Thursday, April 29, 2010

Six Feet Deep - It Came From Six Feet Deep (1997)

A third wave band with 2Tone sounds.
This is what the third Let's Go Bowling album should have sounded like.

1 No Way Out
2 Tango de los Ojos
3 Closet
4 Papa Shango
5 Run Scooby Run
6 Smokin' Barrel
7 Flores Para los Muertos
8 Kamchatska
9 T.G.R.
10 Possession
11 Hourglass
12 Skankin in the Boneyard
13 Switchable

"Smokin' Barrel"



A ridiculous amount of thanks to Mikeska!!

Jamaican Survivors - Maffia Theme 7" (1980)

...submitted by Andreu

A - Maffia Theme
B - Alcatraz


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Gents

Some pretty damn decent mod music that was submitted by Bruce.
I always saw this in the ska section and they do use the black and white checkers so I thought it was ska. But it's not. It's mod.
And it's some damn good music.

New Direction 7" (1985)
A - New Direction
B - You Are the Sun

Shout 7" (1985)
A - Shout
B - The Faker

Stay With Me 7" (1985)
A - Stay With Me
B - In the Heat of the Sun
...includes songs from the Stay With Me 12"
A2 - Stay With Me (extended version)
B1 - Tomorrow Never Comes
B2 - Don't Turn Away


"In the Heat of the Sun"

"The Faker"

More on the Gents HERE

The Allniters singles

...from our Australian correspondent Craig

You Shouldn't Stay Out Late 7" (1982)
A - You Shouldn't Stay Out Late
B - She Drives Me Round the Bend

Hold On 12" (1983)
A - Hold On
B - Mr. Yunioshi

Screaming Dreaming 12" (1984)
A - Screaming, Dreaming
B1 - So Long
B2 - Allniters

I Saw You First 7" (1984)
A - I Saw You First
B - Mexico

All That Easy 7" (1987)

A - All That Easy
B - The Party

Nowhere Fast cd single (1999)
1 Nowhere Fast
2 Life's Too Short
3 Nowhere Fast Dub


...also, if you are interested, Ronan lead me to THIS SITE that has an unofficial remix of Montego Bay

there are still some Allniters singles that we are still looking for:
"Jingle Bells / Juliet" 7" 1982
"Montego Bay / Two Fruits" 7" 1983
"Wake Up Sydney / " 7" 1985
"All That Easy / The Party" 7" 1987

Should All Ska Music Be Free? Two Sides Of The Same Coin

If you haven't already read the interview that I did for Joe Scholes site "Words and Music" the full article is HERE and includes an opposing view from Matze Broeckel from Pork Pie Records.

There were things I could've said better and other things that I didn't say that I should have and, of course, a bunch of rambling crap that I shouldn't have said (if you've ever received an email from me you're familiar with this sort of thing.)

If you do read it please leave a comment with your perspectives. If you agree with me there may be a point or two that I never considered and I will adopt as my own the next time I encounter this conversation in my own propinquities.
If you don't agree with me I am probably more interested in hearing your spin on the whole thing.

(this video is kinda related)

"Home sleeping's killing hotels"

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Aquabats vs. Gwar

A Ska Parade broadcast from July 25th 1998.

It really is better than you might think.

20 minutes


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Squatter Boys - Sound of the Sphinx 7" (1980)

...submitted by Andreu

I had this on a tape that a friend gave me many many years ago. Somebody made him a ska tape and he was a hardcore punk who never got into ska so he gave me the tape and I never knew what exactly I was listening to. A couple years back I discovered this site and learned what the song was called and who did it.
It has more recently become a favorite of mine and I just checked my email and discovered that Andreu sent it so I had to post it immediately.

It's a forgotten rarity that I hope you appreciate as much as I do.

I have lots more good stuff to post tomorrow or the next day but I had to put this one out there right away.

A - Sound of the Sphinx
B - Harlem Sound

"Sound of the Sphinx"


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urban Blight

My Side of the Fence EP (1983)
A1 - My Side of the Fence
A2 - Shades of Blue
B1 - Bits About
B2 - A Nite Out

A Night Out 12" (1983)
A - A Night Out
B - Urban Night Dub

Peace Train 12" (1984)
A - Peace Train
B - Peace Dub

From the Westside to the Eastside EP (1987)
1 House of Gold
2 Get Closer
3 The World Keeps Spinning
4 U Must Be
5 Go Bouncin'
6 The World Keeps Spinning (instrumental)


Much thanks to James!!

Crucial DBC - What's Next

Crucial DBC formed in the early 80s in California and released four cassettes. This is one of them. I know they had another one called "Dread Rock" and I don't know what the other two are called or what years any of them were released.
The band was lead by Norman Jones who teamed up with Dave Wakeling in General Public and later The New Radicals.

A ton of thanks to Michael who contributed this!!

1 Discreate the limits
2 Holdback Syndrome
3 I'm Giving Up
4 My Dancing Partner
5 U R A Slave
6 Midnight Hour / Let Him Go
7 Oppression
8 A Different Kind of Black & White
9 What's Next?

