Sunday, April 24, 2016

RAM - Our Physics May Not Apply 7" (1982)

Of all the rare ska records from the 80s from California this has to be in the top 3 - I'm not going to tell you what the other two are because I don't have them yet but I will tell you that the rarest is probably the worst and the least rare of the three is the best one. This record falls in middle of those two.
I can't tell you anything at all about this band or if they ever released anything besides this record.

A - Our Physics May Not Apply

B - Talk to Me


Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hondo was a British punk/reggae band from Cambridge with more emphasis on the 'reggae' than on the 'punk'. The band was lead by Paul "Ching" Hue who is still active in music today. You might know him from THIS. He is currently in the Wya band.

Here is his Facebook.

Hondo - What Do We Want? 7'' (1981)
A - What Do We Want? (We Don't Want No War)
B - Jah-Jah's Children

After their first release they contributed the song "Party" to the "Honey for Tea" compilation which featured new wave, post punk, and rock bands from Cambridge.
Hondo - "Party" (1982)

Hondo - Fallout 7" (1983)

A - Fallout
B - Can't Turn You Around

Hondo - Pretty Polly 7" (1987)

A - Pretty Polly
B - All I Have to Do is Dream

DOWNLOAD  all three 7"s and the song "Party".

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Frits - Life of Brian 7" (1988)

A - Life of Brian
B - Soultrain to Ska

The Frits just released a greatest hits compilation called "The Greatest Frits" which starts with the 7" version of "Life of Brian" but it goes straight into the song and doesn't include the intro or the b-side which was not released on any other Frits releases.


Modulators - I Modulate (1982)

The Modulators were considered a mod band from Ohio and this is the first of two albums. To be honest I don't see how they were considered a mod band. Their music is straight-forward rock n' roll music with a very slight new wave influence.
I'm posting this record because it is rare and because they did a decent cover of  A Message To You Rudy.

1 Sex on a Regular Basis
2 Booby Trap
3 What's it Take?
4 A Message to You Rudy
5 No Good to Cry
 6 Modulate
 7 Hank Ballard Medley [Let's Go, Let's Go / Finger Poppin' Time]
8 Don't Let Go
9 Unchain My Heart (Ray Charles cover)
10 Heroes


Šarlo Akrobata

 Šarlo Akrobata was a punk-ska band from Belgrade (formerly Yugoslavia, now Serbia). This download includes their only album Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad... plus all of their songs that appeared only on the 3-band split LP Paket Aranžman . HEREs a comprehensive profile and discography.

Ona Se Budi
Oko Moje Glave
3 Mali Čovek  
4 Niko Kao Ja
5 Šarlo Je Nežan
6 Pazite Na Decu I
7 Fenomen
8 Sad Se Jasno Vidi
9 Rano Izjutra
10 Ljubavna Priča
11 Samo Ponekad 
12 Čovek
13 Bes
14 O, o, o... 
15 Problem
16 Ja Želim Jako  
17 Pazite Na Decu II

"Niko Kao Ja" (Nobody Likes Me)

"O, o, o..."