Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Frits - Look on the Bright Side of LIVE!


Here's one I didn't have that was just sent to me by Mr. Freeze.

1 Concrete Jungle
2 Not Enough for Me
3 Hey Girl
4 I Don't Want to Live Alone
5 Rat Race
6 Most I Hate is You
7 Bonehead
8 The Snake
9 New Life
10 Street Fighter
11 All You Ever Did
12 Life of Brian
13 Searching for Another Place
14 Why do You Change It?
15 Work
16 Too Much Pressure


Thank you Mr. Freeze!!

Tone and Wave mixtape vol.1


This is just a lot of random stuff I've been listening to lateley. Some of it's great and some of it's cheesy. You probably won't like it all.

About 3/4 of this stuff is from the 80s.

I could give you some information about all these songs but that's a lot of work. I could take the time, but I'm not gonna.

Just enjoy the music.


1 Roberto Jacketti and the Scooters - Moscow Nights (1984)
2 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons - Puppet on a String (Let Her Go)
3 Lou and the Hollywood Bananas - Hollywood
4 The Forest Hillbillies - Western Ska
5 Napoleon Solo - 0059 (from one of their 1986 demos)
6 Spectre - Ideal Home
7 Kodiaks* - Murderska
8 Bill Lovelady - One More Reggae for the Road
9 APC - The Scum Ska
10 The Hotknives - Echo Beach (Martha and the Muffins cover;non-album track from the Echo Beach 7")
11 Piranhas - Zambezi
12 X-Streams - Appeared to Me
13 The Burtons - McArthur Park
14 50% Potato - Pay Hommage to Hommus
15 Cowboys - Rude Boy
16 Claudio Cecchetto - Ska Shou Shou


(*If you are a ska fan who appreciates the Pogues you should check out the Kodiaks. The best of both worlds.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Villains - Go Crazy & Life of Crime


There was an old vaudevillian joke that wasn't funny to begin with and can now be found in numerous joke books for kids that goes:

"I can show you something that has never been seen before and, after I show you, will never be seen again!"

At that point the comedian will either peel a banana or crack open a nut and then eat it.

I feel the same applies to this cassette I just bought. It is by the Villains. Their "Life of Crime" EP is well known as a classic ska contribution, but this "Go Crazy" album falls short in so many ways.


The cassette I just purchased was still sealed in its original shrink wrap from 1984. This particular tape was never heard by anyone ever. I bought it for $2.
I think that after hearing it you'll see why it shouldn't be heard ever again.

I'll be honest - there are a couple of good moments, but overall this is not the sort of recording that a band such as the Villains should have ever made.

Even still, being completely unplayed for 26 years the tape has developed a hiss problem that I cannot get rid of. To be honest - the album isn't good enough that you'll want to listen to it more than a time or two so the hiss shouldn't really be a problem.
I know this sounds like I'm making fun of the band, but I'm really not. I love the "Life of Crime" EP and I have included it in this download so that you can see the difference yourself.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The Smooths - Very Own Vegas


(posted by request)

1 In the Grass
2 78th of Soon
3 Letter After J
4 Enemy
5 Property is Theft
6 Mr. Figurehead
7 Tout Seul
8 Durango 95
9 Lord Jack
10 Bewitched


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Natural Rhythm - Bluebeat and Ska


Here's another great contribution by Rikard.

Natural Rhythm formed in Bradford, Northwest UK in 1990. They recorded this one album for Skank Records before breaking up in 1995. Their song Bluebeat and Ska might sound familiar to you if you have the Ska Wars 4 cd compilation. (If you don't have it it is on Hangover Heart Attack)

They have recently began playing again and have added new songs to their set list. Check out their Myspace.

1 When Night Time Falls
2 Ska Skank
3 I Want Justice
4 Ethiopia
5 People Unite
6 Cellar Beat
7 Bluebeat and Ska
8 That's the Law
9 Love at First Sight
10 007 (Shanty Town)
11 Natural Rhythm


Thanks Rikard!!

Forest Hillbillies - Food Poisoning 7"


Forest Hillbillies released this 7" in 1986 and up until today I didn't know that it ever existed. This was sent to me by Rikard and it's an amazing rarity. You may remember their song 'Jump Start' from the 'Licensed to Ska' comp, or their song 'Hand in Hand' from the Bib Records compilation "The Shack vol.2: Club Ska '99", or maybe from 'The Munsters' 12" single they released on Gaz's Rockin' Blues.

