Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Tigers - Savage Music (link updated April 21, 2009)


These are the same Tigers who did the song Ska Trekkin'. This is their only full length. It was released in 1980. They are not strictly a ska band - this is mostly a post punk album but there are five songs with a ska influence.

1 Promises Promises
2 Worlds to Conquer
3 Kidding Stops
4 Fall for You
5 True Confessions
6 Make-Up Girl
7 Savage Music
8 Gone Like You
9 Big Expense, Small Income
10 Sexual Blanks
11 Ice Cold in Fulham
12 Take it Like a Man
13 Jack it Up
14 Watch This Space


Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Puzzles 7"


This was released in 1980 before the full length. The song "Do the Puzzle" is the same version as on the album. The B-side "I'm Ill" is not on the full length.

side A - Do the Puzzle
side B - I'm Ill

(This single has been reposted with the full-length)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ultra Rare Ska vol.1 - The Lost European Ska of the 2Tone Era (link updated on November 17, 2008)


This is a great comp that features 20 ska rarities but is quite a rarity itself. I can find very little info about it anywhere. Word around the campfire is that there were only 500 copies of this cd made. Is that true? I don't know. You tell me.

I have posted a few of these songs on Tone and Wave previously but they sound much better on here than my vinyl rips do. The version of Skavengers' "Party Girls" sounds great compared to the one I posted though the whole 7" is still available in it's authentic vinyl-crackling glory HERE. This comp also has Graduate's "Elvis Should Play Ska", The Employees' "Pick It Up", and The Mangy Dogs' "Itsy Bitsy"...all of their full 7"s are still available for download - if you don't have them yet get them before they're gone.

1 Boss - Rude Boys are Back in Town
2 Skarab - Babe Don't You Know the Ska?
3 Lou and the Hollywood Bananas - Hong Kong Ska
4 Skavengers - Party Girls
5 Graduate - Elvis Should Play Ska
6 Cairo - Movie Stars
7 Tigers - Ska Trekkin'
8 Vodska - L'espion Qui Venait Du Ska
9 Inner City Unit - Amyl Nitrate
10 Akrylykz - Ska'd for Life
11 The Skaooters - Summer Ska
12 The Plugs - Indoor Shopping Centre
13 The Mexicano - Trial by Television
14 The Employees - Pick It Up
15 The Army - Trendy
16 Rimshots - I Was Wrong
17 Gangsters - Wooly Bully
18 The Mangy Dogs - Itsy Bitsy
19 Alberto Camerini - Ska Tentati
20 Jamaican Survivors - Mafia Theme


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The T-Shirts - Walk on Water 7"


The T-Shirts were formed in Sweden in 1980. Their first release was a 6 song EP titled "Walk On Water" which also spawned this single. The song "Is It Gone" was not on the EP. They broke up in 1982 after releasing 4 more singles and a full-length called "Mr. Swing". Recordings after Walk On Water featured a female lead singer named Ylva-Li.

side A - Walk On Water
side B - Is It Gone?


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Puzzles - Let's Have a Puzzle Party


Very rare album from this Dutch band from 1980. This is their only full length but they did release a 7" prior to this album which I will be posting in the next few weeks.

1 Do the Puzzle
2 (I Don't Like) Spiders
3 Talking Lady
4 Alibi
5 Alladinn
6 Heejoo
7 It's Puzzle Time Again
8 Silly Willy
9 Is that What You Want
10 Zombie v.s. Godzilla
11 Hahahaha
12 Dance Woman Dance

This album has been reposted with the single.