Saturday, March 20, 2021

Me In The Bucket - From the Depths of the Rhine (2006)


1 Calor y Sabor

2 Chase Scene

3 Fly High Drop Low

4 Milano Centrale

5 Balance

6 0019

7 Shut Up the Dog

8 Mad Elephant on My Ass

9 Habladera de Puto

10 Hecha de Bolas




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Caraiban Boys

Caraiban Boys - The Pitchmen Sound 7" (1978)

A - Pitchmen Sound

B - Jamaica Stomp

Caraiban Boys - Guitar Shuffle 7" (1979)

A - Guitar Shuffle

B - What a Night




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Golgo - triSKAdekaphobia (1997)


1 Finger Cream

2 Camel Clutch

3 Septic Outbreak

4 Hip to the West Bank

5 Epicac

6 No Sam Nod

7 Jake Miller

8 Root of All Evil

9 50" Booty

10 Zan Woviotis

11 Sully's Song

12 untitled




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Airhead - How Big I Heart (1981)


80s vanilla reggae from California. 

1 Oh Me Oh My

2 Freedom Street

3 How Big I Heart

4 Strugglin' Man

5 All Day All Night

6 Lovin' Spirit

7 Love You

8 Rootin' for a Cause

9 I Too



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Ex-Presidents - Club 33 (1997)


1 It's So Easy

2 I Found Myself

3 Slingshot

4 Lilac

5 Empty

6 Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

7 Nobody Knows

8 hidden track




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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Sticky Fridge - Flight One (1984)


I recently posted the band The Walkman and it was more popular than I expected and people asked if I know anything more about the band.

I don't.

Like the rest of you I wish they had more recordings than they actually do so this record here might satisfy some of you. 

It sounds almost exactly like The Walkman. They are from the same country as The Walkman and they were playing around the same time but, as far as I know, they have nothing at all to do with The Walkman. No shared members or any other connection. 

I'm pretty sure this is the only thing Sticky Fridge ever released but I hope I'm wrong.

 If I told you this was another Walkman song you'd believe it.

1 This World

2 Real Face

3 Stoned on New Years Eve

4 Future's Not Ours to See

5 Nostradamus

6 Bye Bye Boy

7 Sitting Hours in My Chair

8 Change

9 Walk to the Boss

10 How is it Possible

11 Get Me Out of Here

12 Rosegarden



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10 Dollar Mic - Rising Sun (1998)


There was a compilation from 1998 called "Listen Up Sonny" that was the first release by a small label called Tough Guy Productions from Keizer, Oregon which started out with three tracks from this band 10 Dollar Mic who were from Corvallis, Oregon. 

(Pardon my dangling participles) 


The three songs from the compilation are on this CD which is their only release.


1 Kitty

2 Infiltration

3 Shadowman

4 Skadzilla

5 Drinkin' Again

6 Rising Sun 


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Tuesday, March 16, 2021



Trivia question:

Who was the lead singer for Skankin' Pickle?

Most people would say "Bruce Lee! Mike Park!" But the original 'lead singer' for Skankin' Pickle was Mr. Clean - Mike Mattingly. When Skankin' Pickle split up and the band members went their separate ways to form other bands like The Chinkees, 78 RPMs, and the Bruce Lee Band,  Mike Mattingly started his own project called Neosoreskin which was an experimental ska-inspired band. Chances are that if you're not already a Skankin' Pickle fan you may find this band hard to digest at first.

 They put out three albums before Mr. Clean fell off a roof and broke his back whilst working as a chimney sweep.   

