Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Offs - Zero vs The Offs (1981)

A - (Earl) Zero vs The Offs
B - Why Boy

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I posted the almost complete Offs discography in the past but this was always the one release that was missing.

This is the 12" version.

Backy Skank - Live in Bathurst (1996)

1 Standing in the Rain
2 Monkey Man
3 Shoplifter
4 The Prince
5 Madness
6 Rude Boys Outta Jail
7 Montego Bay
8 On the Beat Pete
9 These Boots
10 Embarrassment
11 Gangsters
12 Uncle Sam

Backy Skank was an Australian band who went on to have a few releases of original material, but it looks as though they started out as a ska tribute band.

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Baccone Dolce

Bean Bandits (demo tape 1995)
1 Picturs
2 Body Odor Blues
3 Sugar Cookie
4 El Camino Queen
5 Cock
6 Tough Guys in Bowties
7 Lovely Bitch

Crisp Nuggets 7" (1995)
A1 - Overeducated Loser
A2 - Everything True
B - Rim Jahb

Barbecued Cats (1996)
1 Put it Down
2 S.S. Kitten
3 Rim Jahb
4 Beano
5 B.O. Blues
6 Picture
7 Cock
8 Sugar Cookie
9 Snap, Crackle, Crotch
10 Everything's True
11 I Pity the Fool
12 Lovely Bitch
13 Summer Sausage
14 Any Day

The Cowhaus Sessions (1997)
1 40-40
2 A Fistful of Porkloaf
3 Dementia
4 Adverperascit
5 Dishwashing SOG
6 Don't Forget to Come
7 Spiritual Spasm
8 Gin and Tonic Colonic
9 We Caught Him Wetting in His Pants
10 Whatever Happened  to My Mind?

Overloards of the Underworld (The Unreleased EP) (1999)
1 Ladies Night in Hades
2 What's the Story Morning 40?
3 Skullcap

The album "Barbecued Cats" is not part of this download because it's still available for purchase through Citrus Records.


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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Tune Out

My wife and I are obsessed music collectors and we are always on the hunt for the next great tune. We hit up the thrift stores, swap meets, yard sales, and anywhere else that sells old tapes, records, and CDs.
Sometimes we strike gold. Most of the time we don't. So we have collected a large trove of stuff that we will never listen to. We used to throw it away or push it on people we think might appreciate it (they never do).

A few years back we had the idea to start another blog to share this stuff. There has to be somebody out there who wants to hear it, right?

We had lots of ideas for a good name for the blog but, of course, they were already taken. We settled on "Tune Out". Not the best name but we did have some that were worse and this one was not taken yet. We started the blog three years ago and made very few posts. We didn't keep up with it because neither one of us had passion for ripping, scanning, and uploading this music that we just didn't like.

The blog sat dormant for years.

In that time I have amassed a sizeable collection of things that were sold online as "ska" music which turned out to not be ska at all. I did a couple of posts titled "not quite ska" which weren't very popular and personally I thought marred the purity of the blog.
Just because it isn't ska doesn't mean I don't like it. Some of it is really good.

So I decided to delete the old posts on Tune Out and start from scratch. I will still be posting some of those 'thrift-store finds' but I will mix in a lot of good stuff too.
I will continue doing Tone and Wave at the same pace that I have been keeping it strictly ska, but I will be going full-steam with the new blog.

The focus will be punk, new wave, power pop, post-punk, etc. but I will also be drifting into other genres like indie rock, surf, rockabilly, and that great 90s swing that everybody loves so much (yes, that was sarcastic. I like 90s swing-revival but I know that most people don't. There really was a lot of horrible attempts at swing but there were some great ones too. I considered posting some of it on Tone and Wave on several occasions but I always talked myself out of it).

Anyway, Tune Out is in its infancy right now but it will soon be your favorite blog. You'll laugh. You'll cry. It'll change your life. 

It's in my blog roll but you can CLICK HERE to get to it.

The Effect - Masquerader 7" (1983)

A - Masquerader
B - There is a Place

Listen to "Masquerader" It starts out mellow then it hits you with an intense ska chorus.


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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Skalidays [Florida]

All four songs on the demo tape are also on the album, but all four were re-recorded. The versions on the demo tape are only on the tape except for the song "Peanuts and Radishes" which was featured on the compilation "Closer Than You".

Skalidays - demo tape (1996)
1 Snoopy Snow Cone Machine
2 Peanuts and Radishes
3 Mila's New Waxed Legs Dance Theme
4 Wipe Your Feet

Skalidays - Late Again (1997)
1 Tomorrow
2 Slobs
3 New Shoes
4 He's Coming
5 Batteries
6 Mila's New Waxed Legs Dance Theme
7 Downtown
8 Wipe Your Feet
9 Nothing Against Me
10 Dirty Rings
11 Peanuts and Radishes
12 So Long
13 Snoopy Snowcone Machine

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Fire Connexion - Bottoms Up 7" (1982)

A - Bottoms Up
B - Free Bondage

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Ska-Ta-Brain - BBQ Sauce Potato Ska (2009)

1 Ska Medication
2 Secret Obsession
3 Ska-Ta-Brain
4 Please Beverly
5 Kiss Bam Bam
6 Good to be Home
7 Curly Finger
8 Want Me Cock
9 Waste Away
10 Dropkick
11 Wine, Women, + Song (Tantra Monsters cover)
12 Ska-Ta-Train

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Roots Roundup

Roots Roundup - Roots Roundup cassette (1988)
1 Screamin'
2 On My Bike
3 Coastin'
4 Move Yer Feet
5 Roots Combo
6 Sitting on Offence
7 Sea of Sound

Roots Roundup - What We Do (1992)
1 No it U Love
2 Eatin' Up the Street
3 The Brother Can You Spare a Dime Rag
4 HMS Maybelline
5 Take Me Back
6 Halfpipe
7 Rub-a-Dub on the Road
8 On My Bike
9 Control Room Dub
10 Addiction
11 New Direction
12 1 %er
13 Chicken Strut
14 What We Do


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