Friday, April 26, 2013

Dee Sign - Dee Sign LP (1981) [RE-UPLOADED MAY 30th, 2016]

This is one of those things that you always see for sale in the ska section but it really isn't ska at all. It's punk with only the slightest reggae influence. For fans of the Slits, Mo-Dettes, or Liliput.

Dee Sign were an all-female band from Denmark and this is probably the only thing they released. It is not hard to find a copy, but it's a pretty decent punk album that is often overlooked. Lead singer Annie Larsen later changed her name to Annie Panic and played with the band Public Panic before releasing an eponymous demo cassette in 1990.

 1 Sensation
2 So Easy
3 Worlds
4 Une Bonne Idée

5 On Your Bike
6 B-Song
7 Lullabye of Punk
8 Women
9 Boy!
10 Human Race
11 Deep in Your Mind
12 It Could Have Been Me
13 Ich Mich Meiner Mir
14 Cold Hearted City


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trick Dog - What a Shame 7'' (1981)

Great rare ska song from an unexpected source. This is (most likely) Trick Dog's only release but members did go on to form the band Good Looks who released a single "Every Day Of My Life b/w What's In It For Me ?" in 1982, and they are the group responsible for the closing theme to Jim'll Fix It.

"The theme song was sung by voice-over artist Lynda Hayes.The closing theme was sung by the group Good Looks (featuring Lavinia & Lewis Rodgers, siblings of Clodagh Rodgers) who competed in the 1982 A Song for Europe competition. Savile "fixed it" for a young viewer to perform the song with the group on an edition of the show."

A - What a Shame
B - No Tomorrow