Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Phoebe Cates - Paradise 7'' (1982)

Yes, THAT Phoebe Cates.

She released an album of slow ballads in 1982 also titled Paradise and this was her first single. It was on the soundtrack for the movie of the same name.

A - Paradise
B - Paradise (Instrumental)


She later went on to record two more songs for the movie Private School and that concluded her short recording career

Giant Steppers - Uptown Downtown 12'' (1983)

A1 - Uptown Downtown (Clubmix)
A2 - Out of Order
B1 - Updub Downdub
B2 - Uptown Downtown (LP Version)

Submitted by Rikard!


The Malchiks - Skavant Garde (1998)

Rare Canadian 3rd Wave!

1 Sleep Over at Libby's
2 Jerry
3 Smugglers
4 Dr. Skank N. Stein
5 My Feet Told Me
6 Spanish Song
7 Fuck James Bond
8 Mario
9 Lover Boy
10 They Stole My Suit
11 Skankouver, B.C.
12 Drunk at the Carnival
13 The Frog Song
14 I Got so Drunk that I Peed Myself
15 My Friends Call Me Mr. Electric Pan
16 Scott Likes Acid

"Lover Boy"

"Skankouver, B.C."


Professionals - Primitive Man 7'' (1983) & Jungle Drums 7'' (1980)

A - Primitive Man
B - Maigret Theme

A - Jungle Drums part 1
B - Jungle Drums part 2


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rev Counta and the Speedoze - Life Begins at Thirty (1980)

Christian Ska from the UK that sounds a lot like Ishmael United - because it IS Ishmael United. Same band, different name. READ MORE.

1 All Mixed Up
2 Love so Great
3 Motex
4 Hell ain't for Heroes
5 For What We're About to Receive
6 Dr. Heckle and Mr. Snide
7 Marksman
8 No Coincidence
9 2 Years on a Camel
10 Every Circus Needs a Strongman
11 Marmite Sandwiches
12 Ferguson's Mule
13 Miss Us
14 Wot a Life


...another great submission by Rikard!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Replicas - I Was Born to Cry 7'' (1983)

If you ever see this record for sale I can pretty much guarantee you that the seller will say it's a ska record.

It's not.

Imagine a Dion and The Belmonts cover band in the early 80s that feels like they have to incorporate a sort of Two Tone sound without going all the way.
That's exactly what this record offers. Both songs are Dion covers.

Now, I am a doo-wop fan and I love Dion and the Belmonts, so this record was right up my alley. If you are unfamiliar with the original songs I have included them in this download.

Ain't that swell, Daddy-O?

A - (I Was) Born to Cry

B - Lovers Who Wander


(link updated 12/02/2012)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The RB's - The RB's LP (1981)

Scottish band The Rude Boys. Some members later went on to form Fiction Factory.

1 Explain
2 Careers Information
3 Let's Call it a Day
4 Let Me Feel It
5 Tonight
6 Deja Vu
7 Movie Theme (to Dance to)
8 Moving Pictures
9 Life in Exile
10 Waiting for a Dog Year


"Let's Call it a Day"

DOWNLOAD  -or, if that don't work - DOWNLOAD


Easy Big Fella - Fruit Cup (1994)

1 Mom and Dad
2 Surfin the Trees
3 Las Vegas
4 Hells Kitchen Polka
5 Grey Day
6 The Astrolube Tango
7 Hit Me in My Head
8 Once More

"Mom and Dad"


Heptones - Mr. T (1989)

1 Falling in Love Again
2 Honey You're All
3 Where Good Music Gone
4 Love My Girl
5 Long Long Time Ago
6 Wonderful World
7 Unfaithful Baby
8 Rasta Music
9 In My House
10 Allalackalama
11 Mr. T
12 Jumpy Me No Jumpy

"Falling in Love Again"

...and,hey, doesn't this song sound a bit familiar?
"Rasta Music"


Emotion Pictures - They Say Space is Cold 7'' (1980)

A - They Say Space is Cold

B - Rescue Remedy


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Otitis - Take It Away EP (1981)

Otitis was a Swedish new wave band that had released a handful of singles and one full length self titled album in 1984 as well as this EP.
I have never heard any of their music before but I have seen this record labeled as 'ska' numerous times in the past and, even though their other releases are somewhat easy to find around the internet, I've never seen any of their other stuff labeled 'ska'.

That's okay though. I'm listening to them for the first time and I really like them - even their non-ska songs. I intend to have their full discography some day. I might not post it if it isn't ska unless you guys would like to hear more. Listen to this first, then let me know if they're in demand or not.