Neosoreskin - Say Hello to Neo (1995)

1 I Want My Foreskin Back

2 Happy King

3 Budlight Land

4 Kiss (Love Letter from R.W.F.)

5 Too Many Tough Guys

6 Mister Dickhead

7 Do the Shatner Roll

8 untitled


DOWNLOAD "Say Hello to Neo" from MEGA

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Neosoreskin - Toilet Tree (1997)

1 Nobody Likes Our New Songs

2 Shut Yer Mouthpiece

3 Somersault Swami

4 Slip and Slide

5 Bus Fuk

6 I Know You Know

7 Can't Sleep

8 Memory (What to Forget)

9 I Love Anchovies

10 Riding the Giant Fish

11 A Lion Poem for Uncle Mike

12 (Be a Monkey)

13 Smoke Drink and Fuck

14 untitled


DOWNLOAD "Toilet Tree" from MEGA 

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Neosoreskin - Vicegription (1999)

1 Sumptin Sweet

2 Bird's Eye View (Birdbrain)

3 Jolly

4 How to Get There

5 Time! Me Down

6 Hoopa Hula

7 Push Me

8 Happy Spot

9 Shovel Man

10 Chopbuster

11 Overtime

12 Birdbrainless

13 Everybody Likes Our New Songs

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Gangbusters - Sounded Good at the Time

 Gangbusters was one of California's first straight-forward ska bands. There were lots of other bands who played some ska but very few bands had a setlist that was almost all ska. The Untouchables, the Skeletones, the Uptones, No Doubt, etc. - they are known as the big California ska bands before the third wave hit but realistically ska was only a part of their set. Aside from Let's Go Bowling and The Donkey Show most of these 'big names' weren't full-time ska bands.

 If you know Gangbusters at all it's probably because of the song 'Bad Attitude' from the first "California Skaquake" compilation. 

When I hear bands like this I wonder why they are not one of the big names and I think it comes down to how much music they made available to take home. Gangbusters recorded a lot of their music but the only thing they ever put out for people to listen to at home or in the car or to share with their friends was one demo tape called "Vibes".

 I never found a copy of "Vibes" but around 2007 somebody sent me the MP3s of "Vibes" - or so they said. As it turns out the demo I was sent was just four songs that the band made available on their MySpace page and somebody took the time to do a mock-up of the cover using a picture from the MySpace page.

I fell for it because, first of all, I never knew what the demo tape inlay card looked like or if it even had one, and secondly, I had no way of knowing what songs were on the "Vibes" demo.

Recently I was looking for something else on eBay and this CD appeared. I had recently heard about it because one of my Facebook friends asked about it. I snagged it and I was really impressed with it. It is not an official release but a compilation of demos and live performances put together by the band on CDR.

The best part is that the "Vibes" demo tape (the four songs from MySpace) that I got years ago has three songs that do not appear on this compilation. I included that (with the fake cover) in this download. 

1 New Friends*

2 It's No Good

3 Real World

4 Children

5 Sally

6 Texas Ska

7 What Kind of Fool

8 Cities and Towns

9 Someday

10 A Million Miles

11 Bad Attitude

12 Bottle of Rum

13 Big Chicken

14 No Fun

15 Gangbusters

16 Texas Ska

17 Someday

18 Sally

19 Bad Attitude

20 Real World

21 Live Together

22 It's No Good

23 A Million Miles

24 Children

25 Texas Ska

26 Someday

27 On My Back


The fake Vibes demo



1 Look to the Sky

2 Spinning

3 Boris Chorus

4 Bad Attitude


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* The first song New Friends cuts off in middle of the song on the CD. It's not an error on my part. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Creepers - The Rockin' Horror Creep Show (1997)

 Third wave ska from New York. Male and female vocals with only the slightest punk sound. Super rare.

1 Ride it Out

2 Going Home

3 Tired of You

4 Ska for Sale

5 We Never Close

6 Skirts and Pants

7 Blues Brothers Polka

8 Model Citizen

9 New Number 1

10 Screw Hawaii

11 Rude Girls




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Satelite Kingston - demo tape (1997)

 This tape only has two songs on it and both were released on a compilation called Skamania! Lo Mejor del Ska Argentino Vol.1 so if you have that you don't need to download this unless you want to see scans of the inlay card.

1 Dulcinea

2 Sigo Igual


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Nigel Six demo tapes

 I previously posted Nigel Six's EP and the Let's Go Crime demo tape HERE.

These other tapes are more punk with less ska but sometimes you just wanna complete the collection.

