Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ngobo Ngobo demos

Ngobo Ngobo - Live cassette demo (featuring Rico Rodriguez) (1990)
1 Katuscha
2 Salomon Gundi
3 Love Pain
4 Shanty Town
5 Way Out
6 Keep On
7 I Feel Fine
8 54-46 (That's My Number)

Ngobo Ngobo - We're Just Kidding (1992 demo cassette)
1 Good Fine Day
2 Good for Nothing Man
3 I Can't Stand It
4 No One Cares
5 Lilly
6 Hello Everybody
7 I Feel Fine
8 Skinhead Moonstomp


Thanks to skabouy for posting these!

The Miggedys - I Wonder What's Wrong with Me (1995)

1 Swingin'
2 American Girl
3 untitled


Skoidats demos

''We Wish We Had a CD Instead of this Crappy EP'' (1996)
1 Granted
2 Goggles and Blinders
3 Rootsawalkin
4 3rd Strike

The Skoi!dats EP (1996)
1 Times
2 Yesterday
3 Hey You
4 Alone
5 Last Night


Jammah Tammah - Live in Simplon (live demo tape, 1993)

1 Dr. Liverstone
2 Babba
3 Ik Ben Een Jongen
4 Ze Spuugde Vodka
5 Dance Punky Ding
6 Vodkasong

(Songs 5 and 6 are on a single track)


Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Dynamics [South Africa]

The Dynamics was a band from South Africa who played their own unique brand of music that included a ska influence.

In 1983 they released a cassette called "It's the Dynamics" - only 250 copies were made. They released a 12" EP in 1984 called "Switch it on and Wind it Up", then, in the early 90s they released a cd called "Organic".

This is a cd compilation featuring songs from all three releases.
1 Thugs
2 1+1
3 Pot Black
4 Who's Worried (vocal version)
5 2 Nil
6 This Weekend (vocal version)
7 Castello
8 Casino
9 Blue Plates
10 Siyabonga
11 Out of Tea Again
12 Garlic Baloney
13 Animal Jive
14 This Weekend (instrumental)
15 Untitled
16 Pull Up Your Socks
17 Ghetto Blasters
18 Chunky Charlie



There is a great blog that posts South African music and they have featured the Dynamics at one time. It's called Afro-Synth.

Other ska band from South Africa include The Lancaster Band and The Usuals.

I have the Usuals full-length album and I will be posting it on the blog at some point.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Memos - Drag Me Down 7" (1985) [LINK UPDATED NOVEMBER 26, 2016]

The Memos was a band from Boston who played new wave and the ocassional ska song. Their live shows incorporated lots of covers of the current new wave hits at the time, which they did amazingly well, with several of their own songs and the occasional oldie but goodie thrown in.
Even though these guys could write a great song they only ever released one 2-song 7". Luckily for us the a-side was a ska original called Drag Me Down.

The Memos - Drag Me Down 7"
A - Drag Me Down
B - Childsplay

I would have loved to see these guys in the eighties. Hell, I'd love to see them now.

They had another original ska song called Procrastination Song that never saw a formal release. You can hear a live version of that on this official bootleg which also includes some other originals and some of those amazing covers I mentioned.

The Memos - Live in '85
1 I Saw Her Standing There
2 New Years Day
3 Who Gives
4 My Old Neighborhood
5 Don't You (Forget About Me)
6 Procrastination Song
7 I Will Follow
8 Everybody Wants to Rule the World
9 Stiff Competition
10 Trouble in Doggyland
11 Hang on Sloopy
12 Save it for Later
13 Stir it Up


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Managing Directors [Sweden] - Life and Times 7" (1982)

A - Life and Times
B1 - M.D.'s Theme
B2 - Norborgs Affair (1.000 Light Years From Dub)


Submitted by Rikard

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

va Ska-Otea-Roa (1996)

Rare New Zealand ska compilation. Like any other compilations there are some iffy tracks but there is also some gold on here.

1 Skapa - Jane Bondage
2 Bwa Da Riddim - Man in Black
3 Looney Tunes - Dead Bird
4 Banana Revolution - Gypsy Ska
5 Boil Up - Earth Right
6 The Offbeats - It's Not Mine
7 Screaming Orgasms - Meskal
8 The Red - Street Boys
9 Skapa - Ska Jig
10 Boil Up - Getting There
11 Bwa Da Riddim - Gun Slinger
12 Screaming Orgasms - The Pedlar
13 Banana Revolution - Man With the Money
14 The Offbeats - Dubbed Out
15 Skapa - It's Your Round
16 The Red - Dancing in the Dole Q


The Bong - Four Smash Hits 12" (1982) [REPOST*]

Rare German ska - all lyrics are in English.

A1 - Ejah Man
A2 - Clean Girl
B1 - Skafighter
B2 - Rudy (On the Run)


Reposted by request

*Originally posted July 2014