Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dixo Wankers - Ring Ring 7" (1981)

A - Ring Ring
B - Do the Zoo


Fabulous Poodles - Workshy 7" (1977)

Fabulous Poodles existed from 1975 to 1980. They were a pre-new wave band from the U.K. that was influenced by 60s mod music.
They supported Meatloaf, Ramones, Tom Petty, Sha Na Na, and even played as Chuck Berry's backing band and they sold more records in the US in 1979 than The Clash.

They released 3 full-lengths:
Fabulous Poodles (1977)
Unsuitable (1978)
Think Pink (1979)

Toytown People is the only song they released that could fit into the ska genre.

(this is not an official video - as if you couldn't tell)

HERE's the Wikipedia article on them, and HERE's their Myspace.

A - Workshy
B - Toytown People


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ska! (1988)

Germany's very first ska compilation.

A1 - Thee Apemen - What a Nice Day (* their only recording)
A2 - The Bluebeat - Skango
B1 - The Braces - Smile Means Nothing
B2 - HL Syndikat - Der Killer


(I never heard of this gem until Rikard sent it to me. Now I feel it's an important piece of ska history and essential to a proper ska collection. Much thanks Rikard!!)

Split Enz - My Mistake 12" (1977)

Nutty sounds from New Zealand from 1977.

A1 - My Mistake
A2 - Crosswords
B - The Woman Who Loves You


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Piranhas - Zambezi

Finally! I have the alternate version of Zambezi. Here you go Martin (and everybody else of course).

I don't understand why this version is the hard-to-find one when the b-sides on here are right up there with the Piranhas' best work.
I have included the more popular version as well. I know that if you follow this blog and have even a little appreciation for the Piranhas you already have it but if you're anything like me you're disorganized and don't know where the other one is.

Zambezi I
A - Zambezi
B1 - Who Needs You
B2 - Darabukkas

Zambezi II
A - Zambezi
B1 - Bouffant Blue
B2 - Pink Elephants


Ital - Get Up 7" and demos (LINK FIXED)

- Great obscurities submitted by Rikard

Ital was a Swedish band whose songs were performed in Swedish and English.

1987 demo
Gatan's Sang
Solen Blir Fri

Get Up 7" (1988)
Get Up
What a Plot

1989 demo
Best Years of Our Lives (Modern Romance cover)


The Frits - The Rude Message (1989)

This is not the same rip that has been making the rounds on other blogs and Soulseek.

I just re-ripped my vinyl yesterday and the b-side is quite crackly but I'm fairly certain that there are no skips. I do drink a lot so don't take my word for it. If you hear any let me know and I'll try to get a better version.

1 Life of Brian
2 Where You Gonna Run?
3 Execution in Mexico
4 Yourself
5 Teardrops
6 Old Ska
7 Stolen Love
8 Red Wine
9 You Run Away
10 Loser
11 You're Wondering Now


Monday, January 4, 2010

Mr. Review - Ice and Snow 7" (1988)

Submitted by Rikard.

This is Mr. Review's first release. Both of these songs were re-recorded for Mr. Review's first album "Walking Down Brentford Road".

(These are different versions!!!)

A - Ice and Snow
B - The Feeling is Allright


...mightier than the sword...

.............Mark Foggo learns you some stuff.

Before the internet blog there was the fanzine. The information on the internet is a little more attainable but the information in a fanzine was a little more in-depth.

Rikard has been sending me some great articles from many of the 'zines from back in the days. You know the ones. We all read them but we never saved any of them.
He saved his. The sources are various but are mainly taken from Zoot and Bronco Bullfrog.

These articles include reviews and interviews with 100 Men, Laurel Aitken, The Busters, The Deltones, Les Frelons, Gaz Mayall, The Hotknives, Ngobo Ngobo, Crunch, No Sports, Potato 5, The Riffs, The Ska-Dows, The Toasters, and lots more.

For your reading pleasure:


Thanks Rikard!!!