With this new enlightenment I'm curious what else they have somewhere out there. Anyone know?

A1 - It's the Wouluff
A2 - Food Poisoning
B - Forest Hill Ska


The Puzzles (REPOST)


This download includes both the full-length and the single.

"Let's Have a Puzzle Party" LP 1980

1 Do the Puzzle
2 (I Don't Like) Spiders
3 Talking Lady
4 Alibi
5 Alladinn
6 Heejoo
7 It's Puzzle Time Again
8 Silly Willy
9 Is That What You Want?
10 Zombie v.s. Godzilla
11 Hahahaha
12 Dance Woman Dance

"Do the Puzzle" 7" 1980

A - Do the Puzzle
B - I'm Ill

DOWNLOAD from zShare

DOWNLOAD from Mediafire

Friday, May 15, 2009

Licensed to Ska


1 Busters Allstars - Skinhead Love Affair
2 The Bluebeat - Fire
3 The Braces - Julie Julie
4 The Busters - Orion
5 The Loafers - Laughing Loafer
6 Skaos - Ska Skank Down Party
7 The Forest Hillbillies - Jump Start
8 Busters Allstars - Pipeline
9 The Bluebeat - Safeguards
10 The Braces - The Letter
11 The Busters - Keen on Games
12 The Loafers - Melancholy Sally
13 Skaos - The Struggle
14 The Toasters - Shocker


Ska for Ska's Sake


1 Mark Foggo's Skasters - Skadansk
2 The Loafers - It's so Easy
3 The Hotknives - W.L.N.
4 King Hammond - King Hammond Shuffle
5 Maroon Town - City Riot
6 Off The Shelf - Off The Shelf Tonight
7 The Riffs - Blind Date
8 Mr. Review - Another Town
9 The Skandal - Driving Me to Drink
10 Judge Dread - One Eyed Lodger
11 Pick It Up - Ska Sax
12 The Pork Hunts - Woman


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fifteen Commandments of Ska


This is the last of the three compilations put out by Skank Records.

1 The Hotknives - Dave and Mary
2 Maroon Town - Average Man
3 International Beat - Magical Feeling
4 King Hammond - Right On King Hammond
5 Judge Dread - Reggae and Ska
6 Natural Rhythm - Cellar Beat
7 Mark Foggo's Skasters - Spot
8 One Hundred Men - YeahYeah Girl
9 Clubland - I'm Yours
10 The Loafers - Feelings Right
11 The Allsorts - What More Can I Do?
12 Bugsy Malone - Best Friend
13 The Riffs - Darling
14 Clubland - Rude Boy James
15 The Hotknives - Julie Julie


Ngobo Ngobo - Daily Talk


This post is by request.

Here's Ngobo Ngobo's Myspace.

1 I'm on TV
2 I'm Alright
3 Wednesday Man
4 Ghost Train
5 Stay Away
6 Bored Beyond Belief
7 Meet My Magnum
8 Everyday Man
9 Kraut Holiday
10 Don't Go
11 Blank Expression
12 Say Goodbye


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Intensified - demo tapes [Re-Upped on July 12th 2011]

Two early demos by Intensified submitted to us by Rikard.


1 Dictator
2 Carnival
3 Saturday Girl
4 Summer in Jamaica


1 Hard to Disguise
2 Suffering
3 Bullet for the General
4 Fugitive
5 Intensified

...both cassettes recorded in Ashford, Kent 1991

Again, thanks to Rikard for this post!!

Blue Riddim Band


Here are both releases from Blue Riddim Band. America's first all-white reggae band.
Some of you may be familiar with their song "Nancy Reagan" and the video of them performing at sunrise in August 1982 at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica.

If you don't already know about them HERE's a great article.

Restless Spirit (1981)
1 Come See About Me
2 Sho Be Do
3 Restless Spirit
4 One Love, One Heart
5 Rock It Sister
6 Cuss Cuss
7 Twistin' the Night Away
8 Oh Babe
9 Joke's On You
* Nancy Reagan (12 in. mix)

Alive in Jamaica (1982)
1 Chariots of Fire
2 Smile
3 Feeling Soul
4 Cuss Cuss
5 Tribute to Coxsone
6 Nancy Reagan
7 There's a Law