Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Culture Shock

Dick Lucas was the vocalist for the anarcho-punk band SubHumans and is now in the band Citizen Fish but in between those two successful bands he formed another lesser known act called Culture shock that recorded 3 full length albums as well as an ep and numerous compilation releases. True punk with a ska influence.

Go Wild (1986)
1 Punks on Postcards
2 Go Wild (My Son)
3 Messed Up
4 Six Foot Rooms
5 Ten Percent Off
6 Circles
7 MOthers on the Phone
8 All Messed Up

Onwards and Upwards (1988)
1 Pressure
2 Colour TV
3 Fast Forward
4 You Are Not Alone
5 Joyless
6 If You Don't Like IT
7 Civilization Street
8 United
9 Catching Flies
10 When the Fighting's Over
11 Open Mind Surgery
12 Don't Worry About It
13 ISD

All the Time (1989)
1 Countdowns
2 Twenty Questions
3 Upside Down
4 The Time it Takes
5 Four Minutes
6 Northern Ireland
7 Northern Ireland Dub
8 Onwards

Links removed by request. All of these can be bought HERE.

Ruder Than Rude Podcast

A friend to Tone and Wave Freddy Vidal has started a podcast. The first volume is a collection of well known favorites but I know Freddy's interests encompass everything from the most common to the most obscure ska from all eras so I'm sure future episodes will be full of suprises.

Listen here:


En Espanol!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Skaville Train - Cover Story

Submitted by Rikard.

1 Ice Water
2 Feel the Spirit
3 Cuss Cuss
4 Tonight
5 Perhaps
6 Sensimillia
7 Maddening Crowd
8 Baby I Love You
9 Wave
10 Empty Belly
11 Pretty Africa


Monday, September 21, 2009

The Skanxters - Spark in the Dark

Submitted by Rikard.

1992 demo cassette from The Skanxters from Swindon UK.

1 A Day Like Today
2 King Arthur
3 Who's Afraid of the Dark?
4 People May Think


Loin Groin - Lion Grion Zion (1997)

Submitted by Craig.

1 Pub Tab
2 Botheration
3 Jammin'
4 Drunk in Public
5 One of the Things
6 New Taps
7 Get Well Soon
8 Springvale Girlhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
9 Montuno Caracol
10 One of the Boys
11 Love Will Find a Way
12 Footy Takeaway

Download link has been removed per Sound System Records

Ska'd For Life - Sober

From their Myspace:

Formed by the lead vocalist Lee in 1993 the band started life as an 8 piece with three members on brass. They Played their first gig on September 19th of that year in a little village pub in St.Day, Cornwall. Rather than becoming a run of the mill pub band like countless others, they found themselves with a huge following almost immediately. The first six months of the band’s life was spent playing on the local circuit of the south west region, some of the highlights being two gigs with The Selecter in Plymouth and Desmond Dekker at Truro City Hall. The band recorded an album of covers, plus two of their own songs. Self titled ’Ska’d For Life’, the recording quickly sold out. It was released on tape only, but the band have plans to re-release it on cd in the near future. Now steadily playing to packed houses almost four or five times a week, the band, at the end of it’s first six months changed. Out went the brass section and in came Beki on sax (still with the band today). Out went one of the guitarists, and a keyboard player was brought in. More gigs supporting the likes of The Toasters, Bad Manners, The Selecter, Desmond Dekker and plenty of their own gigs followed. Another tape was released, it was a live gig recording called Ska’d For Life Live. On the back of this the band went on to start touring Europe in their second year. Basing themselves in Antwerp, Belgium, the band have so far been on 32 European tours. Starting in small venues the band quickly built up a good fan base creating the need for bigger venues. The band continued to play to sell out crowds in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Poland. Band members came and went but Lee and Becki were present throughout. During their time on the continent the band played to crowds of upto 7000 people. The band were signed to a Belgian Label called Shut Up and Eat records. They went on to record two singles and an album on this label. The singles were ’Streetlife/Pick It Up’, a double A side, ’Do the Ska’ and an album entitled ’Sober’. The single Do The Ska made it in to the top Fifteen of the Belgium airplay chart. While this was going on the band were also playing all over the U.K. playing as far south as the Scilly Isles and as far North as the Shetland Islands. The band had played almost 1400 gigs when the band went through another dramatic change losing the keyboard player and shortly afterwards departure of the bass player, the drummer and the guitarist, leaving Lee and Beki a mountain to climb. Within a year though the band was back on the road with the current lineup, getting stronger and stronger as each gig passed. The last line up was Lee - Vocals, Beki - Sax, Richard - Bass, Tony - Guitar, Kirsty - Keyboards and Tony on drums. Other highlights of the band have been playing live national radio shows in Belgium, live spots on National Belgium Talk Shows and numerous support acts (recently in 2007, playing with The Beat, Bad Manners and The Specials) and headline slots of their own. KEEP SKANKING.

Members have went on to Squid 58 and the Mighty Offbeats

1. Private Investigations
2. Do The Ska
3. Screen
4. Rudi Rudi
5. Skapache
6. Street Life
7. Betty Ford
8. Judgement Day
9. Skamageddon
10. Dark Cloud
11. My Old Man


(Thanks to Anonymous for track listing!!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Allniters - D-D-D-Dance (1983)

Submitted by Craig.

