Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Mob - Send Me to Coventry 7" (1980)

A - Send Me to Coventry

B - Mobbed

Tone and Wave Podcast - Episode 3

Less big names on this one and a lot less talking.

Better music though.

I've mentioned before that I met my wife in England so her grasp of the English language is in the classic sense - not the 'new and improved' American version that I speak so she made me aware that the letter Z is pronounced zed, not zee as I pronounce it in this episode.
The Missus.

Apologies to those who are offended.

Listen and/or download HERE.

Friday, November 26, 2010

T-Shirts - Live January 19, 1982

...submitted by Rikard

1 (anybody know the title to this song?)
2 Computer Man
3 You Got What it Takes
4 Not Another Love Song
5 Let's Twist Again
6 I'm the Television
7 Dancing in a Glass House
8 Walk on Water

Shake and Shout (1984)

Here's a promotional compilation that was inspired by an Australian fanzine called Shake and Shout.
It's a good mix of ska and blue-eyed soul. All of the ska songs on here have been previously posted on Tone and Wave with the exception of the Cockroaches. I do have two of the Cockroaches three albums but I haven't posted them because...well, they're crap.
Members of the cockroaches later formed the childrens' band/show The Wiggles who, a couple years back, did a ridiculous rendition of Monkey Man with Kylie Minogue. People found it amusing without realizing that the Wiggles had roots in ska. (Okay, not really ska, but a sort of calpso-ish "island" music sound).

After all that you have to wonder why I'm posting this at all...
mostly because it's rare, and also because the non-ska stuff is what makes the record.
The Dynamic Hypnotics (who released an EP in 1983 called Strange Land)are presented here with two live songs that aren't on the EP, the Powerpoppy The Singles, and a great raw laidback version of the Drifters' Under the Boardwalk.

Dynamic Hepnotics "The Hip Shake"

Johnny Kannis "Under the Boardwalk"

1 Allniters - Solomon Gundi
2 Stupidity - Bend Don't Break
3 Non Stop Dancers - Only One
4 Naughty Rhythms - Look Like Me
5 Cockroaches - Come Out Tonight
6 Johnny Kannis - Under the Boardwalk
7 Dynamic Hepnotics - The Hip Shake
8 Dynamic Hepnotics - The Hurt is On
9 Mustard Club - Love Is
10 Cockroaches - I'm Ready for Love
11 Living Daylights - It's a Daydream
12 The Singles - The Day

Trevor Walters - Stuck on You (1983)

As far as cover songs go this one is pretty odd. Not the way it sounds, but how fast it was done. Both songs are covers of songs from Lionel Richie's "Can't Slow Down" album that came out in October 1983. This was also released in '83.
"Stuck on You" was the fourth single from the album. It was Lionel Richie's attempt at country and it also reached #24 in Billboard's top Country songs.
"Penny Lover" became a hit for Richie in December of '84 so Trevor Walters covered two hit songs before they were hits.

He must be psychic.

Except for the fact that 5 out of the eight songs on Can't Slow Down were huge hits.

A - Stuck On You
B - Penny Lover

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mr. Review - XXV

New album! Released October 2010. Ten new songs + 2 bonus tracks.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Kongo Shock - Triple Dick Flip (1995)

...requested a month ago

Arizona 3rd wave band Kongo Shock had 2 cds. This is their first. If you like Mephiskapheles you should like this.

1 Ska vs. Spy
2 New Man
3 Mokska Medicine
4 Get Ready
5 Telescope Dream
6 Thinline
7 Over Dead and Gone
8 Eyes
43 Bonus Track (instrumental)


Their second was "Ride the Bus" (not so Mephiskapheles on this one. A bit slower. Less distorted guitars.)

1 Bus
2 Working Hands
3 Looking Glass
4 Screw U
5 Next Window
6 Montego
7 Gettin'Down
8 Let Down
9 Crazy Glue
10 Dead by 24

"Gettin' Down"

Tone and Wave Podcast - Episode 2

Like the first, every song is by non-ska performers who you probably already know.

I got a bit long-winded on the narratives so I had to edit a lot out so there are a couple places where what I'm saying trails off and sounds unfinished or a bit out of place.

