Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comic Romance - Cry Myself to Sleep 7" (1979)

Most of you probably don't recognize the name Robin Scott. He was involved in music since the 60's after declining a partnership in Malcom MacLaren's
SEX shop. He played folk songs sharing the bill with David Bowie.
In 1972 he entered the 'Search For A Star' national talent contest, which he won, and was offered a recording contract by EMI, but, because they would not support his backing band, he turned down the deal.

Among a number of other projects he put out this single in 1979. It was the only release under this name.

That same year he released music under the name M which, as with Comic Romance, was himself and studio musicians - not an actual band.

After M's song Pop Muzik became a hit this single was re-released with a new cover to cash in on the sucess.

A - Cry Myself to Sleep
B - Cowboys and Indians

"Cry Myself to Sleep"

Rude and Visser - Live in Leipzig (2007)

This has been making the rounds since '07. I have seen it posted here and there and I even posted it on Tone and Wave a couple years back but it seems that it is no longer available anywhere else so if you don't have it yet here you go.

1 Shake and Shiver
2 Prejudice
3 When Feelings Run Too High
4 Fear the River
5 Ice and Snow
6 Letter in the Mail
7 Street Where I'm Living
8 Street Where I'm Living (take 2)
9 Ships that Pass in the Night
10 The Feeling is Alright
11 The Girl is Money
12 Keep the Fire Burning
13 Probation
14 Rainy Day
15 Everyday, Another Day
16 One Way Ticket
17 Christine Keeler
18 Far Away From Here

No Doubt - live at Mod Expo 1987

In no particular order:

(...unless you consider alphabetical to be particular)

*Baggy Trousers
*Bouncin' Shoes
*Get a Life
*Little Something Refreshing
*Mr. Big Stuff
*No Doubt
*Showing Off

The Push - singles

Here's a couple more from The Push

Right Guy 7" (1979)
A - Right Guy
B - Natty Babylon

Cecilia 7" (1980)
A - Cecilia
B - Girl Dub

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Review - early recordings (1988) [UPDATED]

Early demos and live tracks that were originally posted on Chickitup Pickitup as Mr. Review demos (Here)

Thanks to Doc for the correct titles!

1 Mr. Review
2 A Tree
3 The Feeling's Alright
4 Chasing (live)
5 We Can't Talk
6 Complications of Life
7 Part-Time Love Affair
8 Shifting Sand
9 Can't Do it Alone
10 Losin' My Mind
11 Redemption Song
12 Chasing
13 Mr. Postman

b-sides - Invasion of the Money Snatchers 7" (1981)

Yes, this is the same band from Canada who put out the Red to Black LP

A - Invasion of the Money Snatchers
B - Much Too Serious

The Ska-Ville - Ska Fantastic (1980)

...submitted by Ronan

Some of you may remember Vin Gordon as Don Drummond Jr.

...if not maybe the song The Clash and the Specials Gone to Jail might ring a bell -?

1 Last Call
2 Gun the Man Down
3 Dyema One
4 Military Ska
5 Skin Tone
6 The Clash and The Specials Gone to Jail
7 Skin Head Shuffle
8 River Bank Ska
9 Pink Stripe Shuffle
10 Tribute to the Mods, Skinheads, Punks

Layabouts - No Masters (1984)

American ska band from Detroit, Michigan that formed in 1981.
Here's their Myspace.

1 Fuckalot
2 Schoolboys
3 Too Late
4 Government Lies
5 Millennia Man
6 Johannesburg
7 Police Reaction
8 I'm Tired
9 Seven Minutes
10 B Movie


disc 1

disc 2

disc 3

disc 4

Swedish ska singles 1980-1982

Rikard contributed this great selection of Swedish ska from the early 80s. All of it is in Swedish (with the exception of The Push*).