1 Allniters Theme
2 Love and Affection
3 Montego Bay
4 Revie Dub
5 Hey Tojo
6 Hold On
7 Juliet
8 Breakfast in Bed
9 Something
10 The Right
11 Allniters Theme
12 Get it Together


Volecanoes - Skatoon Time (1989)

Submitted by Rikard by request.

1 Carnaby Street
2 The Art of Patience
3 Won't You Try to be Different
4 Is There Anybody There
5 Skatoon Time
6 Blind Date
7 In at the Deep End
8 Look at Me Now
9 Don't You Tell Me
10 Nobody Else
11 Sausage Roll
12 Day to Day


Rare 'N' Tasty - Just My Kind 7" (1993)

Two Tone sounds from Austria.

1 Disappointed
2 A Lovely Day
3 Walkin' Away
4 Saxism
5 What U Gonna Do?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Piranhas - John Peel Sessions

First Session
1 Coloured Music
2 Jilly
3 Saxophone
4 Cheap and Nasty

Second Session
1 Boyfriend
2 Getting Beaten Up
3 Yap Yap Yap
4 Happy Families

Third Session
1 Anything
2 Final Straw
3 Something
4 Green Don't Suit Me


These sessions were respectfully stolen from The Punk History of Brighton.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Vi Gela Gela 7" (1981)
A - Vi Gela Gela
B - Nobody Sings

Zambezi 7" (1982)
A - Zambezi
B1 - Who Needs You
B2 - Darabukkus

Easy Come Easy Go 7" (1983)
A - Easy Come, Easy Go
B - Waste of Space

I have also added 2 unreleased tracks from 1978-79
Things Could be Worse
Feel Queer when You ain't Here


Monday, September 14, 2009

Naughty Rhythms - A Naughty Compilation

Submitted by Craig.

1 Dance Craze
2 Go to the Rodeo
3 Naughty Rhythms
4 Tequila
5 Look Like Me
6 Still in Love With You
7 Without Your Love
8 I Know, You Know, I Know


Amanda Lear - Solomon Gundie

Here is Amanda Lear - Salvador Dali's muse and seventies disco queen doing a cover of the Eric "Monty" Morris song "Solomon Gundie"

You can download this song here:

...submitted by Craig.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Politburo - How to Disconnect Your Mind in 17,324 Lessons: Lesson One

This isn't the UK nor the Russian new wave bands called Politburo, but the French one. This single is from 1981 and I think they had an earlier single from 1980. Aside from that I know nothing else about them. The sound is more what people would call "nutty" music - not punk. The b-side has a noticable ska sound but both songs are equally good.

A - How to Disconnect Your Mind in 17,324 Lessons : Lesson One
B - A Day at the Zoo


Monday, September 7, 2009

Johnny G - Sand Dance Ska (1984) LINK FIXED

posted by request

1 Rhythm of the Ride
2 Secret Reason
3 Fortune Teller
4 Rise Up
5 You Think You're So Right
6 The Pleasure and the Pain
7 Sand Dance Ska
8 I Hear You Knocking
9 Ungumalungu Man
10 I'm into Something Good
11 Next Stop Amsterdam
12 Lost Mind


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Loin Groin - Sexually Harrasta

Submitted by Craig.

Australian ska/pub rock from 1994. This is their first release.

Here they are performing 'Botheration' from their only full-length "Lion Grion Zion"

Besides this and the full-length they had 2 more EPs. "Chicken Parma" from 1999 and "747 (Time to Start Loving)" from 2000.
Here's their Myspace.



Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Newmatics - demo tape

There was a band in the late seventies / early eighties called The Newmatics in Auckland New Zealand and there was a band from Leicester UK from that same era also called the Newmatics that had members that were later part of Ska-Boom.
Then, in the late eighties / early nineties there was a band in (or near) London called The Newmatics. This is their demo tape from 1991. They sound quite like the Riffs. They fit in perfectly with all the Unicorn and Skank bands. I wonder how they were overlooked.

1 Safe and Sound
2 Easy Target
3 Money in Hell
4 Can't Hear it Tonight
5 Doing Time


A million thanks to Rikard for this submission!!

United Balls - Pogo in Togo (1981)

Unique ska-influenced punk from Germany. They have several other releases.

1 Pogo in Togo
2 Good Under(s)tanding
3 Die Strolche vom Frauenholz
4 Gisela
5 Blackbird
6 Bitch
7 Sirius
8 Beautyful Eyes
9 Alles Prima in Lima
10 Awful
11 Kobe
12 Get the Balls


* One of my favorite songs on this album is Die Strolche vom Frauenholz. I tried different translation sites to find out what the title means but I've had no luck. Anybody know?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boothill Foot Tappers - Love and Affection (1985)

Submitted by Rikard.

Boothill Foot Tappers were a band from the UK that played a blend of cow-punk, skiffle, and ska. They had one full length that you can find on the Digital Vinyl blog

Here they are performing "Too Much Time"

This single features the Specials' Dick Cuthell on percussion.

A - Love and Affection
B - There's a Melody in Our Madness


The Butlers - No Doubt

Submitted by Ronan.

1 Skankin' With Skeletons
2 Sock It To 'Em J.B. part 3
3 Real Hot Day
4 Rhythm of Ska
5 Go Shoppin'
6 On the Rocks
7 Drunken Sailor
8 Rainy Blue Monday
9 Chicago
10 Irish Spring (Cathy and Grace)