Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Tigers - Ska City 7" (1982)

Ska/New Wave/Rock and Roll band from Athens, Georgia (could be wrong about Athens, but I'm pretty sure I'm right about Georgia) and this is another one that I think only made this one recording.

A - Ska City
B - Thank You Andrew 
- bonus live version of Ska City that is not on this record

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Basics - Run By You 7" (1983)

California band that featured 2 members that later went on to play in General Public. Read an interview with the drummer Mario Minardi on Marco on the Bass HERE.

I'm not positive, but I don't think they ever recorded anything else.

A - Run By You
B - Run By You (Dub)


Ishmael United - If You Can't Shout Saved, You'll Have to Face the Penalty (1980) [REPOST]


For being considered a ska band there are only 3 ska songs on this album.

Reverend Ian Smale - better known as Ishmael - released 36 albums in his career but I think the only time he played ska was when he played under the name Ishmael United. Can't be certain though.

1 Song of the Last Generation
2 Star on Sunday
3 Bartimaeus
4 If You Can't Shout Saved, You'll Have to Face the Penalty
5 Jesus Trip
6 Don't Rock de Boat
7 Crowd Trouble
8 Christian Schizophrenic
9 Now It's all Gone Wrong
10 Caroline Robbins
11 Jesus is Making a Comeback
12 The Glories

"If You Can't Shout Saved..."
"Crowd Trouble"