1 Take It Away
2 Same Old Story
3 Hiccups
4 Girls and Boys
5 That's the Reason Why
6 Try to Get It

"Take It Away"

"Try to Get It"


This was donated to us by the ultra-awsome Rikard. More of his donations will be posted in the future...stay tuned.

va - Blue Beat Special (1968)

A1 - Soul Vendors - Something Special
A2 - The Termites - Do it Right Now
A3 - Jackie Mittoo - Midnight Special
A4 - Alton Ellis - Let Him Try
B1 - Soul Vendors - Get With It
B2 - Ken & Keith - Groove to the Beat
B3 - The Termites - My Last Love
B4 - Soul Vendors - Early Bird
B5 - Dudley Sibley - Run Boy Run


Pick Pocket - Same Stories 7'' (1983) & You ain't Got Nobody But Me 7'' (1985)

Same Stories 7'' (1983)
A - Same Stories
B - Lovin' on the Line

 You ain't Got Nobody but Me 7'' (1985)
A - You ain't Got Nobody but Me
B - You ain't Got Nobody but Me (dub)

Pick Pocket was a Dutch band. I think they were from Holland but I'm not sure. They were on Dureco Benelux records which was a division of Dureco records. "Dureco" means "Dutch Record Company" and they specialized in soul music until later they went disco. I'm not sure where Pick Pocket fit into their demographic but they did have a traditional ska artist or two that they at least distributed records for. "Dureco Benelux" was a branch for bands in BElgium, NEtherlands and LUXembourg.

As far as I know these two offerings here are the only songs these guys ever got around to recording.
As usual, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.   


Jaki Graham - What a Little Moonlight Can Do (2012)

"Jaki Graham has been one of the UK's leading female soul vocalists since the release of her first solo single ‘What's The Name Of Your Game’ in 1984. To date Jaki has scored six UK Top 10/20 singles and two Top 5 singles in the U.S. Dance charts including the monster No.1 ‘Ain't Nobody’."*

...and in all that time she has never done a straightforward ska/reggae song - until now. (Yes, I know she has touched upon a quasi reggae sound in the past - she did a reggae inspired version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" with David Grant.)

Her latest album "For Sentimental Reasons" has a cover of the Jazz standard "What a Little Moonlight Can Do" that was made popular by Billie Holiday in 1935.
It was re-recorded by Billie Holiday in 1954 and that version was covered by Peggy Lee on her 1959 album "Jump For Joy". It was also a regular feature in Benny Goodman's set (probably where Peggy Lee got the idea) and was also recorded by Diana Ross, Nancy Wilson, Bing and Gary Crosby, Crystal Gayle, Dianne Reeves, Betty Carter, Anita O'Day,
...and countless others including Robert Palmer on his 1992 album Ridin' High

Robert Palmer did a lot of reggae inspired stuff, but his version of What a Little Moonlight Can Do was directly inspired by the 1935 Billie Holiday version. He did not make it a reggae song.
In fact, I can't find a reggae version of this song anywhere. This is the first as far as I know (and I'd love it if someone can prove me wrong.)

Jaki Graham - What a Little Moonlight Can Do (2012)

[I cannot post a download link - the album was just released on October 15th, 2012 but you can support the artist by buying this song HERE]

*quoted from Cherry Red

va - A Full English Breakfast (1998)

  1. Too Many Crooks / Kiss
  2. The Rough Kutz / Supergrass
  3. Eskalator / Wise Man
  4. Ska Gal & The Hands of Ra / Some Higher Ground
  5. Intensified / More Pressure
  6. Bibulous / Kebab
  7. Hotknives / I Wake Up Screaming
  8. Loonee Toons / Boys
  9. Rude Boys / The Gangsters
  10. One Step Behind / Market Trader
  11. Ska Boom / Party Good Time
  12. Mistakes / Sense Of Freedom
  13. Arthur Kay and The Orginals / Last Of The One Named Singers
  14. The Riffs / Murderation
  15. Freetown / Star
  16. Last Orders / Eyes
  17. Spithead / Call the Police
  18. Colonal Hathi / TV Girl
  19. The Skanksters / Just Another Nightmare
  20. The Bakesys / Confused
  21. The Write Offs / Big Issue
  22. The Xplosions / Snatched

*originally posted at Liquidator but no longer available

Der Polizei - Let's do the Razzia 7'' (1980)

A - Let's do the Razzia

B - Give It Up


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Walkman - Jump! Jump! 7'' (1988)

A - Jump! Jump!

B - Some People


Gangsters - Who's That Man? 7'' (1980)

This was posted before but this is a re-rip of my own vinyl with different sound quality.

A - Who's That Man
B - Games


Ska-Boom [U.K.]

 The album in this download is the original 11 track from 1990 though the cover pictured here is from the 1991 re-release that included all 3 tracks from the "More Tea Vicar?" single. The cover of the original didn't have the yellow writing or the speech bubble.
(Thanks to Rikard for this submission)

Here they are performing "What Did I Do" in 1990. Rikard also posted this on Youtube.