Oh well.

Listen or download here.

Fabulous Titans - Rico's Lament 7" (1982)

A - Rico's Lament
B - Johnny Rocker

The Diversions - Here It Is (1984)

I just can't get a good image of this cover so I tried to see if I could find it online somewhere. In doing so I come to find that it was already posted at The Lost and Found Music Blog so, even though I nicked the cover from there I promise that the rip is my own.

These guys were from D.C. and this is their only recording. They were mostly a surf / powerpop band but they occasionally incorporated the ska sound.

1 Hearts Like That
2 Painting Myself into a Corner
3 Solar Eclipse
4 Rudie
5 Money
6 Milo's
7 Surfin' Pharaohs
8 I Still Got Friends
9 Dance
10 The Saint
11 Hangin' Around
12 Skydive

"Painting Myself into a Corner"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saga - Lucy in Ska 7" (1980)

A - Lucy in Ska
B - A Doggy Life

"A Doggy Life"

Everybody's getting into the act...

If you want to hear some great ska music from the seventies and eighties - well then, you have come to the wrong place.

I am still sick but I managed to eek out my first episode of the Tone and Wave podcast.
I sound like I'm dying and the good songs are few and far between but it's still worth listening to for the freak show fascination of it all.
Every single song is by a super star of the seventies or eighties - you know these musicians - but you probably don't know these songs.

I am working on episode two already which will be in the same tradition as the first. More super stars. More surprises. More horrible crap.

Listen or download on Podomatic HERE

...a teenage Natalie Merchant yelling "Ska Ska!" in middle of a 10,000 Maniac's song

- you heard it here first.

If you've never left comments before now's the time. I can possibly do between 6 - 10 shows but if nobody seems interested I'll lose interest myself.

X-Certs - Together 7" (1981)

Here's another brilliant obscurity that Bruce has submitted.

A - Together
B - Untogether

Nick Toczek's Britanarchists

Nick Toczek of The Burial was involved in other projects including anarcho-punk poetry readings and at least two other bands Britanarchists and The Spectre which, like The Burial, were punk based with cowpunk and ska influences.

This download includes two tracks from The Oi! of Sex comp
The Burial - Old Man's Poison
The Burial - Friday Night

...The Burial's 1982 2-track demo tape
Backstreet Child
I Can't Forget

Stiff with a Quiff (also from the Oi! of Sex comp)
...and a spoken word version of Stiff with a Quiff from The Intolerance Tape*

and the split 7" from 1986 featuring 2 tracks each from The Burial and The Spectre

A1 Nick Toczek and the Burial - Hitler's Birthday Party
A2 Nick Toczek and the Burial - Things to do on a Saturday Night
B1 Nick Toczek and the Spectre - Sheer Funk
B2 Nick Toczek and the Spectre - Living on the Breadline

(Excessive thanks to Rikard for the Britanarchists 7"!!)

* The Intolerance Tape was a collection of spoken-word anarcho-rantings from 1987 with Nick Toczek, Seething Wells, Kevin Seisay, and Ginger John (the Doomsday Commando).
Not exactly my cup o' tea but if you'd like - it's HERE.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Liberator Live in 1996

...submitted by Rikard.

Most songs are from the Freedom Fighters EP or This is Liberator LP but they did play one song from Tell Me, Tell Me which was probably not released yet at the time of this recording.

1 Government Spies
2 New Girls
3 Lorraine
4 Component of Tears
5 Ruder Than You
6 Dummy
7 Imaginary Mary
8 A Lifetime of Todays
9 Mob Sez Murder
10 Handyman
11 Liberator


I have lots of good stuff coming up. I had the last couple days off work and I intended to do a lot of posts but then I was stricken down with the flu. I didn't get around to doing a podcast yet because I totally lost my voice. I have never totally lost my voice before. Are the gods trying to tell me something?
Just like that lightning a couple years ago that killed my computer - I didn't stop then and I ain't stopping now. I should have the podcast up this weekend. I promise it will be full of horrible novelty crap but there will be a couple of surprisingly good songs in the mix.