Friday, February 17, 2012

004 - State of Affairs: 1980-1983 [LINKS UPDATED NOVEMBER 18, 2018]

004 (pronounced "Double-O Four") was from Utah and they were known for playing the ON Klub every now and then. Their drummer later went on to play with 4 Non Blondes before her tragic death in 1997.

1 Second Thoughts
2 Ready For Love
3 Dance Dance Dance
4 World of Concern
5 Evil Minds
6 Passionate Touching
7 Limited War
8 In Trouble (With Love)
9 Public Services
10 Kind Love
11 Dance Together
12 War in America
13 Dance Trance (from live KUED PMN PBS video)
14 World of Concern (Dub-Worldmix)
15 Public Services (Public-Dub version)
16 Brite Lite (Motor Home Mix Dub)
17 Let Me Be (rapid Transit version)



Monday, February 13, 2012

Rhythm Riot 12'' (1987)

I've put this off for a while because I was hoping to tie up some loose ends. I know that the lead vocalist for Rhythm Riot - Andy Spalaris - was in an earlier San Francisco area ska band before this band. I know they had a female vocalist and they played more upbeat than Rhythm Riot. They had a name along the lines of "The Rudies" or maybe something with "Pressure" in the name. You know, something absolutely ska sounding.
The internet is stingy about the information regarding this band. I hope one of you dear Tone and Wavers out there have some clue.

(David Snyder who plays guitar on one song on this record may have been a full fledged member of the other band)(...oh, and the lead singer was a black woman who only had one Sade or Madonna)

Anyway...this is a nice bit of 80s pop reggae from California. The band is pretty much a duo consisting of the aforementioned Andy Spalaris and bassist Otto Waldorf with over a dozen guest musicians including William Gregory who played sax with Tears for Fears.

A1 Keep the Spirit
A2 Washed Away
B1 Dynamite
B2 It Gets Cold
B3 Warning

"Keep the Spirit"

"Washed Away"

Friday, February 10, 2012

Matt Bianco - Get Put of Your Lazy Bed 7'' (1983)

Matt Bianco is the name of the band. There is nobody in the band named Matt. They were from Britain and they released a lot of music in the 80s and 90s but most of what they did sounds more like Ricky Marin than this. This song was on their first album "Whose Side are You on?" from 1984. There was another song on that album called "Sneaking Out the Back Door" that was along the lines of "Get Out of Your Lazy Bed" which I included .
Back up vocals were provided by Polish pop star Basia. She was a member of Matt Bianco before she went off on her own. She released her first album called "Time and Tide" in 1987 and it contained a song called "How Dare You" that had a sound reminiscent of these early Matt Bianco tunes. I have included that in this download as well.

A - Get Out of Your Lazy Bed
B - Big Rosie
* Matt Bianco - Sneaking Out the Back Door
* Basia - How Dare You