Sunday, September 22, 2019

Lebanon - Just Another Spliff 7'' (1987)

This is the only release from this German band whose members later formed the band Datashock for some reason. I am only presuming that this was released in 1987 but nobody really knows.

It's not ska in the purest sense but it is ska enough that it belongs in this blog.

You can hear "Just Another Spliff" HERE.


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The Braces - In Ska Studio (1986)

This is their first recording - their demo tape.

1 Julie Julie
2 Playing Darts
3 The Letter
4 No Reason
5 The Girls of Today

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Blue Chateau - What a Nice, Nice Neighbourhood 7" (1990)

You know these guys because of Steps in the Alley. I did have my own copy of this record as you can see from the scans, but the rips were sent to me by your friend and mine Rude Rich. His rips sounded great so I never bothered to rip the record myself.

A (One) - I Don't Care
A (Two) - Unity

This record is listed as being released in 1990 but you can see on the cover that it was recorded live at their last concert in 1991. Either there's a misprint somewhere or these guys are capable of time travel.


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Blacus - Side by Side 7" (1980)

This one is all about the B-Side which is ska/reggae but the A-side is a soul song. I didn't spend too much time editing the A-side because I know you won't listen to it anyway.

A - Side by Side
B - Jacamaca


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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Loin Groin - Chicken Parma EP (1999)

1 Chicken Parma
2 L.T.D.
3 Life Story
4 Waverly Park
5 Spot the Ridge


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Sheep's E-Band - Gangska (1995)

1 Gang Ska
2 White Wine and Crackerfood
3 SheepSka
4 Frog's Don't Cry
5 I Can't Stand it No More
6 Skaman
7 Baboushka
8 Everything Crash
9 Sad Mind
10 Through with My Baby
11 The Tuberculucas
12 Dance With Me
13 Marlena


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Their first album "Ask Ask" from 1993 is available HERE.

Grannarna - Hissen 7" (1981)

There was a punk band in Sweden in the late 70s called Raid who needed a singer. A vocalist from a band called  ÅHMHS (Åt Hell Me Hela Skiten) joined and brought his guitarist with him forming a new band called Grannarna Klagar (Complaining Neighbor). They played hardcore noisy punk but eventually started experimenting with ska, reggae, disco, and funk.
They shortened their name to Grannarna before recording this single and the band broke up shortly after it was released. It didn't become very well known outside of their local scene. Maybe that's because whenever the band was asked about their record they lied about the title of the record and the songs which they later admitted wasn't the greatest marketing strategy.
They attempted several times to regroup but it never happened.
This is the only studio recording the band ever made but you can hear some of their live songs as well as some songs from drummer Kari Sjoblom's side projects HERE.

A - Hissen
B - Olle

Olle is a cautionary song about drugs, and Hissen has something to do with an elevator.


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Monday, September 2, 2019

The Shriners

The Shriners from Provo, Utah were sometimes called The Shriners of Ska. They played intense upbeat ska that appealed to fans of the 2 Tone sound as well as those who liked more of a third wave ska-punk style.

The Shriners of Ska LIVE! (1996) 
1 Dancehall Ska
2 Metro North
3 Rise Up
4 Rude Bwoy on the Run

The Shriners - Finally Got a Cushman (1996)
1 Metro N
2 Rise Up
3 Dance Hall Ska
4 Juanitas
5 Barbara Mae
6 Rude Boy on the Run
*untitled live instrumental

All four songs on the tape are on the CD but the ones on the tape are live and the ones on the CD are studio versions. The spellings of some of the song titles vary between the two so I spelled them the way they are on each release.

Hear "Rise Up"

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I'm selling my music - super cheap

Short story short - I'm selling my music. All of it. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

I hate selling on eBay and I don't have time to post anything so my wife has been putting everything up. She's handling all of the communications.

It may take a few months to put it all up so keep checking back. Everything is going up with a low starting bid - even that one record that ten of you contacted me about that nobody wanted to pay for. It's up for $5.00 so fight amongst yourselves.

Shipping will be combined. I'm not trying to make a profit off of shipping. If I overcharge I usually refund the difference if it's a reasonable amount.

The good thing about all of this is I'm coming across things that I forgot I had. I've been ripping everything like mad. I don't have time to listen to it or edit any of it right now. When time allows I will post as much as I can on either blog.

I have to consider whether or not it's realistic to keep the blogs going at this time. Even if I have to quit I probably have enough things already ripped to keep going about another year. A lot can happen in a year so I might just pick up where I left off or put it on hold for a while. Who knows. Let's see what happens.

Here's the link. This is just the beginning - lots more to come.