - The Kids



The Capsones - Bah! (1982)

The Capsones were a quirky new wave band from Amsterdam that often showed a ska influence. They existed from 1981 to 1984 and they released two singles "De Diligence b/w The Rag" and "Mambo Italiano b/w Funky Machine" in 1982 before releasing this album. All four songs from the singles are on this album. If they have ever recorded anything else I don't know about it.

1 Hot Tits
2 Diligence
3 Walkman
4 Miami
5 Helpless
6 Mambo Italiano
7 The Rag
8 Funky Machine
9 Not My Type
10 Goodbye Cruel World


RFBI - Jah is Alive and Well (1996)

Reggae Foundation Band, Inc. was a reggae band from Riverside California. Vocalist Ras Donovan-I is still performing and recording. Here he is on ReverbNation.

1 Solid Foundation
2 Healing of the Nation
3 Word is One Love
4 What Goes Round Comes Around
5 Prophecy
6 Prophecy Dub
7 Reggae Fever
8 It's Been Too Long
9 Hallelujah
10 Badness
11 Badness Dub
12 Ragga Muffin Song


"Healing of the Nation"

"It's Been Too Long"

Plastic Bertrand - Sha La La Lee 7" (1979)

A - Sha La La Lee
B - Dance Dance


Re-Ups part 1

I have not checked any of these links. If there's a problem let me know.

Let's Go Bowling - 1988 demo tape
Let's Go Bowling - Does The Spiral Live [updated 04/24/2016]
Let's Go Bowling - Rude 69 7"
Sax Maniax
6 Feet Under
Allsorts - Happy Happy Happy
Casino Royale - Skaravanpetrol 
Klang - Dots and Dashes
Klang - The Pop Theory
Furious Turtles
Trowsers - Drop 'Em
Trowsers - Solitary Confinement
Nighthawks - Skank It Up (1980)
Class Action
Shot Black & White - Understand
Spy Eye
Strange Fruit - At Last (Unicorn Records 1990)
Blechreiz - Out Tonight
Blechreiz - Who Napped JB?
Off The Shelf - Made In Australia
Lou and the Hollywood Bananas
Targets - Unity Beat (1986)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Almost there...

Tone and Wave should be up-and-running this Sunday.

I'm going to focus on some re-uploads but there will be some new stuff posted. Not really new stuff, but old stuff that I haven't posted before. You know what I mean.

Thanks to everybody who left comments and to everybody who offered to help me replace anything I may have lost. Ska people are the most civil people in the world.
Thankfully, though, I don't think I lost anything. I back up anything on discs that I don't have on vinyl, cd, or cassette. It was the re-converting all of the vinyl, cds, and cassettes that took so long. There were a few casualties along the way. I lost several good records to this 'Global Warming' thing we got going on. When nobody's home, and the air conditioner isn't on, my living room gets to be over 120 degrees F. Vinyl records usually don't warp at this temperature but my thermometer only goes up to 120 so it actually gets hotter than that. My 12" "Meet the Skeletones" has warped beyond repair. Luckily I had that one backed up. I did lose a copy of "Tough Cookies and the Deliverers 7"" but I have two copies of that so I'm going to be okay. The only two rare ska records I lost are Mark Foggo's "Advertising" 7" - which is hard to find, and Diamond Dogs - "Today" 7"  which are the only two that I've lost that I never posted and never backed up. I'm not bothered. It'll be a fun challenge to find the Mark Foggo one again and the Diamond Dogs one is readily available and isn't really ska in the truest sense but, here's the thing, I don't have much left that is pure ska. I have a lot of rare records that are ska-ish and I will be posting those but as far as ska goes - we did it. I started the damned thing but it was really a group effort. Tone and Wave is the greatest website and resource for rare ska of the eighties and early nineties but I did not do this alone. You guys have taught me so much and provided some incredible stuff that I could not have known about on my own.

Tone and Wave started on December 27th 2007. It would have started earlier but I really thought that ska was dead and nobody would care. It started out slow but picked up momentum as the years went by. There were a few times when I thought it was over, lots of people who wanted to shut it down for copyright reasons, but here we are today. I want to see it make it to the 10-year mark before it gets shut down. December 27th 2017. That's the goal. I don't really have enough rare music to stretch it out that long so I will be doing a lot of re-posts, but stick with it. I still have a wish-list with over 30 records on it. I have already knocked the rarest-of-the-rare off that list so it's all downhill from here.

I have gotten so many requests for re-ups that I can't keep up with them all. I'm sorry but I have to ignore all previous requests. The starting line is here. Let me know what you want and I'll get it to you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On hiatus...

I received an email a couple weeks ago that contained a link that I was stupid enough to click on.

It contained a virus that destroyed my computer (and lots of my rips of rare records and cassettes).

This blog is down for now.

I have had requests to repost just about everything I have ever posted so I will be doing lots of reposts but I still have a lot of rarities that haven't been posted yet.

Tone and Wave will be back - I just don't know when.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ex-Hole - Private Boyscout 7" (1980)

A - Private Boyscout

B - Flying Thing

Ex-Hole was a Belgian new wave band who released a few singles between 1978 and 1982 and one album called Only for the Fun in 1981. I don't know if this is their only ska-inspired song because I have never heard the album yet. Everything I have heard by them I have liked so I intend to collect all of their stuff but I think this is a great record so I had to post it without having much more to go on.