 Lost in Ska LP (1990)
1 Classic Case
2 Hard Times
3 What Did I Do?
4 But My Love
5 So FarAway
6 Carry Go Bring Come
7 Lost in Ska
8 Sister
9 Romeo (live Abbey Park '89)
10 Today
11 Ska Summer (1990)

 DOWNLOAD Lost in Ska LP

 The Plan 7" (1989)
A - The Plan
B1 - Long Shot Kick de Bucket
B2 - Rukumbine

Romeo 7" (1989)
A - Romeo
B - Ska Summer

More Tea Vicar 7" (1990)
A - More Tea Vicar?
B1 - Runaway Girl
B2 - I Didn't Mean It

DOWNLOAD all 3 singles

Skunky Punky Monkey (1996)
1 Ska Summer
2 Last Train to Skaville
3 Romeo - Too Much
4 Jesse James (feat Laurel Aitken)
5 Classic Case
6 Coronation Ska
7 It's Not Unusual
8 More Tea Vicar
9 Al Capone
10 Rudy Medley
11 La Bamba
12 Monkey Man
13 La Bamba (Skanking John Major Mix)
14 Too Fat
15 Young Gal
16 Ska-Boom (Mr. Lee's Mean Fiddler Dublin, Sampler Mix)
17 Ska-Boom (Life of Brian Mr. Lee Mix)

DOWNLOAD Skunky Punky Monkey

 Traffic Warden Cassette (1992)

(...submitted by Ronan)
1 Traffic Warden
2 Baby Come Back
3 Baked Beanz
4 Jazzska
5 Street Victim
6 Black Night
7 I Know What You Want
8 What You Gonna Do?
9 Drowning

DOWNLOAD Traffic Warden cassette

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mad Lighters - Ska Town (1995)

In the 1977 documentary Roots, Rock, Reggae there is a scene where Junior Murvin and the Heptones are rehearsing a song in the home studio of  Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Nobody has ever been able to find a recording of this song called "Play on Mr. Music" because it wasn't actually recorded. It was improvised on the spot for the filming and never became an actual song.

In 1995 the Swiss band Mad Lighters with Rico Rodriguez on trombone turned it into an actual song and released it on their album Ska Town.

1 Play On, Mr. Music
2 Skapone
3 Sunset
4 Sweet Blue Beat
5 Skatown
6 The Man Hurricane
7 New Age
8 Across the Valley
9 Averyska
10 Dubbit Mr. Music
11 Hurricane Dub
12 In Town Dub

"Play On, Mr. Music"


Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Tigers - Ska City 7" (1982)

Ska/New Wave/Rock and Roll band from Athens, Georgia (could be wrong about Athens, but I'm pretty sure I'm right about Georgia) and this is another one that I think only made this one recording.

A - Ska City
B - Thank You Andrew 
- bonus live version of Ska City that is not on this record

DOWNLOAD -or, if that don't work DOWNLOAD

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Basics - Run By You 7" (1983)

California band that featured 2 members that later went on to play in General Public. Read an interview with the drummer Mario Minardi on Marco on the Bass HERE.

I'm not positive, but I don't think they ever recorded anything else.

A - Run By You
B - Run By You (Dub)


Ishmael United - If You Can't Shout Saved, You'll Have to Face the Penalty (1980) [REPOST]


For being considered a ska band there are only 3 ska songs on this album.

Reverend Ian Smale - better known as Ishmael - released 36 albums in his career but I think the only time he played ska was when he played under the name Ishmael United. Can't be certain though.

1 Song of the Last Generation
2 Star on Sunday
3 Bartimaeus
4 If You Can't Shout Saved, You'll Have to Face the Penalty
5 Jesus Trip
6 Don't Rock de Boat
7 Crowd Trouble
8 Christian Schizophrenic
9 Now It's all Gone Wrong
10 Caroline Robbins
11 Jesus is Making a Comeback
12 The Glories

"If You Can't Shout Saved..."
"Crowd Trouble"


Saturday, August 11, 2012

1992 Cassette

I have never been able to win their 7"

"Waterman's Luck"

Sunday People

Arabian Nights and Uncle Bernie

Talisman (more British reggae)

An expensive little record - not worth the price

After a few listens it did grow on me. Not bad, but for the price this goes for I expected something better. Oh well.

Incomplete discog

They also have a second LP called "Leave the Reggae to Us" and another single "Wily / The Circle" - I don't have these.

In Store for You

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shit! Fuck! Damn!

I spent the last few days going through all my music and sorting out the things that I have never posted before and I uploaded them to a new Mediafire account. I didn't title them and yet that new account has been suspended already. They're really cracking down with this new "Audible Magic" shit.