Nigel Six - Rage Against the Spatula (1994)

1 Idiots on TV

2 The Land of the Nude

3 Dominic the Flasher

4 Ohio Chicken

5 You Know Him

6 Jerome


 Nigel Six - Don't Ask, Don't Tell (1996)

1 Virginia

2 Cloud City

3 No Women

4 Push Me

5 Goodnight Ned


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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Les Crazy Skankers

French ska band who were more known for their live shows than their recordings. 

 They had two demo tapes. One was live and the other was a studio demo. I previously posted their studio demo but this post has everything they ever recorded. All of their live recordings, demos, compilation songs, and their one and only album.

If I am wrong and you have something, or know of something else that they may have released, please let me know. I spent a couple of years trying to track down anything they have recorded and this is what I found:



Rudi Get Crazy (live demo tape - 1992)


1 No. 6

2 Come Skank

3 Where is the True

4 Dread Black Rebel

5 Dum

6 Mandela

7 Roza Cècile


Demo Studio (1992)


1 Smoky Mountains

2 Dread Black Rebel

3 Rude Boy on the Move

4 Skanky

5 Number Six  


Les Crazy Skankers - Live Festiv'A L'Oeil (1994)


1 Only Survive

2 Wayo

3 No Cheating

4 Come Skank

5 Too Fat to Teach

6 He is the King

7 I Wanna Prove


9 Victims of History


Les Crazy Skankers - Wayo (1995)


1 Introduce It

2 I Wanna Prove

3 Only Survive

4 Victims of History

5 Wayo

6 Midtro

7 How Far

8 MLAA 1

9 Skanky

10 No Cheating

11 The Other Side

12 Outtro

13 Wayo Dub


Les Crazy Skankers EP (1996)


1 Escape Lane

2 Stay

3 Desperate Hour

4 Go Away 


loose/non-album tracks:

 Mogadishow (from Ni Jah Ni Maitre)

Only Survive  (from Stay S.H.A.R.P. volume 3)

Big Game (from Let's Skank!: An Open Minded Approach to Ska)

He's the King (from Vive le Souk)


Love Heart ('Lies' and 'Love Heart' are both from the 1998 compilation Fantasques Hits)


DOWNLOAD part 1 - Wayo and Live Festiv'A L'Oeil from MEGA

DOWNLOAD part 2 - Rudi Get Crazy demo, Demo Studio, the EP, and all of the compilation tracks from MEGA




DOWNLOAD part 1 - Wayo and Live Festiv'A L'Oeil from Zippyshare

DOWNLOAD part 2 - Rudi Get Crazy demo, Demo Studio, the EP, and all of the compilation tracks from Zippyshare








va Blackpool's Skampilation volume 3 7" (1995)

A1 - See Spot - Orient Express

B1 - Los Hooligans - Man on a Leash

B2 - Mento Buru - Move a Girl




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The Band Dick Tidrow - Mr. Dirt Rides Again (1993)

 1 Tidrow Takes the Mound

2 Why

3 Dream Thoughts from Hillshyre Farms

4 Workin' It

5 Sailin'

6 Telephone Sal

7 Sidney

8 Tidro-A-Go-Go


10 Let's be Friends

11 Shut Up...

12 Succubus

13 Fishy, Fishy

14 untitled


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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Pressure Cooker - Contents Under Pressure (1994)

Early 90s ska/punk band from Canada. They also had a 7" but both songs from the single are on this CD. 

There's a little bit of hard rock, some heavy metal guitars here and there, and just a touch of funk, but, unlike other bands from that time period, they are primarily ska.

 1 Buried

2 Activate

3 In the Bar

4 Message to Dimitri

5 In that Mood Again

6 Hybrid Junkie

7 On the Beat

8 Not in Service

9 Man in the Street

10 LSD

11 Liberator

12 A La Ska

13 Girl in the Bathroom

14 Relic

15 Brontosaurus

16 Indifferent

17 Loser 

18 Happy Day

19 Under the Sun

20 African

21 Can't Have It

22 Speed Closet

23 Eggplant

24 Peanuts

25 Socasucker


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