Friday, July 31, 2009

Skaville Train - Live in London


Submitted by Ronan

Skaville Train live in London in 1992 mixing desk recording.

1 Liquidator
2 Perhaps
3 Ska Ba
4 Blood Pressure
5 Take Five
6 Confucious


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beat Direction


Submitted by Rikard.

Beat Direction was a post punk/mod band from Montreal, Canada (not the UK as I have previously posted). This is their only release. It's from 1984 and it has one ska song "Dream Girl", but they did have another song called "Ska-Au-Go-Go" that was on a very rare comp from 1985 called "The Cutting Edge". It was also put out on a flexi in 1985 in an issue of the mod fanzine "In The Crowd" with the mod band Squire.


Long Distance Beat
A1 - Walking on China
A2 Looking for Emma Peel
B1 Nina
B2 Dream Girl
B3 So Romantic

In The Crowd flexidisc
Squire - Does Stephanie Know? (originally a b-side)
Beat Direction - Ska-Au-Go-Go


Yebo - Eastern Standard Time


This post is by request. I can't remember who requested it, but here you go.

1 Skayatollah
2 Reburial
3 Eastern Standard Time
4 Rudy, A Message to You
5 Miss Ska-Kulation
6 Delightful
7 President Kennedy
8 Congo Dub
9 Cleopatra
10 She Took Off My Romeos
11 Skaravan
12 Droppin' Out
13 Independance Ska
14 Jody Grind
15 Dick Tracy
16 Skazz (Work Song)
17 Famine
18 Dead End Streets


Monday, July 27, 2009

Systemes Sonores


Systemes Sonores - A Frenchy Journey to Jamaican Sound Design

- a blogspot dedicated to French ska and reggae has made a comp for us.

Atlande - Le Mac Homme (1980)
Camera Silens - A Qui la Faute (1987)
Diesel - Barbes Pigalle (place Clichy) (1980)
Gang + - Un Singe (Derriere la Tete) (1990)
Les Ejectes - Rockskaroots (1989)
Vladimir Cosma - Formalities (instrumental) (1982)

...and I have added 2 more French 2 Tone songs to this comp:

Babylon Fighters - Fuck You
Gérard Blanchard - Rock Amonder

- both of which were contributed by Hiroshi

Download this comp HERE

Les Frelons - Mouvement Non Stop


1 Tous le Matins
2 Les Politiciens
3 L'Amoureux Timide
4 Ball Trap
5 Pussycat
6 Rock Rudy Steady


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Farm - double feature

This is the first two releases by The Farm - the band from Liverpool who was well known in the nineties for the indie rock song "All Together Now". Though there was no noticeable ska influence in their later work their earlier releases were produced by Suggs himself who also managed the band for a couple years in the eighties and, although they weren't exactly ska, they fit perfectly in with the 2Tone scene.

Madness fans should appreciate these:

Hearts and Minds 12" (1984)
(Suggs even did back-up vocals on this one)

A1 - Hearts and Minds
A2 - Hearts and Minds (Dub)
B1 - Information Man
B2 - Same Old Story

Some People 7" (1986)

A - Some People
B - The Moroccan


Thanks to regular submitter Rikard for these!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AK47 - Baby Come Back to Me 7'' (1983)


I don't know who these guys are or where they come from or whether or not they have other recordings. The A side is mellow reggae akin to UB40 and the B side is more like the Untouchables. Both songs are very good and the vocals are great.

A - Baby Come Back to Me
B - Foolin' Yourself


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The AK Band

I have renewed the link for the AK Band's "Pink Slippers b/w Skegaway" 7"

and if you're interested their other 7"
"8-3-12 b/w Walnuts-Moleteazerz"

it's available HERE on one of my favorite blogs Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth.

Do yourself a favour and browse around that blog if you haven't yet. Lots of good 2tone-era music and other great stuff.


The Papers - "Who Put the Reggae on the Radio?" 7"
Mobster's 2nd single "Simmer Down b/w Mobster Shuffle"
Tranzista "Better Beware" 7"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sax Maniax - Oversaxed


1 Never Gonna Lose Me Babe
2 Keeping It Quiet
3 The First Time
4 Wasted
5 On Your Own
6 The Things I do for You
7 Sara Sara Kiki
8 Answer Phone
9 !!One Hundred 'N' Eighty!!
10 Somebody Help Me
11 I Always Will
12 Do Good

Never Gonna Lose Me 7''
A - Never Gonna Lose Me
B - Let's Twist Again


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Nighthawks - Skank It Up (1980)


This is a brilliant album that was sent to me by Andreu:

It's the Nighthawks one and only full length from 1980 but they did have 4 singles. I'm pretty sure though that all of their singles (including b-sides) are on the album. I could be wrong (although I never have been before). There was a "Belle Blue" maxi single and I cannot find what the other tracks on that are.

Guitarist/vocalist Oliver Stephan is currently playing in The Stimulators.

1 Sophisticated Woman
2 Jo'Burg Jive*
3 Johnny Too Bad
4 Shanty Town
5 Carry Go Bring Come
6 Patsy Girl
7 White Shoes
8 Here Comes the Nighthawks
9 Blood is Thicker than Water
10 Cocktail Blues
11 Belle Blue

(link has been removed at the request of the band because they plan on re-releasing their music)

Thank you Andreu!!!

*The track "Jo'Burg Jive" has a voice at the beginning that is a tag for the editing software that was used. It's a bit annoying, but it doesn't really interfere with the song too much.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Akrylykz - J.D. 7"


This is Akrylykz 2nd 7" from 1980.

A - J.D.
B - Ska'd for Life


Monday, July 6, 2009


It seems every time I have some money saved up to get a new computer my car somehow finds out about it and decides to break down so I still haven't been able to get a new computer yet - I'm hoping I will in the next 2 weeks. I am able to use a computer every now and then, but I can't rip my vinyls or use my scanner just yet.

However I did recieve an email today from your friend and mine Rikard who spent a good deal of his time ripping not only the Ska-Boom album "Lost in Ska", but all three of their singles as well.


The album in this download is the original 11 track from 1990 though the cover pictured here is from the 1991 re-release that included all 3 tracks from the "More Tea Vicar?" single. The cover of the original didn't have the yellow writing or the speech bubble.

Here they are performing "What Did I Do" in 1990. Rikard also posted this on Youtube.

The Plan 7" (1989)
A - The Plan
B1 - Long Shot Kick de Bucket
B2 - Rukumbine

Romeo 7" (1989)
A - Romeo
B - Ska Summer

Lost in Ska LP (1990)
1 Classic Case
2 Hard Times
3 What Did I Do?
4 But My Love
5 So FarAway
6 Carry Go Bring Come
7 Lost in Ska
8 Sister
9 Romeo (live Abbey Park '89)
10 Today
11 Ska Summer (1990)

More Tea Vicar 7" (1990)
A - More Tea Vicar?
B1 - Runaway Girl
B2 - I Didn't Mean It


Here's the original cover:

Thanks again to Rikard!!!