I still plan on doing a great big post but, for now, I did a couple small ones. Get 'em while the getting's good.

No Caught

Do the Fuzi Fuzi

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm not going out like this!


Make some room on your hard drive and check back Sunday, July 23rd!

¡Hacer espacio en su computadora y volver Domingo, Julio 23!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is the End??

Buster Shuffle is NOT to blame for my account being suspended. The actual email I got that informed me of the suspension stated that it was due to having a file titled Buster Shuffle.
I don't think it was unreasonable to jump to the conclusion that I did, but I admit I shouldn't have been so quick to accuse the band itself.

I got an email from them (basically what they wrote in the comments) which ended with them saying that my post accusing them of this is untrue and unfair. They are absolutely right and this is my open apology. It was done out of anger and I never bothered to even try to contact them first to see if this was their doing.

I'm still debating whether or not to buy their new cd. I'd hate to think that I'd be handing my money over to the record label or distributors who did this. I do recommend that if you are able to get either album from the band itself to do so. The first one was great so I imagine the new one will not disappoint.
(I'm not just trying to do damage control here, I actually am a fan and I do think their music should be heard, that's why I did the post in the first place.)

This is the first single from the new album:

As for the blog...I'm still not sure what to do. Half of the emails I get are people asking me to reupload things. If I keep it going the way it is I'll be getting emails for every file at some point. I don't have a lot of time for the blog as it is right now. I still have a lot of rarities that I want to share with you. (I just realized the other day that I have never posted the Lodgers demo tape yet), and in the near future I'll have more time than I do now but when I do have time to sit at the computer the bulk of the time is spent answering emails. Now, with the added task of having to re-upload everything, I won't have much time at all to post new things.

[ be continued tomorrow...and Thank You everybody who took the time to comment, I will respond to all comments tomorrow] [ tarde, estoy cansado, pero mañana todo esto se traducirá en Español...pero Buster Shuffle NO es culpa de mi cuenta está suspendida]

Pressure - Pressure 12" (1983)

A1 - Stir It Up
A2 - Runnin'
A3 - Dance Band
B1 - Pressure Cooker
B2 - Save a Little Time
B3 - Imagination Dub (Runnin')

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ska Kings - Oil in My Lamp 7'' (1968)

Traditional ska featuring Eric "Monty" Morris

A - Oil in My lamp

B - Jamaican Ska

2404 - Riot Girl 7" (1994)

Hardcore,Oi!,Streetpunk from Philadelphia with one cool ska-punk song.

A1 - Riot girl
A2 - Open your eyes
B1 - You can't get us down
B2 - Jon's party

"Riot Girl"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Brave New World 12" (1988)

Ultra rare release from this California band. I can't tell you a single thing about them.
A couple of okay reggae songs on the B-side but the A-side is amazingly good. I can't believe this isn't a popular song.

A - Hard Yard
B1 - I Wanna See You (Dance)
B2 - Yes I Love You

"Hard Yard"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I.D. - I Have Something to Say to You 7'' (1984) [LINK FIXED]

I'm pretty sure this band was from Canada. Can't find anything about them online. I know this record goes for a pretty penny on eBay every now and then and I'll admit that it's not a ska song even though when you do see it on eBay on those rare occasions the seller likes to say that it's a ska song. It's a piano driven new wave song with a bit of a ska rhythm to it and I shouldn't be posting it on T&W but I am because of how rare it is and because of how good it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

A - I Have Something to Say to You
B - Sonyman Walking

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eddie Vedder - Reggae EP

A - Reggae Woman
B1 - Redemption Song (Pearl Jam live)
B2 - Three Little Birds (Pearl Jam live)

"Reggae Woman" is a song Eddie Vedder wrote in 1988. This version was recorded before he was in Pearl Jam. The other two songs here are just Eddie singing solo in between Pearl Jam songs. These are both Bob Marley songs and they are basically a capella, no reggae music behind him. The other members of Pearl Jam don't share his love for that reggae groove it seems.

"Reggae Woman"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Cats - Swan Lake 7'' (1968)

Most of you have this classic already. Here's for the few who don't. A - Swan Lake B - Swing Low

Monday, April 16, 2012

Praetors - I'm the Best 7'' (1983)

A - I'm the Best

B - Bam Bam

SOTD: Tackhead - Ska Trek (1989)

Remember the song "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang? They had a group of guys backing them up called Fats Comet who were also known as Tackhead. These are the same guys backing up Grandmaster Flash on White Lines and The Message.

They released their first 7" in 20 years on November 11th, 2011. Its a cover of Bob Marley's Exodus. Here's a remix of the new track.

It's from an album of new music that's supposed to be released in 2012. Stay tuned to their Official Site for news on that.

They released the album Friendly as a Hand Grenade in 1989 and the first track on the album was "Ska Trek"