Friday, February 26, 2016

Kaya - For All You See 7" (1984)

Extremely rare ska record from this American band from Connecticut.

A - For All You See

B - Some People Think


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Far Image - Mr. Cop 7" (1981) [LINK UPDATED February 18, 2018]

A - Mr. Cop
B - Hey Girl


No Sports - No Rules (1994)

1 No Rules
2 Turn It On
3 Never Satisfied
4 So What
5 Penne all'Arrabiata
6 Coconut Girl
7 Pinball Cha Cha
8 Information
9 Walking in the Sunshine
10 Murder
11 Girlie, Girlie
12 Walk on the Wildside


Fabulous Titans - Fabulous Titans 12" (1980)

I previously posted their 7" "Rico's Lament" but both of the songs on the single are on this EP - the same versions - so there's no need to repost the single again but I did include their unreleased single with this download.

I have a copy of this record but I cannot get a decent rip of it so the one posted here - the music and the cover scans - was contributed by Rikard.

The Fabulous Titans 12"
1 Rico's Lament
2 Hold Me
3 Don't Ever Leave Me
4 Johnny Rocker
5 Hold Me Dub (California Style)

The unreleased single:
A - I'm Lookin' for Love
B - I'm Lookin' for Dub


The Insteps [New York]

The Insteps - Eleven Steps to Power (1996)
1 The Dragon
2 The Sufferer
3 Don't Ask
4 Always Remember
5 Every Slacker is a Star
6 Saladin
7 Free Advice
8 Everything I Ever Loved
9 The Final Call
10 The Goat

The Insteps - I'm the King 7" (1993)
A - I'm the King
B - The Heat

DOWNLOAD the album, the single, and a few loose tracks from comps

Monday, February 15, 2016

We Don't Skare (1994)

1 Skeletones - Jill Victoria
2 Hoodlum Empire - C. Johnson's Clothes
3 Steady Ernest - Singular 1
4 Engine 54 - Nomeansno
5 6 Feet Deep - Smoking Barrel
6 Ska Face - No Idea
7 Bim Skala Bim - Paraguyan Sun (live)
8 Ngobo Ngobo - Hello Everybody
9 Square Roots - Foreskin Heads
10 Skarface - Ça Recommence
11 Too Hot - Grandad
12 Mealticket - Looking Glass
13 Blechreiz - Loving Couple
14 The In-Vaders - Ska Guitar
15 Los Pies Negros - Prisonero del Vietcong
16 Skamp Boys - Le Pouvoir
17 Skunks - Glass Pants
18 Mustard Plug - Ballpark Skank


Cassie - Change My Image 7" (1982)

This is one of those records that is sold as a ska record but the ska influence is slight. The A-side is female fronted rockin' new wave and the B-side is more rockin' than the A-side but it keeps going back-and-forth between some distorted guitar to a mellow punk-reggae sound. Both songs are good and the record is very rare and expensive. I do not have a copy myself. This download is for some low quality versions I found online.

A - Change My Image
B - Will You?


V Spy V Spy - Do What You Say 7" (1982) [REPOST]

Do What You Say 7"
A - Do What You Say
B - Table Tea Mix

 Four Fresh Lemons EP
1 Marlowe
2 Sofa
3 That (Dead) Girl
4 Brightside

These two EPs were later released together as Six Fresh Lemons. There are no ska songs here but they are ska inspired and I'm posting them for their rarity and because they are good records.

This is a paraphrased re-post from 2010. The original post is HERE.


KTK - Care For Me 7" (1989)

A - Care for Me

B - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life


Regulators - Westcliff Girls 7" (1980)

One of many bands called the Regulators. These guys were from Essex UK and they played punk/reggae and this is probably their only release.
This download is not my own rip but was respectfully stolen from Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth.

1 Westcliff Girls
2 Short and Curlies
3 Telephone Ringing
4 Officers & Gentlemen


Boilers - Rockin' Steady (1988) [REPOST]

Reposted by request...

1 Outta Control
2 Ice in Her Eyes
3 Coeur a Voil
4 Red Snapper
5 Twisted Step
6 Under Pressure
7 Trouble Me
8 Straight Road Curving
9 Ganjibus Gorilla
10 So Much I Would Leave You
11 In This Time
12 Boiled Potato



The Boilers also had a cassette-only release from 1987 called Flotsam

1 Chubby
2Ganjibus Gorilla
3 Oppressor Man
4 In This Time
5 Ice in Her Eyes
6 Twisted Step
7 Permanent Holiday
8 Cour a Voil
*Brighter Days (from the compilation New York Beat: Hit & Run from 1986)
*Bal' Man Jump (from the compilation SkaVille USA vol. 3 from 1988)