"Holdback Syndrome"

"What's Next"


Fun Addicts - Mandela 7"

...contributed by Craig

A - Mandela
B - What's Going On


"What's Going On?"


Bruce's singles collection

Here are some more singles that Bruce has been contributing:

Cairo - I Like Bluebeat / Version
Cairo - Movie Stars / Cuthbert's Birthday Treat
Clean Looking Boys - Sent to Coventry / I Like Your Feel
Division 4 - On the Beat EP with the songs She's Just Not Anybody / Stop Dreaming / I Can't Give You Everything (not ska, but good mod)
Diesel - Barbes Pigalle / Coquez Cola
China Street - You're a Ruin / I Wanna be Your MP (this is not ska but they did have a 2nd 7" "Rock Against Racism / Dubbage" that was)
Ejecutivos Agresivos - Mari Pili / Stereo
Los Cardiacos - Noches de Toison / Extranos en tu Sombra
Los Cardiaco - Salid de Noche / Chicas de Burda


Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Kidding - Watch the Fires & Why Must We Fight 7"

1 All I Wanna Be
2 Shop Window Dummy
3 We Got Soul
4 Watch the Fires

A - Why Must We Fight?
B - Makin' Time


A ton of thanks to Craig and Bruce for these submissions!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Freedom of Expression - For Lack of a Better Word 12" (1985)

...submitted by James who writes:
Freedom of Expression were a mainstay in the Southern Ska scene. In fact, 2 of them play in A.K.A. Rudie these days. They put out this mini lp in 1985, and a cassette only release a few years later. I haven't been able to track down the cassette, but they also had a song on the first Mashin Up The Nation comp, and 2 songs from their cassette on the Ska Gone South CD (which I would highly recommend tracking down, its got a bunch of great 80s and early 90s ska).

1 Keep it Burning
2 I Heard it Through the Grapevine
3 Stranded in Babylon
4 Forward We Stumble
5 On the Dole
6 A Change in the Weather

"Keep it Burning"


Inner City Unit - Paradise Beach 7" (1980)

...submitted by Ronan

The A side isn't ska but it's a pretty good version of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" that I think would be the exact same way the Aquabats would play it.
The B side was on "Ultra Rare Ska". You know, the one that borrows just a little from "Guns of Navarone", just a little.

A - Paradise Beach
B - Amyl Nitrate

"Paradise Beach"


Tivoli - Hälsobröd 7" (1980)

...submitted by Rikard

A - Hälsobröd
B - E-Vitamin



Michael Byrd and the Commercials - Sell Out Before the Fallout EP (1980)

Not straight-forward ska, but has a definite 2Tone sound with a heavy mod influence.
Featuring members of Selecter

A1 - The Girl I Used to Know
A2 - Things are Looking Up
B1 - They Can Never Go Home
B2 - Nightshift

"Things are Looking Up"


Much thanks to Bruce for this submission!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Furry Dice - Rudi, Don't Take Your Love to Town 7" (1981)

...another brilliant submission by Bruce

A - Rudi, Don't Take Your Love to Town

"Rudi, Don't Take Your Love to Town"


Gangsters - Rudi the Red Nosed Reindeer (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

A - Rudi the Red Nosed Reindeer
B - White Christmas


The date on the record is 1968 but it's actually from 1980.

Die Frolix - Unser Größter Fehler 7" (1986)

...submitted by Bruce

Not ska but good punk with horns. I like this sort of thing when it's done right.

A1 Immer Ich!
A2 Wo ist Unsere Heimet?
B1 Die Wilden Zwanziger
B2 Mein Größter Fehler

"Wo ist Unsere Heimet?"


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The MPs - Housewives Choice 7" (1980)

Much thanks to Rikard for this submission!!

A - Housewives Choice

AA - Life on the Dole


Monday, April 5, 2010

Reluctant Stereotypes - She Has Changed (Not You) 7"

...submitted by Rikard

A - She Has Changed (Not You)
B - Ben Shirtman


Laurel Aitken - No More Sorrows 12" (1982)

This was submitted by James who says:

"I don't know much about this one, I picked up a copy without a sleeve, but its amazing. It's like the missing link between his 1980 singles on the I Spy label and the music he started putting out in 86/87 on Unicorn and Gaz's. Sally Brown is almost completely different compared to what it would become on the 12" single he put out in '89."

The internet doesn't have anything to add. Anybody know anything about it?

"Sally Brown"


The Papers - Who Put the Reggae on the Radio? 7" (1980)

...submitted by Ronan

A - Who Put the Reggae on the Radio?
B - Beat the Beat


It has been pointed out that this was taken from Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth. Much respect to them!!
(...incidently you may also want to check out the "New Math" 7" posted HERE.