Boss - When the Chips are Down and Rude Boys are Back in Town 7"s (1980)

A - When the Chips are Down
B - War, War, War

A - Rude Boys are Back in Town
B - Live Fast, Die Laughing

Classic UK ska with that great 2 Tone sound.

Thanks to Bruce for submitting both of these!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Juniors - Do You Love Me/ 7" (1980)

Very rare UK record. The A-side is a ska cover of the 1962 Contours' classic. The B-side is an original slow punk-reggae song.

A - Do You Love Me

B - Babylon


Wide Boys - Stop That Boy 7'' (1980) [REPOST - originally posted October 2009]

submitted by Rikard.

A - Stop That Boy
B - Heart of Stone


Bette Bright and the Illuminations [REPOST from May 2009]

Bette Bright is married to Suggs from Madness. She was formerly in a band called Deaf School before she teamed up with Glen Matlock of Sex Pistols and members of Clive Langer and the Boxes to form The Illuminations. Clive Langer produced Madness' early albums, and the Illuminations keyboardist Ben Barson is brother of Madness' keyboardist Mike Barson.

Bette was also sang for the Dutch post-punk/pop band Gruppo Sportivo and she appeared in The Great Rock and Roll Swindle as well as Madness' video for "One Better Day"


Here are all 5 of her singles:

My Boyfriend's Back (1978)

A - My Boyfriend's Back

B - Hold on, I'm Coming

The Captain of Your Ship (1979)

A - The Captain of Your Ship

B - Those Greedy Eyes

Hello, I am Your Heart (1980)

A - Hello, I am Your Heart

B - All Girls Lie

Some Girls Have All the Luck (1981)

A - Some Girls Have All the Luck

B - Tender Touch

When You Were Mine (1981)

A - When You Were Mine

B - Soulful Dress



"Rhythm Breaks the Ice" (1981) - her only album.

1 When You Were Mine

2 On a Night Like This

3 Hello, I Am Your Heart

4 All Girls Lie

5 Take What You Find

6 Talking Whispers

7 Thunder and Lightning

8 Shoorah Shoorah

9 Some Girls Have All the Luck

10 Tender Touch

11 Hold On


Yeah, the 2 singles "Hello, I am Your Heart" and "Some Girls Have All the Luck"
are on the full-length - both A and B sides...same versions, but damnit, I'm a collector so I have the singles and therefore I feel more 'complete'. I trust you understand.

There is a bit of a ska influence in the later recordings, but she was not exactly a ska artist. Even still, her version of "Hold on, I'm Coming" is sexy and worth the listen.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pave - Aye Aye Aye 7" (1980)

Pave Maijanen is a well known Finnish pop star with countless records released over the years. His song Ai Ai Ai was a pretty big hit and the record is not very hard to find - but this one is. This is the rare English version.

A - Aye Aye Aye

B - Black Mercedes -62

He has sang in English in the past. One album he put out with his band Pave's Mistakes called Pida Huolta   had 12 tracks and half were in English. The re-issue of that album had another ska song called Think What You Think. He did do a few other ska songs in Finnish including a cover of the Little Willie John song Fever (called Kuume) that was made famous by Peggy Lee.

Pave did record another one of his Finnish hits in English. It's called Yamma Yamma. The English version of Yamma Yamma isn't as hard to find as Aye Aye Aye and Yamma Yamma is not a ska song but I have included the Finnish and English versions in this download with every other song I mentioned in this post. In fact, Aye Aye Aye isn't really ska either. It's more ska-influenced but another Finnish pop star called Mona Carita covered it a couple years later and her version was more ska than this version so I included hers in this download as well. (Here's her version.)


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Steaming Toward Oslo - Off the Hook 7" (1983)

I love this record but I have never been able to find myself a copy. Thankfully Bristolboy was able to provide us with sounds and scans.

A - Off the Hook
B - Rough Justice


Cobalt - Summer D D 7" (1984)

A - Summer D D (Summer Dried Drain)

B - Big Boy


The Notables - Quite Notable (1997) [REPOST]

These guys were from Seattle Washington. This is 13 tracks of pure instrumental ska in the style of the Skatalites.
1 Escobar
2 Knuckles
3 Teen Party
4 Who Knows
5 Rude Mood
6 Misfit
7 Godfather Ska
8 Palladin
9 Vital Organ
10 The Beachcomber
11 Perdido
12 Night Watch
13 Freak Shuffle


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vive le Ska (1989)

Unicorn Records classic.

1 Les Internés - Pushska
2 Verska Vis - Go Out Anymore
3 Carré Blanc Pour Serie Noire - Jackson the Ripper
4 Les Toons - Miss America
5 Dr. No - A Frenchy in Brooklyn
6 Pick It Up - Charlemagne
7 Les Frelons - C'est Du Ska (Monster Version)
8 Machtoc - The Yeti
9 Les Giovanni's - Wa Ya Go?
10 Les Ejectés - Aaoaoaa
11 Le Bubars - King of the Jungle
12 Les Saxas - Chez Fefer


Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Eighty Eights - (She Fell in Love with) James Bond 7" (1981)

The Eighty Eights was an Australian power pop/new wave band who released a few singles and an album called "Top of the World" in 1980/1981. This song was featured on the first Ska Skank Down Under compilation.

A - (She Fell in Love with) James Bond
B - (You're Gonna Get) What's Coming to You


The Planets - complete singles

This download is for all 8 of The Planets' singles.


This is off topic but look at the cover for the EP which was released in 1980, then look at the cover to the California rock band Gamma's third album that was released in 1982. That's one hell of a coincidence.