Badboll - Äppelkaka
Dag Vag - Musik
Dag Vag - Pär I Hagen
Dag Vag - Trycke e för Mycke
Ebba Grön - Mamma Pappa Barn
Ebba Grön - Slicka Uppåt, Sparka Neråt
Elake Måns - Skadeva'
Eldkvarn - En Vacker Dag
Herr Marmelad - Styrman Karlsson
Kai Martin & Stick - Spel
Kai Martin & Stick - Stadens Gator
Kai Martin & Stick - Stadens Gator (live)
Quiet - En Ovanligt Vanlig Tjej
Quiet - Verklighet
Rasta Hunden - Jag Spyr Igen
Rasta Hunden - Mina Polare
Rasta Hunden - Privé Privé
Reggae Team - Soldat Ska
Reggae Team - Vanka
The Crab Boys - Ålar
The Push - Delicious Banality
The Push - Delicious Banality (live)
The Push - Marching On
The Push - Some Girls a Pain
Tivoli - E-Vitamin
Tivoli - Hälsbröd

*More from The Push coming up!

Mephiskapheles - Live in Cleveland, Ohio

1 untitled
2 Mephiskapheles
3 Calloused Boy
4 Centre of the...
5 El Dorado
6 Break Your Ankle Punk
7 Rank and File
8 Danse Me Not
9 Social Therapy
10 Swampskin
11 State
12 Devil's Due
13 Eskamo
14 Bad Toupee
15 Saba
16 One Zero Eight Zero
17 Cheap Thrill
18 Doomsday

Power Trip - Don't Pet Me, I'm Working 7"

New York punk from 1991 done right. If you appreciate OPIV you'll like this. Only half the songs here incorporate a ska sound but the straightforward punk songs stand out more than the pseudo-ska does.

1 Don't Pet Me
2 Big Brown Chevy
3 Ball and Chain
4 Point of View
5 Technology
6 Identity Crisis


100 Men - Released and Unreleased

This one's a bit of a joint effort. The sounds were provided by Ronan and the info was from Rikard who considers 100 Men his favorite band second only to the Cosmics.

He informs us that 100 Men released 3 demos:
First one was "Yard Tapes" in 1990 with the songs Ball with my baby , Hungry in Dun Laoghaire, What a wonderful world and Yard Version. Second tape was "In session 2" from 1991 with the songs Time is tight, Hungry in Dun Laoghaire, I wish and Tell me about it. 3rd and final was Reggae Juk from 1993 with the songs Reggae Juk and Rocksteady 2

This is pretty much those demos in a nutshell.

*Ball With My Baby
*Hungry in Dun Laoghaire
*I Wish
*Reggae Juk
*Tell Me About It
*Time is Tight
*What a Wonderful World
*Yard Version
*Yeah Yeah Girl

This had to have been a great show:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

T-Shirts - Walk on Water EP (1980)

1 I Won't Take It
2 Burn in My Heart
3 So Long
4 Walk on Water
5 We Done Nothing
6 Dirty Dick

The Suspects - Caffeine 7" (1994)

A - Caffeine
B - The Dance

"The Dance"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Skankin' Pickle - 1990 demo cassette

People write to me every now and then and ask me if they can re-post something I've posted. My answer is always YES. Please help me put this stuff out there so that real ska fans have access to it somehow or another.

This tape is something that I know a lot of people will appreciate so if you have a blog by all means re-post this. It's Skankin' Pickles' first recording and is all but impossible to find. There are 4 songs that were never released on any of their later records as well as a studio version of Burnt Head which was only released as a live recording on Skafunkrastapunk.

(Oh yeah, on this version of "I Missed the Bus" he was watching a Panasonic, not a Magnavox. It's a strange world.)

1 I Missed the Bus
2 Pseudo Punk
3 Hand Twister
4 World's Falling Down*
5 Burn't Head
6 Nuclear Dance Bomb*
7 Anxiety Attack
8 My Hair (Look Like Dahn)
9 Peter, Piper & Mary
10 Shark Teaser*
11 Whatever Happened
12 I've Had Enough*

"World's Falling Down"


*the four songs that are unique to this tape are marked

T-Shirts singles

A - I'm the Television
B - Different this Time

A - You Got What it Takes
B - Not Another Love Song

A - Let's Twist Again
B - Morgonen har Kommit

Thanks to Bruce for submitting these!
I recently bought their first EP so that will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

Fear of Flying - Tired 7" (1981)

I have been looking for this record for years. There were only 500 copies made.
I just discovered that these songs are available on their Myspace (but the songs from their 1982 7" "Balancing Act / Tears Fall" aren't.

A - Tired
B - This Thing