Monday, June 28, 2010

The Skaooters - Summer Ska 7" (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

You know the A-side already from the "Ultra Rare Ska..." comp
here is the B-side as well:

A - Summer Ska
B - Feeling Ska

DOWNLOAD's a rare alternate cover:

Five Letters - Yellow Nights 7" (1980)

This comes up on occasion on eBay and people bid quite a bit on it which is really not a good idea considering that it's really not good at all. Five Letters released a lot of boring music and this is their only ska song.

Here it is for free. Next time you see it on eBay save your money and get something good instead.

A - Yellow Nights, Losing My Time
B - Crazy Man (Part 2)

"Crazy Man (Part 2)"


Chickenpox - interview, demos, and live set

Live set from 1996 and a radio interview from 1994 with a few demos - Sitting on My Roof, Juvenile Gangsters, and a well arranged ska version of Blitzkreig Bop as well as an unreleased original song called The Only Sane Man.
The Interview is in Swedish


Endless thanks to Rikard who submitted this.
Why don't you ungrateful bastards leave a comment thanking him for providing these incredible rarities.

If you need the odd record or two to patch up your Chickenpox collection:
-Dinnerdance and Latenightmusic EP (1995)
-At Mickey Cohen's Thursday Night Poker Game LP (1996)
- Stay Away From Windows LP (1998)
- Approved By LP (2001)
- Anything You Say single (1996)
- Truth of Our Time single (1996)
(I included the song "No Mistake" from the compilation Skandinavian Dance Craze with the Anything You Say single.)

(I also have the When She Comes Smiling 7" that I will eventually be posting)

Captain Mog and the Private Sigh - The Island Sea 7" (1980)

...couldn't find a cover for this one except for this tiny little image.
Captain Mog and the Private Sigh is Ian Morris and Simon Milner of the Smirks. This single is a one-off. They never performed or recorded anything else under this moniker.

A - The Island Sea
B - The Captain's Protest Dub

"The Captain's Protest Dub"


The Villains - Go Crazy singles

Both of these singles were on the Villains' only full-length "Go Crazy" - both the A and B sides. Same recordings. So why am I posting these? I guess that even though you get the record crackling you don't get the tape hiss. Not only that, but when's the last time you listened to the song "Ska Music"?

A - (You are) All These Things to Me
B - Ska Music

A - Go Crazy
B - Wendy's Melody

"Ska Music"


Monday, June 14, 2010

The Videos - Deo 7" (1981)

Even though he now has his own blog Bristolboy has taken the time to submit yet another gem to T&W.
He says he found this in a mark-down bin for 20p (less than 30 cents)!

The A-side is a very 2 Tone sounding cover of Harry Belafonte's "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)"

A - Deo
B1 - Beautiful People
B2 - Him or Me


If you're a Police fan (...and who's not?) you should appreciate the other tracks.
I can't find anything online about these guys. Did they release anything else?

"Beautiful People"


Westend - The Servant 7" (1980)

A - The Servant
B1 - Fiction
B2 - untitled



Hotpoints - Let it Rain E.P. (1977)

...another kick-ass submission by Bruce - a.k.a. Bristolboy.
White reggae / dub from the UK in 1978 from the same recording studio that brought you the Higsons' non- 2Tone recordings.

A1 - Let it Rain
A2 - Mallard Fizz
A3 - Thrilla in Manilla
B1 - Guilty Man
B2 - Don't Believe It

"Let it Rain"


The Warriors - Martial Time 7" (1979)

A - Martial Time
B - Martial Law

"Martial Time"


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Burnt Toast - A Burrito Every 40 Seconds

In that interview I did with Joe Scholes I said that the first thing that somebody submitted was from Billy of Dave's Big Deluxe but I remember now that that's not true. The first person to submit anything was from April of Terror Cat Music who sent me lots of rare ska from Texas from the mid 90s. I put all of the links up at one time on the T&W Myspace but they are no longer available so I will be adding them one at a time to my future posts.

Here's Burnt Toast. I have no other info on them and was only able to find this logo of theirs but no cover or year or leads as to what else they may have recorded.

1 Good Morning, Officer
2 She Said
3 Bestine
4 Girl in Black
5 Burrito Hell
6 The Grozny Stomp
7 Honor Your Mother
8 Can't Talk Now
9 Shaggy
10 Secret Agent Man
11 Burnt Toast
12 Mark's Lounge

"She Said"

"Secret Agent Man"



There is also a vanilla reggae band from California called Burnt Toast. Here's their Myspace.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Serious Drinking - Love on the Terraces 7" (1982)

It's ironic that the Higsons never did anything ska influenced when they were signed to 2 Tone but when Martin Ling formed his own band Serious Drinking he put out a few ska-punk songs. This is their more well-known of those few.

I have been a long time Serious Drinking fan but I never thought to include them here on Tone and Wave until Rikard sent me this rip.

A - Love on the Terraces
B1 - Hypocrite
B2 - Bobby Moore Was Innocent
B3 - He's an Angry Bastard (but I Like Him)


De Krueners

Read De Krueners Wikipedia article.

This is their first two singles from 1980 and 1981. They have recorded a bajillion songs since then but I think these are the only two instances in which they incorporated a ska sound.

These were submitted by Bruce from My Life's a Jigsaw.

Nummer 1 7" (1980)
A - Nummer Een
B - Zaterdagnacht

Nee Oh Nee 7" (1981)
A - Nee Oh Nee
B - L'Amour (C'est de la Merde)


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Upset - Hurt 7" (1980)

A - Hurt
B - (10-9-8) Lift Off

"(10-9-8) Lift Off"


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NEW BLOG - "My Life's a Jigsaw"

I'm sure you guys have noticed that the posts here on T&W have been incredible these last couple of months - not just in number but in music quality as well. I posted very little of my own collection in that time because the contributions by others have been astounding. I am very grateful and I thank each and every one of you who have contributed anything.

One contributor who you all must be familiar with by now, at least in name, is Bruce.
He has an incredible personal collection of mod, ska, powerpop, punk, and things of that sort of which you have seen but a small fraction of on Tone and Wave.

He has now started his own blog MY LIFE'S A JIGSAW which (at this writing) is in its first week but already there are things to be impressed by. Things you probably never heard of but absolutely must have.