The Larks - Billy Graham's Going to Heaven 12" (1986)

...submitted by Craig

Early third wave sounds from this London band. They have a Myspace

1 Billy Graham's Going to Heaven
2 Maggie Maggie Maggie
3 Pain in the Neck
4 The Boat
5 Whatever You Say
6 All or Nothing Girl


Janse Bagge Bend - Sollicitere 7" (1982)

...submitted by Bruce

A - Sollicitere
B - 'T Knon Oppe Mert

"'T Knon Oppe Mert"


Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Gangsters - Who's That Man?

Here's a nice little rarity from 1980. These are not the same guys who did "We are The Gangsters". Those guys were from England and these Gangsters are from France. I have to admit that I have never heard of them before yesterday when Bruce sent me this. Does anyone else know anything about them?

A - Who's That Man?
B - Games

"Who's That Man?"


Again thanks to Bruce who also sent a link to where you can buy your own copy of this relic HERE.

Uptown Rulers - Twelve Inches (1982)

Authentic 2 Tone sounds from Bloomington Illinois from 1982.
...submitted by James

1 Tell Me Where You're At
2 Domino
3 Middle Class
4 Being Watched
5 Cardboard Box
6 Exodus

"Tell Me Where You're At"


Six Pack #2: The Scene / Legal Gender split 7" (1987)

...submitted by Bruce

The Scene - Bruise in Me
Legal Gender - Overcast


Jamaican Survivors - Dillinger is Back in Town 7" (1980)

...submitted by Ronan

A - Dillinger is Back in Town
B - Chicago Stomp

"Dillinger is Back in Town"


(*there is a skip at the beginning of Chicago Stomp that doesn't interfere too much)

Urbations - The Whip 7" (1982)

...submitted by James

A - The Whip
B - Skaffle



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Indicators - Modern Love 7" (1980)

"Modern Love"

A - Modern Love
B - Strange Kind of Lady


I've been after this one for a long time. Thanks to Bruce for this submission!!

Stay S.H.A.R.P. vol.1 (1993)

1 Mr. Review - One Way Ticket
2 100 Men - Hungry in Dun Loghaire
3 The New Apollo 7 - Mr. Policeman
4 Malarians - The Fugitive
5 Skarface - Blue Mood
6 No Sports - Stay Rude Stay Rebel (live)
7 Verska Vis - Ego te Batisto (live)
8 Special Brew - Nr. 1 Cult
9 Banana Boats - Marihuana
10 Messer Banzani - Zentis
11 Intensified - Dictator
12 Red London - The Harder They Come


includes full booklet.

I know this has been making its rounds on other sites without the booklet. If you have the music already you can download the booklet only HERE.

Thanks to Rikard for this and for taking the time to do all the scans.

Now Playing: Babylon Saints

This is my first post that focuses on bands that are currently playing.
I intend to make this a regular feature.

From their Myspace:

"The name Babylon Saints is both a contradiction in terms as well as an excellent way to disarm the potential listener of their expectations. So to simply say that the four members of Los Angeles-based group play reggae rock, albeit extremely catchy reggae rock, would be rather deceiving. Singer Matt Gerovac, drummer Brandon Petersen, bassist Tyler Drake, and steel drummer Joseph “Panhead” Peck can offer a better set of groovy descriptions for their sound: Authentic. Soulful. Funk. Honest. Caribbean. American. African. Brazilian. Spicy. Danceable. And, as Peterson puts it, “it’s like if Steel Pulse, the guys from Weather Report, and Men At Work were riding a bike down Sunset Boulevard.”

Just like this colorful imagery, the Babylon Saints members themselves are an assortment of backgrounds and musical perspective. Their collective passion for reggae music was formulated within the schools, streets, and music venues of Anaheim and Whittier, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, the Virgin Islands, Cleveland, OH, Boca Raton, FL, Wichita, KS, Trinidad, WI, and local Los Angeles. Whether it was a Blues Brothers movie (Petersen), a set of pots and pans (Panhead), a vacuum created after quitting baseball (Gerovac), or growing up in a musical environment (Drake) that got them to where they are now, what all four Saints have in common now is their dedication to getting their sound heard.

Babylon Saints have swept California with what Gerovac calls the group’s “gushing warm groove.” Their performances draw on the freedom to not only showcase each instrument, but to feed off and accentuate each member’s sounds and rhythms. Babylon Saints are building a robust live performance schedule with plans for expanded U.S. and international tour stops in support of the upcoming record. Their debut album on Citation Records, due in 2009, will include songs that, Panhead would like you to know, might possibly ravish your face off. In a good way."

They have allowed Tone and Wave to post one of their songs for you to download:
"Day to Day (Radio edit.)"

The Good Guys - A System of Grooves

Ska and reggae from Virginia from 1984. This may be their only recording. Anyone know if they had anything else?

1 Fun Lover
2 Democracy (Or Else)
3 Now that the Feel's Changed
4 Feel's Changed version
5 Beeline
6 Big Guy Town
7 Still a Mistake


"Fun Lover"

Much thanks to James for this submission!!